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Caroline handley thesis pros and cons of human cloning essays

Caroline handley thesis


Items in the St Andrews Research Repository are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Numerical modelling of two HMX-based plastic-bonded explosives at the mesoscale. Author Handley, Caroline A. Supervisor Hood, Alan W. Funder AWE. Keywords Mesoscale. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract Mesoscale models are needed to predict the effect of changes to the microstructure of plastic-bonded explosives on their shock initiation and detonation behaviour.

In common with previous work in the literature, the model is implemented in hydrocodes that have been designed for shock physics and detonation modelling. Finite element code development for modeling detonation of HMX composites. Hot-spot contributions in shocked high explosives from mesoscale ignition models. A two-temperature model for shocked porous explosive. View 2 excerpts, cites background.

Modeling the extreme mechanics of detonation using a Taylor Galerkin Scheme. View 2 excerpts, cites background and methods. View 1 excerpt, cites background. Simulations of Deformation Processes in Energetic Materials. View 1 excerpt, references methods. Constituent properties of HMX needed for mesoscale simulations. View 1 excerpt, references background. Grain-scale Dynamics in Explosives. Highly Influential. View 8 excerpts, references results and background.

Modeling thermal ignition and the initial conditions for internal burning in PBX View 2 excerpts, references methods. Thermal decomposition models for HMX-based plastic bonded explosives. View 13 excerpts, references methods and background. View 2 excerpts, references background. Mathematical and numerical modelling of shock initiation in heterogeneous solid explosives. View 3 excerpts, references results and background.

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This article is a reflection on the importance of contemplation for us activists and was presented especially for this special edition of the Journal of Spiritual Transformation and Soul Care. Doi: Leader Development and Orality: more.

What does it take to train leaders when they cannot read and write? How do we come alongside the vastly growing Church of the How do we come alongside the vastly growing Church of the world and empower them in the very thing they are most hungry for these days? Over the past eight years I have been researching various aspects of leadership to gain a deeper understanding of how to lead mission movements within the globalized ecosystem in which we now live.

This article presents a new theory on This article presents a new theory on polycentric leadership to help missional leaders effectively traverse this modern landscape. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced or copied in any form without written permission from Missio Nexus. Website: www. Thesis Chapters. Polycentric Mission Leadership more. The world seems to be facing rapidly increasing cycles of disruption, challenges, and disorder.

In the face of these challenges, mission leadership is stretched to adapt, trying to catch up with the pace of change and provide wisdom and In the face of these challenges, mission leadership is stretched to adapt, trying to catch up with the pace of change and provide wisdom and action that helps navigate these challenges to further the mission God has bestowed on his Church. This research project focuses on the ways leadership is changing in the face of these challenges, suggesting a new theoretical model for mission leadership.

It reviews the idea of polycentrism through mission history, mission and church organizations, movement theory, and governance, identifying themes for polycentric mission leadership. This dissertation isolates six key themes in pursuit of a new theory of leadership. These themes, which were gleaned after reading diverse literature reviews on polycentrism, are charisma, collaborative, communal, relational, freedom, and diverse.

They are measured against other global leadership approaches, most notably the GLOBE study which discovered several similar traits for CEOs engaged in global business. Several emerging models of polycentric mission leadership are also reviewed as part of the analysis of this emerging theoretical model. The Northouse methodology is employed for reviewing this model because of its strength as an analysis tool.

Conducting qualitative interviews within the Lausanne Movement among 33 network leaders engaged in global ministry added further validity to the project. The findings from this qualitative interview are juxtaposed to the new theoretical model to confirm the relevance of these themes. Suggestions are also offered for mission leaders and the Lausanne Movement in relation to this potential model.

The central argument discovered in the thesis is that polycentric mission leadership is an emerging theoretical model that deserves further research and one which may lead to the development of a new theory of leadership. Mentor: Douglas McConnell words. Book Reviews.

Book Review: If Christian mission in Asia and most of the non-Western world is ever to advance, it must seriously consider the importance of family networks. Family and Faith in Asia: The Missional Impact of Extended Networks, attempts to issue a wake-up call to serious reflection on a highly ignored social reality in Buddhist and many other social contexts. The book is a resource useful for anyone wishing to study practical approaches to issues related to family and faith in Asia, particularly in Buddhist contexts for mission.

Crisis in Japan more. Joe Handley, president of Asian Access gives an update on the crisis in Japan in Leadership , Disaster Management , and Japan. Communication for Polycentric Mission Leadership more. As Polycentric Leadership continues to develop, this article presented at the Evangelical Missiological Society SE Conference shares communication traits imperative to the emerging model. Publication Date: Publication Name: Transformations. Remember me on this computer.

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