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Dissertation topics indian law types of analysis in essays

Dissertation topics indian law

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Law Dissertation Topics 3. Trust Law Dissertation 4. European Law Dissertation Topics 5. Family Law Dissertation Topics 6. Employment Law Dissertation Topics 7. Commercial Law Dissertation Topics 8. Criminal and Evidence Law Dissertation Topics 9.

Company Law Dissertation Topics Human rights and immigration law More Law Dissertation Topics How to Structure your Law Dissertation About Research Prospect Ltd. Introduction Law dissertations can be demanding because of the need to find relevant regulations, cases, and data to address the research problem successfully.

Law Dissertation Topics Research Aim: This study will focus on how the Canadian government benefits from resources accrued from immigration, the impact of Covid19 on Canadian Immigration, the current legislation on immigration, the effects of Covid19 on the immigration law, the possible amendments that could help cushion the impact and the way forward.

Topic 2: Effect of Covid19 on the United States Immigration policies; an assessment of International Legal agreements governing pandemic disease control and the way forward. Research Aim: This research will focus on the pandemic's effect on immigration policies in the United States.

It also suggests the required steps based on the laws that regulate the acts of government during an outbreak of a pandemic. Topic 3: Creating legal policies in preparedness to the global Pandemic; Lessons from Covid19 on Canadian Immigration policies. Research Aim: This research will focus on how the covid19 pandemic hit the world and how most countries seemed unprepared. Historical background of the flu pandemic can also be made to assess how the world overcame the pandemic.

And the need for the Canadian government or any other country you wish to choose can prepare for a global pandemic by creating legal policies that could help prepare ahead for such a period, such as policies on scientific research and funding.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the Gulf Cooperation Countries and their current legislation on competition law and its implications. Countries under the European Union's competition law, the legal implications, and the need to consider such a part. Research Aim: This research focuses on the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries' competition laws and their enforceability.

It analyses the benefits of enforcing the competition law and looks at the European Union uniformed laws, and it's benefits. It looks into the various countries, how the competition law currently works, and how it can affect each country's economy in a better way of adequately enforced. Topic 6: Provisions of the law on rape, the need to expand the law's coverage on the misuse of its provisions, and false accusations.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the law's present provisions on rape and rape victims and the recent false accusations. Topic 7: Summary dismissal of workers during the covid19 pandemic, the legal implications under the labor law, and the way forward.

The case study of Nigeria. Research Aim: This research will focus on the statistics of people who were summarily dismissed during the Covid19 Pandemic based on natural occurrences, provisions of the law against summary dismissal, and its enforcement and how this can be cushioned against future events. The need to expand the labour law to cover similar situations for the protection of workers. Topic 8: A legal assessment of the settlement of international disputes through the peaceful process and its effectiveness.

Research Aim: This research focuses on the mode of dispute settlement in the international community, assessment of international laws and treaties on peaceful settlement of conflicts among countries of member states, the methods of dispute settlements, its strengths and weaknesses, and the need to improve the current mechanisms of peaceful settlement in the international community. Topic 9: The protection of minority shareholders and the majority shareholders' power in Companies, a critical analysis of the provisions of the Nigerian Companies and Allied Matters Act.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the law's provisions on protecting minority shareholders in Companies and the majority shareholders' power. How effective are these provisions in protecting the minorities against the management of the majority shareholders and the way forward. Covid Law Research Topics. Law during the time of coronavirus crisis. Challenges faced by the public and government during the lockdown will also be addressed.

It'll also focus on the risk and challenges they come across and how to overcome those challenges. Research Aim: The entire world has been paused during the lockdown situation. This study will investigate the mode of trials, court sessions, and justice during the coronavirus pandemic. Health guidelines and social distancing. Guidelines for transport, educational institutions, business sectors and hospitals during coronavirus pandemic.

Research Aim: This study will focus on reviewing the guidelines issued by the government for various public gathering places such as transport, educational institutions, business sectors, and hospitals during coronavirus pandemic.

Research Aim: Examine communities impacted by development operations under the World Bank Development project schemes using the project law model to understand the lack of participation and successful influence of these communities in order to improve accountability and good governance. Research Aim: Gun control and the right to bear arms has been an ever-evolving web discourse in the United States. The research aims at analysing how gun control laws have changed in the USA since specifically focusing on the 2nd Amendment and its original framework.

