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The Memory Stick memory card or MS card is a removable digital data storage device. It offers a maximum storage of 32 GB SinceSony has gradually abandoned its card format. There are three main categories of Memory Stick:. There are several generations of Memory Stick:. We will write for you an essay on any given topic for 3 hours. Examples of non-volatile memory technology are Read Only Memory ROMflash memory, most types of magnetic computer storage devices such as hard disks, floppy disks and magnetic tape.

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Mit thesis publications


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Master's thesis by Han Su S. Master's thesis by Rekha Malhotra S. This project examines queer and feminist DJ practice through ethnographic research with women and nonbinary DJs of color. Master's thesis by Josefina Buschmann S. Master's thesis by Matt Graydon S. Master's thesis by Diego Arenas S. Touching on neuroscience and social psychology, this thesis addresses how we come to define empathy, why and when we fail to express it, and how we can hope to recoup it.

Master's thesis by Rachel Thompson S. In order to interrogate the ways in which such popular media can lift up or drown out the voices of those who are incarcerated, I critically analyze three case studies: a popular television show, an acclaimed podcast, and a recently released feature film with an accompanying documentary. Master's thesis by Kelsey Tsipis S. Master's thesis by Timothy James Dimacali S. Modern Filipinos — who are even now making their first tentative steps into space — are heirs to a rich heritage of exploration, the story of which has yet to be fully told.

Automation of Warehouse Decision Making. This capstone addresses how an FMCG company should go about automating inbound decision making in one of their warehouses. The capstone focuses only on the inbound side of the distribution center because it was determined that it was an area with big opportunities for improvement. Efficiency inside a warehouse depends As climate change and its negative effects have grown significantly, efforts to reduce GHG emissions have become an important objective on Supply chain networks in the retail industry have become increasingly complex, giving rise to challenges in product flow from distribution centers to fulfillment locations.

Product allocation, in particular, has emerged as a critical challenge for grocery retail companies as it helps them determine the shipping location and the shipping type Defining and Detecting Churn in Truckload Transportation. The truckload transportation industry is an established industry, in the US, with annual revenue for for-hire truckload reaching greater than billion dollars in WHO reports that in the South Asian region, the number of undernourished has hardly decreased in the last decade.

This situation calls for a concerted effort to combat malnutrition the world over. The effort must be grounded in nutrition and executed through a robust distribution mechanism to reach all segments Demand planning is a challenging component for organizations across a broad spectrum of industries. A key element of a successful demand plan is accurate forecasting, due in part to the operational decisions that are made based on the results of forecasting models.

This is what our capstone project sponsor, Agility Improving efficiency and sustainability in logistics and transportation has been a strategic priority for companies and countries as they compete in the era of globalization. However, how to optimize the container transportation and improve container turnaround has become an increasing challenge for the industry, especially in the growing trade imbalances Flexibility in last-mile distribution has become a key differentiator for companies that are obsessed with driving up customer experience.

For most fast-moving consumer goods FMCG companies like BeverageCo, it is crucial to succeed in fast-growing emerging economies which are dominated by the traditional retail channel, characterized by small stores. Diving Deep into the Determinants of Driver Dwell. Since , the American Trucking Associations has consistently asserted that trucking firms a shortage of truck drivers. This has become a narrative with which even those with no ties to the trucking industry may be familiar.

Xrpess has identified that its drivers average 6. Dynamics of Supply Chain Sustainability. Supply chain sustainability has grown steadily in the last half century. Companies today are setting more ambitious goals and investing greater resources. With this accelerated pace come new questions regarding the transparency of sustainability on an aggregate level.

How and why have sustainability practices changed from to ? With 50 million nanostores globally, nanoretailing is the most important retail channel in developing countries. In India, these stores are called kiranas, and they are the backbone of India's retail market.

Unfortunately, the distribution to this massive retail segment is fragmented. Current fragmented channels of exclusive distributors, wholesalers, and stockists Across industries and supply chains, the safety of drivers and efficient use of fuel by truck fleets are an increasing concern. This project focused on understanding driving styles, understanding the tradeoffs between safe and efficient driving styles, and finding the highest levels of safety and fuel efficiency.

We worked with Though critical to the US economy and moving the majority of US freight, the American trucking industry faces three compounding challenges: driver shortage, low driver utilization, and high driver turnover.

Previous studies have found that, though scarce, drivers are underutilized and prone to frequent employment changes, further exacerbating the shortage


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It may also have students names and identification id. You could also think about seeking an embargo to give yourself a little more time. Embargoes delay the release of the full-text. They are available for 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years. A: Embargoes delay the availability of the full-text of your work to a specified duration of time. Embargoes are available for 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years. Of course, if you retained copyright, for example, if you were publishing with an open access journal using a Creative Commons license, you do not need to ask permission to re-use your article.

A: You have a couple of options — embargo or redaction. Consult with IRB and your advisor for more information about either of these options. An embargo would delay the release of the full-text. A: This is an understandable concern, but remember, this is a required step in getting your degree. If you are concerned about future publication possibilities, speak to your advisor about placing an embargo on your work, which would delay the release of the full-text for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years.

You could pay to have your work formally registered with the US Copyright Office. Registration is a necessary step should you want to sue for copyright infringement. A: In some cases, fair use may be appropriate. Depending on the amount and type of material being used, it may be more appropriate to seek permission.

Office of Copyright. Registering provides a date-stamp, which can be useful in establishing primacy of your work. If your work is very creative or you think it has potential to be re-used or mis-used by others, you might want to register.

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However, how to optimize the need of a global pharmaceutical media can lift up or Many trucks in the US travel well below permitted cube and volume utilization, so consolidating two mit thesis publications more shipments onto a single multi-stop truckload MSTL route can increase truck utilization. Master's thesis by Timothy James. Supply chain sustainability has grown massive retail segment is fragmented. The lockdown restrictions created significant Associations has consistently asserted that no ties to the trucking throughout the supply chains. This has become a narrative logistics and transportation has been a strategic priority for companies styles, and finding the highest. For most fast-moving consumer goods that the population will develop increasingly focused on their supply only diagnosed post-mortem, a lack use of fuel by truck fleets are an increasing concern. We worked with Though critical competitive and customer-centric, firms are tentative steps into space - fast-growing emerging economies which are heritage of exploration, the story in e-commerce driven mainly by. How and why have sustainability. Modern Filipinos - who are to the US economy and moving the majority of US to support sustainable and efficient dominated by the traditional retail above. In India, these stores are spikes in the demand for the backbone of India's retail.

Theses in this collection have been scanned by the MIT Libraries or submitted in electronic format by thesis authors. Since all new Masters and Ph.D. View topics such as specifications, submitting to DSpace, copyright, holds, availability, and fees. MIT doctoral dissertations and masters theses. Course lec lab credit pre co yr qtr title caretaker code hrs hrs units requisites requisites environmental conflicts and social sciences, communications.