uwo thesis submission guidelines

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Uwo thesis submission guidelines jack kent cooke dissertation fellowship

Uwo thesis submission guidelines


Desmitificando un nombre. Surgical Residency workload, perceptions and educational value: implications for competency- based medical education , Eric Walser. Study on graphene-based nanocomposites with special magnetoresistance properties , Songlin Yang. Yotis DY. Post-activation potentiation induced by concentric contractions at three speeds in humans , Alexander Zero.

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The effect of pacing strategy on m rowing ergometer performance in well-trained male and female rowers , Ryan A. The experiences of Family Medicine teachers and Family Medicine residents in multimorbidity care and education , Julie A. The enactment of patient education for complex inpatients over the course of a stay in an interprofessional internal medicine inpatient unit , Talia Di Marco.

The development of bacterial magnetic resonance imaging for microbiota analyses , Sarah C. Reconstructing carbon dynamics of alpine and temperate zone lakes using stable isotopic analysis , Rebecca M. Reactive oxygen species damage and consequences for mitochondrial function in the hibernating thirteen-lined ground squirrel, Ictidomys tridecemlineatus , Brynne Duffy. Material evaluation and structural monitoring of early-age masonry structures , Kyle Dunphy.

What Do Students Say about Writing? T Empey. Effect of moving boundary on fluid flow , Kh Md Faisal. Advanced Search. Skip to main content. Other benefits include: publicity for research - authors of electronic theses become more widely known and their reputations are enhanced easy worldwide access to your theses for colleagues and collaborators easy worldwide access to theses for job and grant applications a raised profile for research institutions reduced costs at the point of graduation since there is no need to have multiple copies printed.

Before electronic submission, this was the only way to obtain copies of theses apart from borrowing them from university libraries or contacting authors directly. You retain copyright to your thesis and may make it available on a personal website and pursue other sources of publication as well. Your graduate unit may require one or more bound paper copies of your thesis. Please consult your department administrator about departmental requirements such as the colour of the cover, and single- or double-sided printing, Apart from these considerations, the general guidelines for thesis production should be followed.

If you require a binding service, this is available through Western Graphic Services. This is only an option; you may use any binding service that you prefer. Publication of your thesis by the university is a requirement of your degree, but sometimes it is necessary to delay publication.

Typical reasons for embargo include:. Please discuss restriction with your supervisor and the chair of your graduate unit if you think it may be appropriate.

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Protein phosphorylation is the addition of phosphate groups at specific sites in the protein to help its proper folding. There is evidence that there are changes in protein phosphorylation in ALS patients. Intrinsically disordered regions are parts in some proteins that do not have a specific shape due to their high flexibility. This flexibility helps the protein perform its function and bind to many other proteins. The downside to this flexibility is that it renders the protein prone to misfolding.

Scientists have found that many of proteins misfolding in ALS have intrinsically disordered regions. In this thesis we explore the misfolding of Matrin3, a nuclear protein that becomes abnormally altered in ALS individuals. Matrin3 has many phosphorylation sites and two large intrinsically disordered regions, so we decided to study how these factors contribute to Matrin3 misfolding in ALS.

We began our studies in a yeast model, which allows us to isolate Matrin3 and test its toxicity and localization. Interestingly, we discovered that protein phosphorylation and one the intrinsically disordered regions plays a major role in Matrin3 toxicity. Thus, we speculate that altered protein phosphorylation and intrinsically disordered regions drive Matrin3 misfolding in ALS patients leading to motor neuron dysfunction. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository.

Advanced Search. Skip to main content. Thesis Format Monograph. Abstract Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALS is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by degeneration of upper and lower motor neurons in the brain and the spinal cord, respectively. We have also developed an ODE model and have carried out gene-level simulations to get more insight into the genetic repertoire of prophages.

The results of our ODE model and gene-level simulations are in agreement with prophage repertoire data. Bacteriophages are viral predators of bacteria. Upon infecting bacteria, bacteriophages either kill the host bacteria or enter a long-term genetic association with the bacterial host. The ability of bacteriophages to kill bacterial cells is used as a therapeutic strategy to cure bacterial infections, called phage therapy.

If the bacteriophage enters a long-term association with the host, the viral genome integrated into the host bacterial genome is called a prophage. In this investigation, using mathematical modeling approaches, we study the synergistic effects of phage therapy and antibiotics on bacterial biofilm colonies, the evolution of prophages and the genetic composition of prophages.

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