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While the facade can not replace the contents of a presentation, it can definitely enhance it, highlight it, and support it. Over the last decades, PowerPoint has gained something of a bad reputation. It has been accused of making dumber, lazier audiences, and to hinder learning. A professional PowerPoint design means a presentation that enhances its message perfectly.

It would not have an all-blank default design. Professional PowerPoint presentations would not have distracting color combinations and animations that get in the way. Check out this PowerPoint design example above. Many times we think of professional PowerPoint design as just being sober. PowerPoint can be an excellent tool to convey your business image and vision along with your message. This slide is a much better example of a professional PowerPoint design. Icons help highlight each point.

And the illustrations of people highlight the theme of social interaction. Professional PowerPoint design should provide a visual aid for your audience in a way that helps convey the content without getting in the way of the speaker.

A good PowerPoint presentation will highlight the key elements of your content. But a professional PowerPoint design will reflect the time and effort you have invested in your product, and convey to your audience your reliability and expertise in the subject. Even if your presentation is for internal company use only, cleanliness and professionalism still matter. For example, think about making a project planning presentation.

A last-minute, improvised-looking PowerPoint will probably give the impression that the project itself is to be figured out along the way. A professional PowerPoint design, on the other hand, will convey perfectly how serious the matter at hand is, and how much effort and work is expected on it. So the real question is: What makes a presentation look professional?

As you can see in the slides higher up in this post, even a simple, one-color background can look pretty unprofessional. And a colorful, playful one, can look much better. In one word, a professional PowerPoint design can be summarized as clean. All the professional PowerPoint examples you see on this list can seem very different from one another. But what they all have in common is that they have a very polished and sharp design. Professional PowerPoint design is all about attention to detail.

From the color palette to the background to the images and icons, all elements must look as if they have been thought through and through. Looking rushed and improvised is an easy way to look unpolished and unprofessional. Professional PowerPoint design is difficult to define. Our designers here at 24Slides work with 3 main styles: Corporate, Creative, and Playful.

The Corporate style is very business-like and data-oriented. Blue is a color that is usually associated with authority, strength, and dependability. The different tones of greys and blues prevent the slides from looking plain and boring.

And at the same time, it helps divide the information into different sectors and topics without having to be explicit about it. This one is another great professional PowerPoint design example of the Corporate Style. The corporate style is more minimalistic and clean, and in this case, it works wonders to make the slides look more polished and less confusing. As you can see in these professional PowerPoint design examples, Creative is the perfect middle ground between Corporate and Playful.

It focuses on having a flexible layout that will make your information as eye catching as possible. In contrast with the Corporate style, the Creative Style is a little more daring with its color palettes. This can be great as you can see in the following PowerPoint design examples for representing your brand and giving your presentation more personality. Take this professional PowerPoint example. Since it is an Amazon presentation , the makeover focuses on using colors that represent the brand and the company.

Data representation is vital in many business presentations. However, numbers alone are not good enough. The way you present it must also be eye-catching and easily understandable for it to make a real impact. This professional PowerPoint is the perfect example of this. The background design, color palette, and icons make for a much more memorable presentation than the original slide. Professional presentation design can make a difference from the very start.

Check out the title slide in this Adidas PowerPoint , for example. However, a professional PowerPoint design can still completely transform a presentation and take it to the next level. Its layout incorporates the brand logo and colors, as well as the product. Elements complement perfectly each other, making it look much more interesting than just a title over a generic image.

All while still being clear and easy to understand at first glance. These Playful presentations are the perfect professional PowerPoint design examples of both polished and fun. As has been said before, it all depends on what kind of message you want to give.

When your presentation is over, what image of your company do you want your audience to leave with? These professional PowerPoint design examples are ideal to make the audience feel closer to the speaker and part of the presentation. Even if the topic is business-oriented, explaining their situational and SWOT analysis in the form of hamburgers, sodas, and french fries makes for a much more unique and eye-catching presentation.

