literature review on drug abuse in ghana

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Literature review on drug abuse in ghana essay on economic development vs environment

Literature review on drug abuse in ghana


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These positive connotations set the mood for Martins academic article, and help him reach his goal of effectively communicating with his. Well, resources are beneficial and aid in the recovery process, they also form a dependent factor. Through research on policy reform other Open Society Foundation, has other alternatives to the drug policy reforms, which include decriminalization: The removal of criminal sanctions for minor drug offenses. In some cases civil sanctions, such as fines, are imposed instead of jail time.

Depenalization: The retention of drug offenses as a crime, but with discretionary enforcement based on practical considerations and community needs. Amongst youth involvement in the drug court showing positive change in substance issues, involvement abuse and use of adolescent and offender of the courts, and sexual risk behaviors. NIDA goal is to control, make aware of the tolerated drug abuse and addiction nationwide. NIDA Establish research and current reports which ensuring the rapid and effective propagation and use of the results of that research to enhance prevention and treatment to update policy relating to addiction and drug.

A collaborative partnerships with community organizations also working on the opioid crisis will help reach to a bigger audience. It will help raise awareness and disseminate information about the perils of prescription pain killers through various forms of communication from the traditional to the novel platforms in social media.

This system of central organizations, chapters, home-groups, and the sponsorship strongly lean towards the Structural-Functional Theory of Sociology. The Structural-Functional Theory states that society is a complex systems whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability, such as a bureaucracy or car engine.

The multi-layered organizational structure of the Narcotics Anonymous drug recovery program more than fits the criteria for this specific. In summarizing Senate Bill SB , SB offers a more effective use of resources to hold offenders responsible, attain better results for Kentucky youths in the juvenile justice system and their families, and maintain public safety.

The amendments to the bill are grounded on recommendations from a bi-partisan, inter-branch task force and extensive stakeholder input. The bill addresses three key points to ensure improved effectiveness and outcomes. Firstly, using the right resources on the right child to produce better outcomes. Critical and Creative Analysis of Drug Abuse In effectively critiquing, studying and providing a detailed examination of the elements of drug abuse that result in its causation and reproduction, it is essential to adopt both a critical perspective, as well as the approach of critical theory.

This allows us to not only interpret and describe the social world through studied literature, but provides us with a means of critiquing and transforming society as a whole, by determining and putting forth strategies for resolving and addressing the psychosocial problem of drug abuse Moleko, , p.

Diagnosing an individual with drug abuse disorder may often be difficult however, as alcohol and drug dependent patients often tend to develop …show more content… This brings one to the question of policies and treatments and if they are effective in alleviating the negative consequences of drug abuse. The Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act was released in by the South African government in order to address the issue of drug abuse.

Their standpoint is that, if society can prevent young people from experimenting, then they can prevent addiction. Research based programs have been known to be effective in preventing drug abuse. Three types of programs are: universal aimed at a large group such as a community eg: awareness campaign , selective identifies those at higher risk for drug use, like youth with drug addicted parents and individual such as those who have already started abusing drugs, such as Cannibis.

National Institute on Drug Abuse, Prevention is therefore viewed as the best strategy to resolve drug abuse as it assists relevant parties teachers, parents, community leaders in shaping the youths perception about drug abuse. If implemented properly, the research based program will be effective. Another possible treatment for drug abuse could be the creative arts. While the effectiveness of art therapy is questioned, studies have found that art therapy is successful for many. Show More. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Specialized Courts Words 2 Pages Specialized Courts Specialized courts are commonly known as the problem-solving courts that promote positive reinforcement, support behavior modification, decrease victimization, and reduce recidivism.

Read More. Community Health Nursing Intervention Paper Words 6 Pages My research showed that there was a correlation between poverty level and alcohol abuse, as stated in the report Understanding the relationship between poverty and alcohol misuse.

Mass Incarceration Essay Words 6 Pages The mass incarceration of the mentally ill can be reduced by reverting to institutionalization Researchers and activists alike are concerned about the rate at which individuals with mental illness are incarcerated in the United States. Summary: Why Jared Ended Up In Prisons Words 2 Pages For offenders with drug abuse problems, planning should incorporate the transition to community-based treatment and links to appropriate post-release services to improve the success of drug treatment and reentry.

Needle Exchange Programs Argumentative Essay Words 4 Pages The purpose of Needle Exchange programs are to reduce the increasing number of infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C among individuals by providing clean needles and syringes to drug users who inject themselves. Supporting data must be made available to Editorial Board Members and reviewers at the time of submission for the purposes of evaluating the manuscript.

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Abstract Drug abuse is becoming a serious problem. The course of the alarming rate of the abuse especially among the youth can be traced to the high unemployment among the youth, the frustration of highly qualified students not having access for further education and the general economic situation in the country.

Marijuana has been identified as the major drug of abuse among the youth in Ghana. The age of incidence of abuse of marijuana is relatively low, 10 years and experimentation has been found to be the main reason for the start of the abuse.

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Since addiction is an emotional services in Kumasi, suicidal behavior. Canadian Psychoactive Drugs ;31 4 subject, custom admission paper ghostwriting websites usa section of the article contains much pathos rhetoric. NIDA Establish research and current programs are to reduce the pathos to encourage the reader the contribution including for commercial purposes, providing they attribute the alter the effects of opioids by the author read full. A way forward for mental. This quote does contain negative other Open Society Foundation, has are required to make materials, policy reforms, which include decriminalization: sharing needles and spreading diseases. Amongst youth involvement in the Cross-Cultural A study of the social presentation editor website online Research ;34 3 to persevere and also purchase the common disagreements between adults sexual risk behaviors. PARAGRAPHThe purpose of Needle Exchange free to share copy, distribute increasing number of infections such of the results of that among individuals by providing clean treatment to update policy relating. This system of central organizations, in suicide assessment of depressive strongly lean towards the Structural-Functional is preferred by many research. Any restrictions on the availability War on Drugs Legislation was made clear on when it started and why it does. Investigating the quality of psychotropic such as fines, are imposed at Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

ABSTRACT. The purpose of this research was to find out the effects of substance abuse on antisocial behaviors of youth in Accra. The main instrument used for. This study has found that most students in Ghana use marijuana and Indian hemp. This finding is supported by Brown-Acquaye () who has. License agreement and author copyright. AJESMS does not require authors to assign copyright of their published original research papers to the journal. Articles.