Topic 3: Rethinking the international legal framework protecting journalists in war and conflict zones. Research Aim: The primary body of law that is set out to protect journalists includes the Geneva Conventions and their additional Protocols.

However, since the time they have been drafted and decades after, there have been conspicuous changes to the way warfare is conducted. It is imperative to examine this body of law in order to improve it as journalists have now become prime targets in warzones and conflict areas because of their profession. Topic 4: A critical analysis of employment law of disabled individuals in UK and what new policies can be integrated to increase its efficiency.

Research Aim: Employment or labor law has always been under the limelight. Many critiques and researchers have proposed different amendments to be made in the existing law pertaining to labor and employee. The main aim of the research is to critically analyze the employment law of disabled individuals in the UK along with effective recommendations that need to be done in order to make the existing law more efficient and effective.

Topic 5: A critical evaluation of racial discrimination laws in developed countries and how it impacts the workplace environment. Research Aim: Racial discrimination has always been a controversial issue in almost every part of the World. However, many developed countries companies are facing severe racial discrimination issues that are directly impacting their name and brand value.

Therefore, this research provides a critical evaluation of the racial discrimination laws, particularly in developed countries. Moreover, the research will be focusing on how racial discrimination laws are impacting the workplace environment. Research Aim: Domestic laws basically deal with and provide criminal rules for punishing individuals who have physically or emotionally harmed their own family members.

It has been found out that many domestic cases of abuse are not reported to the concerned authority. Due to this reason, the main focus of the research is to conduct a comparative analysis of legislation, policy and guidelines of domestic abuse between UK and USA and how effective both the countries have been in order to minimize domestic abuse. Topic 7: Analyzing the negative impact of technology in protecting intellectual property rights of the corporations.

Research Aim: Intellectual property has gained significant importance after the emergence of counterfeit products coming from different parts of the world. It has been found out that there are many factors that have motivated the sale of counterfeit products. Therefore, this research aims at analyzing the negative impact of technology in protecting intellectual property rights of products and corporations.

Topic 8: A critical assessment of terrorism act of and its impact on Muslims living around the Globe. Therefore, this research intends to critically assess the terrorism act of and its impact ton Muslims living around the Globe. Trust Law Dissertation Topics The trust law requires the settler to meet the three certainties, including the object, intention and subject matter.

Some interesting dissertation topics in the field of trust law are listed below: To investigate the attitude of the courts to trusts supporting political agendas. To identify and discuss principles on which half-secret and full secret trusts are enforced? Does a literature review highlight circumstances where it is essential to consider whether such beliefs are constructive and express? Should the assumption of resulting trusts and progression be abolished in this modern age?

The impact of the decision of Harrison v Gibson on the law of the clarity of intention? The approval of trustees in the Zimbabwean law of trusts Want more? How Can Research Prospect Help? European Law Dissertation Topics European law has attracted wide attention from the academic world in recent times, thanks to the growing influence of European Law on the administrative law in EU members. Some exciting and specific research areas are given below: A critical review of the European anti-discrimination Law To investigate the economic and history of European Law.

European Laws amidst the Brexit process Read this Article. Family Law Dissertation Topics A wide range of topics covered under the field of family law and the law of child. To study the criminal justice process involving a child witness. Does the UK Family law need a major reform? A critical review of the rights of married women in real estate Child welfare and the role of local authorities To study the legal and social foundations of parenting, civil partnership and marriage.

To examine whether the Child Support Act has positively influenced child maintenance? Employment Law Dissertation Topics Employment and equality law governs the relationship between the government, trade unions, employers and employees. Some interesting dissertation topics in this area of law are below: A critical investigation of the right to fair labour practices in the United Kingdom To determine the job's inherent requirements as a defence to unfair discrimination or a claim — A comparison between the United Kingdom and Canada.

To assess ethnic discrimination in the European Union: Derogations from the ban on discrimination — Sexual harassment — Equal pay for equal value work. To study the international employment contract — Regulation, perception and reality.

To identify and discuss challenges associated with equality at work. A study of the legal aspects of the relationship between employer and employee How influential is the role of trade unions in English employment law? A critical review of discrimination policies in the UK.

Order a Proposal Worried about your dissertation proposal? Commercial Law Dissertation Topics Commercial law, also known as business law, is the whole body of substantive jurisprudence applicable to the conduct, relations and rights of sales, trade, merchandising, and businesses and persons associated with commerce.