We transform your implicit expertise into explicit, simple, and clear so that your audience can make the decision you expect. From designing one-page infographics to creating pitch decks — we cover all business-related topics and visualize data of all kinds. We create custom-made presentations tailored specifically to your niche, precisely following your corporate style guide, tone of voice, and requirements. And a completely editable format allows you to update the delivered presentation by yourself.

We help educators present their study material in a more engaging way, accompanying lectures with professional, good-structured presentations. Attention to detail, proper data visualization, clear structure, embedded videos, topic-based illustrations, and easy to edit slides is what makes our presentations so unique.

Having accumulated expertise while working with teachers of different disciplines and teaching for different academic levels, we know how to deliver a presentation that will meet all your needs. Save time and focus on content creation while we'll help you present your ideas most effectively!

If you need to present your research in the best way, meeting all academic standards, we can help you succeed. Our designers can organize your thoughts and your research in a clear and concise way by structuring slides, creating contrast, adding charts, graphs, and other visuals. We can also advise you on content, edit, proofread, or redesign your presentation, and help with speaker notes. As an owner of a business idea, project, or service, you put a lot of time and dedication into every detail.

So, by the time you have to pitch your huge project to investors or your target audience, you might already be quite exhausted and deeply buried in details. Recruit presentation design service to bring a fresh perspective and highlight the essentials in your custom slideshow. SlidePeak design services is a professional team with extensive experience in the market.

We work as your partners, striving to boost your performance and provide you with the best visual representation of any project. Who will be my copywriter? Our copywriters are experienced in producing short, on-point texts for any industry, topic, or project. They are here to make your speech memorable, well-argued, and convincing. Provide us with anything you've got — an old presentation, pieces of material, or just an inspiring idea — and they will help with crafting a whole story behind your project.

Who will be my designer? Also, if you are not sure what design style you are looking for, they can suggest options and help you choose the right style that meets your specific design needs. Work alongside the presentation professionals and take over your target audience.

Leading PowerPoint design services exist to create a solid ground for your presentation. What we do is take your brilliant idea and transform it into a well-crafted custom visual. SlidePeak experts develop on-point content and perfect visuals to highlight the most important parts of your speech. Get the perfect balance of text and visuals crafted for you in due time by professional presentation design services.

Expert help with design presentation to achieve your goals Get a professionally designed presentation for your project — deadlines from 24 hours. Get Started Contact Us. Our presentation design services Have your presentation redesigned, improved or created from scratch by our powerpoint service. Ideal if you have a presentation prepared but want it to look more professional. Perfect if you have research findings and all the reference material and just need to make it into a presentation.

Best option if you only have a theme or an idea for your presentation and need custom design and content. Move the slider to see how we transform presentations for our customers. The original slide is on the left, and our improved version is on the right. Ballard Power Systems Business. Amazone Web Services Deck Business. Mixpanel Pitchdeck Business.

Nursing Theory Healthcare. String Theory is Retared Education. Blood Donation Medical. Load more. Please rotate your device. What is the power of a presentation design?


You don't want your presentation to look like a rag rug. What you're aiming for is a consistent look. This will help your audience focus on the essential; your speech and the key facts you're highlighting on your slides. To that end, use a basic template or make your own. PowerPoint comes with a wide selection of professional PowerPoint presentation templates , but you can also find free ones online.

One of the suggested searches is "presentations". Click it to see all of PowerPoint's default presentation templates. Choose a category on the right to narrow down your search. Pick an easy to read font face. It's hard to get this right, but these professional-looking Google fonts are a safe bet. Unless you're a designer, stick to a single font face and limit yourself to playing with safe colors and font sizes.

If you're unsure about fonts, refer to The 10 Commandments of Typography shown above for orientation. Carefully select font sizes for headers and text. On the one hand, you don't want to create a wall of text and lose your audience's attention. On the other, you do want your audience to be able to read the text that you consider key. So make your fonts large enough. PowerPoint Tip: PowerPoint offers several different slide layouts. By using the default layouts, you can make coherent design changes across your presentation anytime you want.

