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This programme is an excellent preparation for further research work or for a career in education, public administration or the private sector. It will also equip you with the skills needed to pursue a PhD or conduct research in quantitative political science. Further information on graduate destinations for this programme. Many leading organisations give careers presentations at the School during the year, and LSE Careers has a wide range of resources available to assist students in their job search.

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The campus LSE is based on one campus in the centre of London. Life in London London is an exciting, vibrant and colourful city. David Slattery MSc Political Science and Political Economy LSE is perhaps the most international university in the world and, in an organisation such as mine, you cannot survive with an insular focus. Further information on graduate destinations for this programme Support for your career Many leading organisations give careers presentations at the School during the year, and LSE Careers has a wide range of resources available to assist students in their job search.

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Request a prospectus Name. First name. Last name. There is no single document for the constitution. A constitution is the sum of different documents related to authorities, court judgments and many more. Cabinet:- Cabinet is a group or body of people or advisors of high-rank state officials.

It consists of top leaders of the executive branch, called the minister. The functions of a cabinet may vary from country to country. All the members of a cabinet are collectively responsible for decision making, day-to-day management of Government etc. Committee: - It is a little bit similar to cabinet but differs in jobs and responsibility of members. A committee is a group of two or more person who is appointed to report or take corrective actions on a specific matter.

A committee has a limited power that is assigned by the appointees of the committee. Democracy: - it is a type of Government in which the citizens elect the government of the country through voting. In a democratic country, it is compulsory to be at the age of 18 or above to take part and vote in the elections.

A democratic country works on the concept of one person one vote. In a democratic country, elections are held in every 5 years and the citizens have full right to choose their government. Election:- Election is a process of choosing a candidate to rule the government by the means of voting using a device called ballot. Sub Disciplines of Political Science As we discussed before that political science is sub-divided into 5 disciplines.

Comparative Politics:- As the name suggest comparative politics is the comparison among countries and find out the similarities and differences between them. It emphasizes the study of political institutions, domestic politics, and conflicts of different countries. It is one of the oldest methods of political analysis. Comparative politics defined by the methods applied to study political incidents rather than the objects of study.

Public Law: - It is a sub-division of political science deals with the laws related to the citizens of the country. It governs the relationship between individuals and the Government directly concerned to the society. It includes the laws related to the public such as administrative law, tax law, criminal law, constitutional law and many more.

Public laws are governed by central or local Government bodies which can make decisions regarding the rights of individuals. Public Administration: - It is a branch of political science which involves the formulation of government policies and other academic disciplines. It focuses on the execution of government policies. This discipline of political science operates on the process of preparing individuals as workers committed to serve the public.

Public administration implements public policies and discipline officials responsible for any sort of behavior. Political Philosophy: - Political philosophy is concerned with the study of politics and relevant subjects such as rights, Justice, property, liberty, and law. It is an indication of a general view or a particular ethic or belief regarding the political attitudes or opinions towards the political concept of ideology. It is also referred to as a sub-branch of political science by the majority of scholars.

International Relations:- This field of political science is very popular among students. It can be referred to as a branch of the international political science as well as a separate discipline. There are numerous fields from which, the international relations get inspired or take inspiration from, such as international law, sociology, demography, comparative religion, psychology, economics, engineering, and technology.

Political Methodology:- It is a branch of political science which deals with the quantitative tools for studying politics. It is a blend of formal theory, mathematics, and statistics. Additionally, the political methodology is used for positive research along with the normative forms of research.

The concept of political methodology focuses on the identification of econometrics. International Political Economy:- This is a discipline of political science that involves evaluation of international relations and economics. It is a field which is affected by various academic branches, for example, cultural studies, history, economics, and sociology etc. First, the Liberal theorist: they believe that the private powers should enjoy complete freedom regardless of its effect on the freedom of government or public powers.

Third, the Marxist perspective, it is an opinion that should be implemented by the government on strong public power on the private markets, in order to give an advantage to a huge population. Last but not the least, the Constructive view, the belief in this view is that the communication between different countries comes at a cost. Therefore, the political and economic entities affect economic actions in a great manner.

How are Nations, Countries, Governments, and States different? A state has a separate identity which can be a supreme ruler sovereign of a territory, area, and all the people residing in it. Sovereignty is the ultimate authority pertaining to a political unit. A country can be taken as a synonym for State. Both are self-governing political entities. For example, the United States can be referred to as a state or a country, depending on the choice of people. This is because the term country can indicate different other things such as a rural environment.

A nation is another important term, which involves a group of people sharing the same culture without sovereignty. They are connected to one another by a common tradition or culture. These are people who live together in a particular geographic region. It has been seen that the contemporary states try to include values of the nation under the boundaries of the national territory.

It is very important to know that every nation does not consist of states. A government is an entity that controls and regulates a community or a state. It can also be referred to as a group of individuals who claim and execute authority over a state or community. The structure of a government consists of administrators, legislators, and arbitrators. The government introduces and implements the policies of the state. The government of a state has the power to affect human activities through various different ways.

The government operations in a country are easily identifiable due to the different official forms, the nation has. On the other hand, sometimes the identification also become difficult due to the emergence of a large number of political systems or structures which arises because of socio-economic movements and then naming their parties after the movements. They can be categorized as a separate type of government because of the connections they have with the movements mentioned above.