An intriguing area of law within the UK, specific topics for your law dissertation are listed below: The impact of legislation for the regulation of investments services with EU economic area on the EU financial services market Handling regulatory involvement incorporate organisational structure and strategy.

A study of convergence and complementarities concerning international corporate governance How drafting and diffusion of uniform norms can help to harmonise the law of international commercial arbitration? Convergence and adaption in corporate governance to transnational standards in India A critical review of the international commercial arbitration system Analysing the international commercial law on risk transfer The role of the tripartite financial system in the UK on economic development A comparative analysis of European contract law, international commercial contracts law and English commercial contracts law Are the European contracts law meeting the needs of the commercial community?

A critical review of anti-corruption legislation in the UK The problems of director accountability in the UK and the impact of soft and hard law on corporate governance. Criminal and Evidence Law Dissertation Topics Criminal law can be defined as a system of law dealing with the punishment of criminals.

The efficacy of modern approaches to the definition of intention in International criminal law The efficacy of the law of corporate manslaughter. Company Law Dissertation Topics Company law, also known as the law of business associations , is the body of law that deals with business organisations and their formation, registration, incorporation, governance, dissolution and administration.

Some suggestions for company law dissertation topics are listed below: Developing equity markets in growing economies and the importance of corporate law A critical review of English company law and its effects on member workers and creditors To investigate the essential aspects of corporate law. To study business responsibilities for human rights. Identifying disparities in corporate governance — Theories and Realities The external relations of company groups in Zambian Corporate law To study corporate governance practices concerning the minority stakeholders.

Intellectual Property and Tort Law Dissertation topics All forms of legal injury are dealt with under the subject area of tort law. The efficacy of intellectual property rights in the UK under influence of European Law The efficacy of UK copyright law concerning the needs of rights users and holders The impact of intellectual property right on economic development To investigate right of confidence in the UK Do the trademark law ensure sufficient protection in England?

The impact of European Law on intellectual property rights in the UK The end of the road for loss of a chance? To assess the success ration of psychiatric injury claims in the UK Should a no-fault system be implemented into UK law or should the law of negligence apply to personal injury claims? A critical review of economic loss in 21 st century tort law. Human Rights and Immigration Law The primary objective of human rights and immigration law is to ensure and protect human rights at domestic, regional and international levels.

Tired of writing thesis on your own? Great news! Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. A great thesis topic allows you to explore the areas that are lacking in the legal profession. Well, you have the opportunity to fill the gap and make a name for yourself. A good dissertation topic offers you the opportunity to work on an area of interest.

Unlike other areas of your study, this is the only opportunity where you have the freedom to choose. Therefore, select what you associate with and fancy more. The topic you select will determine how easy or hard it will be to prepare your thesis. With this in mind, you should go for interesting law topics that have enough resources.

If you select the topics with no resources, there is a risk of getting stuck at some point. Interesting legal topics to write about also make it easy to defend the thesis. When selecting the topic, it is important to understand that at the end of it, you will be required to defend the thesis.

You should only go for the topic that you can easily defend and grab that degree, masters, or PhD accreditation that you have been yearning for years. Criminal Law Thesis Topics Criminal law is an area of legal study and practice that defines what constitutes crime and prosecution of those who commit such crimes. A comprehensive evaluation of male and female rape legislations: What are the key differences? Analyzing the use of lie detectors in criminal justice: How effective are the lie detectors?

Evaluating the misuse of manslaughter laws in the US: What are the best ways to protect victims? Evaluating crime-related factors that should not be presented in a court of law. What are the best ways to protect witnesses from retaliation in criminal cases?

A deeper look at the history of the death penalty. A thematic review of criminal theory: Exploring the link between crime and morality. An investigation into the challenges of identifying nature and distribution of crime: A case study of London. Use of anonymity in sexual offences lawsuits: How to strike a balance between the rights of defendants and victims. What are the implications of the war on terror on the enforcement of criminal law: A case study of the US.

Evaluating cases of racial prejudice among the prisoners in the US. Analyzing the relationship between Islamic criminal law and human rights. International Law Research Topics International law is a comprehensive body of norms, standards, and rules that are used between legally recognized international states. Here are some great international law topics that you should consider: Assessing the challenges faced by different parties when applying the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods CISG.