Leave room for highlights, such as images or take home messages. Some elements should stand out. So try not to bury them in background noise but give them the space they need. This could be a single quote or a single image per page with nothing but a simple header and a plain background.

Decorate scarcely but well. If you have good content, you won't need decoration. Your template will be decoratively enough. Note: Restrict the room your design takes up and don't ever let the design restrict your message.

Consistently use font face and sizes on all slides. This one goes back to using a template. If you chose a professional presentation template, the designer will have taken care of this aspect. Stick to it! Match colors. This is where so many presentations fail. You might have chosen a funky template and stuck to the designer's color profile, then you ruin it all with ugly Excel charts.

Black text on a white background will always be the best, but also the most boring choice. You're allowed to use colors! But use them responsibly. Keep it easy on the eyes and always keep good contrast in mind. If you're color-challenged, use one of the many online tools to select a good looking color palette. Or just use a template and stick to its default colors.

PowerPoint Tip: Use PowerPoint's Design menu to quickly change the font and color palette of your entire presentation using preset design layouts. Carefully use color to highlight your message! Colors are your friends. They can make numbers stand out or your Take Home Message pop. Don't weaken the color effect by using too many colors in too many instances. The special effect only works if used scarcely. Try to limit pop colors to one per slide. Make a brilliant choice: match colors for design and good contrast to highlight your message.

Use a professional color palette, to find which color will work best with your theme. Use The 10 Commandments of Color Theory shown below to learn more about colors:. K eep I t S traight and S imple. That means Remember that your slides are only there to support, not to replace your talk! You want to tell a story, visualize your data, and demonstrate key points.

If you read your slides, you risk losing your audience's respect and attention. PowerPoint Tip: Afraid you'll lose your train of thoughts? Add notes to your slides. Go to View and under Show click Notes to make them show up under your slides while editing. When starting your presentation, use PowerPoint's presentation mode go to Slide Show and under Monitors , check Use Presenter View , so you can glance at your notes when needed.

Always summarize your key point in a Take Home Message. Ask yourself, if your audience learned or remembered one single thing from your presentation, what would you like it to be? That's your Take Home Message. The Take Home Message is your key message, a summary of your data or story. If you're giving an hour-long presentation, you might have several Take Home Messages. That's OK. Just make sure that what you think is key, really matters to your audience. This template uses a blueprint style and a monospaced font to emulate the technical drawings used in construction and industry.

A dark background and single accent color makes it perfect for business or corporate meetings. Create a professional presentation fast with this easy-to-edit and free template. The background design fits social media, connection, internet or science related topics. Add credibility to your presentations with this professional template. It has a modern design of geometric shapes that fits any topic.

With this theme you can take any business presentation to the next level. A nature-inspired free template for your presentations. Create a professional presentation about environmental or nature topics with this clean design. Do you want to make a greater impact on your audience? Then use this template to make your presentation look professional and stand out. Download this theme and keep your audience glued to their seats! Make your business stand out with this presentation template.

This modern design has a clean composition with a bright pink accent color and gorgeous food photos. Choose this theme to present your restaurant and menu, a diet and nutrition plan or a marketing campaign for a company in the food industry. Bon appetit! Your information will be used to send you an email every time a new template is published. We will only send you relevant information and will never sell your information to any third parties.

You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time. View our full Privacy policy. Besides, we use Mailchimp to send the emails and they will proccess your information in accordance with their Privacy policy. SlidesCarnival templates have all the elements you need to effectively communicate your message and impress your audience. Download your presentation as a PowerPoint template or use it online as a Google Slides theme.

Professional PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes 52 templates Use these free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes and wow your colleagues and superiors with a stunning professional presentation.

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1. Practice Really Does Make Perfect · 2. Stick to "One Big Idea" · 3. Don't be Afraid to BLUF · 4. Include Professional Presentation Graphics · 5. Create attractive presentations with professional PowerPoint templates and slide designs. Use PPT templates to give unique appearance to your presentation. 10 PowerPoint hacks to make your presentations look more professional · Go easy on the content, and instead wow your audience with simple, streamlined slides.