the great gatsby chapter 4 guided reading questions

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The great gatsby chapter 4 guided reading questions type my presentation

The great gatsby chapter 4 guided reading questions

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What do they reveal about his character that he does this especially in relation to his opening comments? Describe Gatsby the first time Nick sees him. What rumors have been told about Gatsby? Why does Fitzgerald reveal rumors rather than fact?

What does Nick think of Gatsby after meeting him? How is Gatsby different from his guests? Why does Nick choose to share his thoughts and feelings with Jordan? Nick thinks he's one of the few honest people he knows, why? Do you think he is honest? Return to top Chapter 4 List all of the rumors told about Gatsby. Why does Fitzgerald list all of Gatsby's party guests?

Why does Gatsby tell Nick about his life? Do you believe Gatsby? Does Nick? What role does Meyer Wolfsheim play in the novel? Why is there so much focus on his nose and what does this tell you about Fitzgerald's politics? What does Jordan's story of Daisy's marriage reveal about Daisy? Why did Gatsby want Daisy to see his house?

Nick says, "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired. How does each character in the novel fit into this schema? Return to top Chapter 5 Why does Gatsby deliver so many goods and services to Nick's house? Describe the effect of rain on the plot.

Why does Gatsby offer Nick work? How does Nick feel about this? Explain the significance of the green light. Why does Gatsby get so many phone calls? What does this say about him? Return to top Chapter 6 How truthful was Gatsby when he relayed the story of his life to Nick? Why does Fitzgerald tell the story of Jay Gatz now?

Describe the meeting of Tom and Gatsby. What does this meeting reveal about them? Why did Daisy and Tom find Gatsby's party loathsome? How did Gatsby measure the success of his party? When Nick told Gatsby that "you can't repeat the past", Gatsby replied, "Why of course you can! Return to top Chapter 7 Who is Trimachio?

Explain how this describes Gatsby. Describe Daisy and Gatsby's new relationship. Compare George Wilson and Tom. What did each man learn about his wife and how did they each react? If Daisy says she's never loved Tom, is there someone whom she thinks she loves?

Describe the fight between Gatsby and Tom. What do these men think of each other? How are they similar and how are they different? What was significant about Nick's 30th birthday? What do you think Tom and Daisy were saying to each other in the kitchen? Do you think that Tom knew Daisy was driving the "death car"? Why, why not?

At this point, how would you end the novel? Return to top Chapter 8 How does Fitzgerald achieve a melancholic mood in the beginning of this chapter? How are seasons used in constructing this novel? Who is Dan Cody and what is his significance in Gatsby's life? How does Nick's statement "You're worth the whole bunch put together" show a change in Nick from the beginning of the novel? How does T. Eckleberg affect Mr. Return to top Chapter 9 Why did Nick take care of Gatsby's funeral?

Parents Home Homeschool College Resources. Study Guide. Scott Fitzgerald. Previous Next. Chapter 4. We hear some more guesses as to Gatsby's occupation. Movie critic? Apparently, background matters: Nick goes on and on about the names, occupations, and personal histories of all the people who come to Gatsby's parties. Gatsby comes to get Nick for lunch in his huge and fancy yellow Rolls-Royce got to show off that wealth.

He explains to Nick his own personal history: he's the son of wealthy Midwesterners and he was educated at Oxford. Nick recalls that the general public, and more specifically Jordan, has some doubts about Gatsby's Oxford claim. Gatsby says he's from San Francisco which doesn't exactly seem like the Middle West to us, but whatever. He also talks about the war and shows Nick a medal that says " Major Jay Gatsby. Nick is sold.

He believes Gatsby. But FYI, if you ever need to see photographic proof to believe your friends' stories, it's probably a bad sign. Turns out Gatsby was just buttering him up to ask for a big favor; he wants Nick to talk with Jordan about something. Something vague. Nick isn't too happy about being used. When he's pulled over by a policeman, Gatsby simply reveals his identity and gets off the hook, Tony Soprano style. Once they get to the city, Gatsby introduces Nick to his business partner, Mr.

Nick instinctively knows that there is something fishy about the working partnership. We're starting to think this is more Enoch Thompson-style than Tony Soprano-style. Supposedly, Mr. Wolfsheim fixed the World Series of We don't even have to tell you whose style that is. Oh, we forgot to mention: Mr. Wolfsheim's cufflinks are made of human molars. Kurtz-style from Heart of Darkness.

And then Nick sees none other than Tom Buchanan across the room.

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