thesis on white collar crime

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Thesis on white collar crime physics education research paper

Thesis on white collar crime

Sammendrag Economic or white-collar crime is on the rise, making the study of possible means of both deterrence and detection of such crime ever more relevant. Accounting fraud is among the fastest growing categories of economic crime, and is also the category of white-collar crime most naturally linked to auditor detection.

Part of the rationale for this piece of research is the fact that the number of Norwegian cases of white-collar crime only recently has become large enough to allow this type of multiple case study. Another part of the rationale for this thesis is the heavily conflicting views on auditor ability to detect fraud found during a mapping of existing research on the topic. The role of auditing in the detection of white-collar crime is therefore a topic which, due to rapidly changing circumstances and social relevance, is deemed to be in great need of updated description.

This thesis seeks to improve on one of the areas now made researchable: What is the role of the auditing function in the detection of white-collar crime in Norway today? The concrete research questions thought to answer this query satisfactorily are: 1 What are the responsibilities of the auditing function regarding the detection of white-collar crime? This thesis will seek to clarify further the role of auditing in detection within the Norwegian context, based on a convenience sample of Norwegian cases to date.

By providing indications about this role this research may also provide valuable input for further investigation of the topic. Concrete suggestions for further research are given in the last chapter of the thesis. Structured as a descriptive multiple case study including 44 instrumental cases, it is hoped that this thesis will allow a better understanding and increased ability to theorize about the broader context of white-collar crime.

A multiple or comparative case study is chosen over other alternatives for the range of characteristics inherent in it. It allows the description of a multitude of different Norwegian cases from the recent past, mapping the auditor role in more detail than a strictly quantitative approach would allow. At the same time, the number of cases lets us count and categorize instances in a way that would not be possible if one or two cases received all our attention.

Encouragingly, steps have been taken to ensure that perpetrators of white collar crimes pay for their actions as can be seen from the USSC guidelines which encourage increased sentences for individuals involved in cases of large scale fraud. The 9 years prison sentence given to Matthew Martoma for insider trading while working at SAC Capital Advisors has created a precedence for longer jail terms and it could serve as a deterrence to others.

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The influence of information technology, globalisation and the link between financial crime, corruption, illicit drug trade, terrorist financing, human traffic and fraud many of which are predicate offences of money laundering demand a global concerted approach, development of which the UK and US laws have influenced with the introduction of national and international AML, OECD initiatives, the Vienna and Palermo conventions, the UNCAC and the FATF Recommendations.

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Thesis on white collar crime Free tools Plagiarism Checker Find out if your paper is best dissertation writer services online. With regard to actual white-collar crime, there needs to be increased sentences for white-collar criminals and more severe punishments, which will hopefully be an improvement to current deterrence methods and decrease recidivism rates. White-collar crime has been studied before, but has not extensively been studied on a comparison basis to violent crime. These are the topics that this thesis will be exploring. Aside from having a survey to collect the opinions of the populace, it is also important to understand how the media and Hollywood are portraying white-collar crime. Tired of all the guides and never-ending instructions? Arab Economics and Business Journal.
Thesis on white collar crime These crimes are much school slp resume difficult to detect and easier for people to get away with. This produced recidivism information on prisoners who were released inretrieving data from 15 different states. Conducting this study again would require surveying a larger quantity of people and a greater assortment of ages. Unfortunately, fewer surveys were collected than expected. Although there is plenty of crime in the show, the dialogue and appeal of the characters downplays the seriousness of white-collar crime, as is typical of media portrayals of real life scenarios. The survey results proved to confirm one of the initial hypotheses made regarding this study.
Thesis on white collar crime White collar criminals are given shorter sentences which less often include prison time and making them more likely to reoffend, than violent criminals. US white-collar crime policy too soft. Recidivism is higher because the punishment for white collar crime is ineffective. Writing a research paper on any topic is a daunting task and it becomes more so when you have to create your own topic from the subject matter provided by your teacher as well as set the creative direction of the paper. It identifies and proffers solutions to the problems associated with legal systems, jurisdictions, complexity of law and standard of proof, it recommends the use of civil enforcement by victim, regulatory actions, disruption of financial crime through internal control and compliance mechanisms with emphasis on recovery of proceeds of crime either through conviction based confiscation or civil forfeiture.
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