The Indian constitution was introduced on 26th November and was implemented on 26th November The Indian government is a parliamentary form of democracy and federally structured. The federal system of government has been borrowed from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The President is the constitutional head of the executive. However, the practical power pertaining to the constitution lies with the Prime Minister and the Council of ministers. Article 74 1 of the Indian constitution states that the Governor represents the authority on behalf of the President, in states. However, here also, the real executive power lies within the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers. Executive: As mentioned above, the President is the head of the state in India.

The President has the power to return the Bill once for reconsideration. This role is very crucial in times of crisis. At the time of emergency, the President has the power to declare and enable the extension of the normal five-year term of the Lok Sabha.

The President is elected through the voting of around 5, members of the national parliament and state legislature. The Indian constitution also has a place for a Vice-President. He is elected by the electoral college of both houses of Parliament.

The Vice-President is the former member of the upper house also called the Rajya Sabha. The Prime Minister is the head of government. A prime minister is nominated from the winning party of the lower house or Lok Sabha. The Ministers are appointed by the mutual consult between the President and the Prime Minister.

All the ministers collectively make out the Council of Ministers. Lok Sabha consists of members, where is the maximum size. These members consist of people representing their respective states and 20 members representing people from the Union Territories and 2 members representing the Anglo-Indian community.

At present, the Lok Sabha has members in total. The time after which every Lok Sabha dissolves is five year unless an emergency is declared by the President. The upper house is the Rajya Sabha which is also known as the Council of States. The Rajya Sabha consists of members, out of which 12 members are chosen by the President. Currently, the Rajya Sabha comprises of members. These members are indirectly elected by the state and territorial legislatures.

The method used in this election is the single transferable vote. Both of the houses have a similar amount of powers except in the area of the money supply. Lok Sabha dominates in this field. In the case of any disagreement, a joint meeting of both the houses is held.

Still, if the disagreement is not resolved in the joint sitting session, then the will of the Lok Sabha prevails. This is because the Lok Sabha is double the size of the Rajya Sabha. The Judicial: The highest authority in civil, criminal and constitutional cases is the Supreme Court. The judge is appointed to the Supreme Court by the President along with the consult of the Chief Justice, four most senior judges of the court and the senior most judge of the high court of the appointee.

The constitution was made in the year It is a governmentally established nation, made up of separate institutions. These institutions share various powers among themselves. The government of the US has three levels; national, state, and local. Every level has an individual officer, elected by the American citizens.

The Government is divided into three branches; executive, legislative and the judiciary. Every branch has its specific responsibility which is regulated with a strict check. Legislative: According to the Article 1 of the US constitution, the responsibility of the legislation and all its powers are given to a body having dual chambers known as the Senate and the House of Representatives Congress. Congress: Congress is given the power to control the federal taxation system, right to mint money, and to declare war.

The main objective of the Congress is to write and pass bills prior to being forwarded to the President. Agencies: Congress has to depend on the assistance and advice of outsourcing agencies as the work and responsibility of the Congress is increasing day-by-day. The budget office is a team of experts in the field of economics and statistics.

They provide assistance and help to the legislature by giving advice on issues related to the state. Executive: The executive branch is responsible for the introduction and implementation of rules and regulations. It comprises of President, Vice-President of the country, the cabinet and other agencies. The President is the head of the Executive branch that ensures that the execution of laws is being done as intended. He also upholds the responsibility if anything happens to the constitution.

President: The President is the chief commander of the US army along with the leader of the executive branch of the US government. His additional responsibilities include signing important bills related to the law, member of the jury, international treaties negotiations, and ambassadors of the state. On one hand, where the President has noteworthy authority over the state, his powers are also restricted due to the system of checks and balances.

Cabinet: The President and the leaders of the fifteen executive departments collectively make up the Cabinet. These executive departments include; agriculture, homeland security, commerce, human and health services, education, defense, urban and housing development energy etc. Therefore, they must work in cooperation with the committees of the Congress. Judicial: The judicial branch of the USA government involves the responsibility to interpret the formulated laws, passed by the Congress.

It has the Supreme Court as the highest judicial authority and the other local federal courts under it. The Judiciary has the right to form a new unconstitutional law if they think that any of the constitutional law is contravening the constitution.

Supreme Court: The Supreme Court holds the highest authority when it comes to judicial matters. The decisions taken by the Supreme Court cannot be reversed. They can only be changed by making another decision and by following the process of constitutional amendment. The President appoints the judges in the Supreme Court. The judges have to make sure that there is no violation of constitutional principles.

It is their foremost responsibility to prevent it from happening. Lower Courts: Article 3 of the US constitution talks about the incorporation and creation of federal courts, appointment of judges and their compensation. They are essential for the elucidation and appeal of the federal laws of the states.

Hence, there numerous district courts other than the Supreme Court. It functions with a constitutional monarchy. The Prime Minister is the political leader and leads the government Monarch is the head of the state. House of Commons and the House of Lords together makes the Government. The authority is shared between the Parliament and the Westminster. The Parliament holds the right to introduce or dismiss any law. All the crucial decisions regarding the operations of government agencies and civil service departments, the appointment of the members of the government are his responsibility.

It consists of a Member of Parliament, elected by the group of voters of their specific area. This concept is similar to that of the United States. There is a single MP who represents a specific constituency having a specific name. The life of every House of Commons is for five years.

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