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College editor service

Will definitely use this service for future papers. Remember Me. Sign in. Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Google. Forgot your password? Sign in Register. Academic Editing Services Improve your paper with language editing and proofreading from our subject experts. Order Now Calculate Price. Home Academic Editing Services.

Our academic editing services include Certificate of language editing. We guarantee…. Wordvice Editing Stats Wordvice has edited more than , research manuscripts and academic papers for over 30, clients. See Successful Publications. Academic Papers Edited , Institutions Supported Researchers Served 71, Who Are Our Editors? Education Ph. Social Science M. Energy Engineering A. Education Master's , Social sciences University of Chicago.

Social Sciences B. Subject Area Expertise Art and humanities, Social sciences, and more. Social Sciences A. Social Sciences J. Social Sciences N. Social Sciences C. Biosciences S. Education Master's , Bioscience Durham University. Medicine R. Medicine C. Physical Science R.

Editing Samples Our professional academic editors revise your manuscripts and papers, focusing on content, terminology, expression, authorial voice, and formatting style. Engineering Sample Paper. Natural Science Sample Paper. Medicine Sample Paper. Bioscience Sample Paper. Jun Chen H. Li Phong. My first experience has been good so far.

Quick respond! I love our editors. The service is professional, I am a regular customer here. Decent editing quality. Let's get started! Upload Your Document. See More. What do your proofreading and editing services include? We tailor our editing services to fit the needs of your document. When you submit your order, a project manager will apply your order details including document type, formatting, English type, desired turnaround, and any instructions for the editor and match your paper with our best available editor.

Do you match my paper to an editor with expertise in my academic field? We know how important it is that your editor understands what your work is communicating. When you upload your paper for language editing, one of our project managers peruses the content and, using a state-of-art auto allocation algorithm, assigns your paper to a Wordvice editor with an advanced degree in the academic field of your paper. In the rare cases where an editing expert with the right research background is unavailable to edit your paper, we utilize our extensive network of academic contract editors to find the right proofreading professional for the job.

We take pride in our How do you select which editor will proofread my document? With over editing professionals, we have experts across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. After we receive your order, the editing manager opens each file and evaluates the content. Although we ensure that your editor will have experience in your general discipline, we cannot always guarantee that this person will be an expert in the narrower sub-discipline or have deep knowledge about contemporary research related to the topic.

For example, if you submit a paper on molecular biology, we may pair it with an editor coming from the wider discipline of biology, but not necessarily having studied the specific sub-discipline of molecular biology. There is no substitute for subject-matter expertise. However, the foundations of good composition and expression are similar across academic disciplines.

Good editing is editing that brings about the desired results! What are your prices for editing and proofreading? Our services are given on per-word rates that are based on word count, service level e. Enter your word count into our pricing calculator and receive an instant quote and delivery deadline of your document.

Get your instant quote! Service Type Choose an option…. Document Type Choose an option…. Word Count. Remember Me Sign in Sign in with Facebook. How are your reference page and various citations formatted? Our editing and proofreading services will help you avoid many of those problems. You will stop worrying about having your grade reduced just because you missed or misspelled a word. When using our pro proofreading and editing assistance, you won't be bothered by overlooking something or making any grammar, spelling, or style error.

Most students care about the content of their work to be as accurate as its shape. Even if the essay or dissertation is written well, the professor won't like it if they stumble upon myriads of mistakes while reading the work. Despite editing and proofreading not being an easy task, you can always master it. Start with searching the Internet or use some helpful tips for improving your paper. You can use a colored pen or post-it notes while looking through the paper to make remarks.

Those little things will help you fix writing easily. Do not forget that unless you are a college paper editing service expert with tons of experience, it is best to work after a good night's rest. It is crucial to give yourself some time to relax and recharge. It is not uncommon to be swamped by work and responsibilities to a point when you are not confident in your skills or competence.

This way, it is always better to get assistance from an expert in editing and proofreading. Our online English-speaking professionals will review and improve the structure of your text, fix your grammar, spelling and word choice mistakes if any. Experienced editors will help you polish the text, and no typo will ruin your paper. Having sharp skills, our professional essay proofreader will make your paper academically perfect.

No matter how difficult your assignment is, we'll do our best to fulfill all your needs and requirements. Using our online editing services to review your paper is like buying insurance for a car. You put down a huge amount of time and effort into getting everything together. Then, it's smart to take measures to protect your investment! We can help you prepare a top essay and get the highest grade for it!

If needed, our competent editors will replace and revise words and phrases to improve your writing and meet all the requirements of your professor. We make your essay perfect from the introduction to the conclusion and help you come up with an ideally finished paper! Our editors always make sure all the ideas are well-organized and the structure is clear.

Still have doubts? Go to our Testimonials page and check out the customer reviews from students who share their thoughts about orders done!



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