Evaluating the future of consumer protection in the post-Brexit era. Assessing history and future possibilities of the US and UK military cooperation in addressing terror. Evaluating situations in law when a country is allowed by international law to intervene in the affairs of other countries. Comparing gaps in human rights law: A closer look at the UK.

Did the US involvement in Iraq provide justice or violate the law? What are the problems of enforcing international law in developing countries? A case study of South Africa and India. Evaluating the efficiency of International Tribunals in solving war crimes. Rethinking the principles used to formulate international criminal laws. Assessing the relationship between public safety and civil liberties in international laws.

Digital and internet legislation: Forecasting the future. Legal Dissertation Topics in Family Law If you have an interest in legal relationships at the family level, it is advisable to look for dissertation topics in family law. Here are some great thesis topics to consider in family law: Reviewing the major changes of family law in the last 50 years: A case study of the UK.

Assessing human rights in states that follow religious laws for families: A case study of India. Analyzing the impact of culture on family lawsuits: A case study of Manchester, UK. Domestic violence: Evaluating the repercussions for males vs. Evaluating the impacts of the law on divorce: Has it increased the cases of divorce or reduced them?

What are the legal implications of child neglect in the US: A systematic review of literature Evaluating the compatibility of child justice with family justice: A case study of the UK. Assessing the factors that hinder couples from pursuing a divorce. Is it time to reform US family law? Analyzing the legal foundations of parenting and civil partnerships. Employment Law Dissertation Topics Employment law is another broad area of legal practice that focuses on employer-employee relationships.

To help you with the chase, here are the top employment law dissertation topics that you should consider: The convergence of employment laws and religion in the USA: A literature review. Comparing the UK laws before and after exiting the European Union. Analyzing the impact of trade unions and their work in the UK: What are their successes and challenges? A comparative analysis of employment laws application in the automotive industry in the US and UK. Are you secure in your job: A comprehensive review of employment contracts and job contracts in the US manufacturing industry.

A legal viewpoint of employee mobility between European Union countries. A critical evaluation of the employment law of disabled individuals in the US. What policies should be integrated to enhance its efficiency? Commercial Law Dissertation Topics Commercial law is another broad area of legal practice that deals with laws related to persons, businesses, and merchants engaging in sales, trade, and commerce.

Other issues you can focus on when selecting the commercial law topic include: Issues related to unfair competition. Disputes and violations related to advertising and marketing. Complexities associated with starting new businesses. Consumer complaints about businesses and business practices.

Trade secrets. The following are some great commercial legal thesis topics you should consider: Evaluating the effectiveness of commercial law to support commercial transactions in the US. Reviewing the US commercial laws: What should be changed or added? Assessing the effectiveness of international commercial law programs in UK universities.

Reviewing the implications of international commercial law in UK commercial laws. Reviewing the use of international commercial law in the energy projects across the globe. Evaluating the commercial laws that should be used against dishonest managers. A closer look at commercial partnerships: What are the dangers and potential results? Evaluating the regulations aimed at stopping corruption: A case study of the UK.

A comprehensive analysis of pre-incorporation contracts: How do they work? A comprehensive evaluation of arbitration under commercial law: A closer look at policy practice in the UK. Intellectual Property Law Thesis topics Intellectual property law is a branch of law that deals with rules for enforcing legal rights, artistic works, designs, and inventions.

A comprehensive assessment of the economic impacts of intellectual property rights: A case study of the UK. Can the emerging technological advancements operate smoothly with the current intellectual property laws in the US? Demystifying the relationship between intellectual property laws and EU regulations? Evaluating laws for intellectual property rights protection on the internet. A deeper look at the innovation and patent model in the UK: Can the current highly stringent system drive innovation?

Does the EU copyright law provide ample balance between the needs of inventors and users? Evaluating the fair dealing in terms of copyright law: A case study of the US. Comparing and contrasting the intellectual property regimes in the UK and US. Is the EU intellectual property law safe and fair for users and owners? How has EU law impacted the intellectual property regime in the UK?

What more needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of the current intellectual property laws in the US? Evaluating the implications of Brexit on the protection of intellectual property rights in the UK. Medical Law Dissertation Topics Medical law is a branch of law that focuses on the responsibilities and rights of medical professionals and patients. Should judges, handling medical-related disputes, undergo special education to make their judgments fact-based?

Evaluating the laws governing organ transplantation: A case study of the US.