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Do my mathematics biography

I watched accomplished mathematicians initially not know how to start. I saw them making mistakes. They had intense but friendly discussions about whether something was the right approach. I saw the true habits of mathematicians in action. I also discovered the important role that communication plays in mathematics, and that I could put my love of the English language to good use.

I found it difficult in my PhD to accept that I was not perfect and that I had to constantly draft and refine both my mathematical ideas and my writing, especially because I had never been taught these skills. But I was helped in being surrounded by more experienced mathematicians who modelled, if not explicitly articulated, that this was how mathematicians really work. I like to say that mathematicians are chronically lost and confused, and that is how it is supposed to be.

It would be ridiculous for mathematicians to spend their days solving problems that they already know how to solve. So, being uncertain about whether something will work, or uncertain about what to do next, is a natural way for mathematicians to be. I started teaching mathematics during my PhD. At first I taught exactly as I had been taught, with procedures and algorithms. I learned so much more about maths when I started to explain it to others.

The way I taught expanded to include visual ways to think about maths, a variety of representations and approaches, and other flexible ways of thinking. Around five years ago I decided that I could help break the cycle of traditional procedural-based teaching by supporting students, particularly preservice teachers, in experiencing maths in the ways that I and other professional mathematicians do.

So, I designed a course that gives students these problem-solving experiences alongside learning skills for thinking and working mathematically. I hold these word clouds from Tracy Zager in my head as a reminder and a motivation of what I am trying to accomplish. You can read more about how I found them here. You are an inspiration Amie — I love that you have shared your journey. It gives me confidence to continue to pursue your approach to teaching mathematics in my role as a mathematics teacher to young people.

Like Like. Thanks Vanessa. Wish me luck! But I hope we are making an impact. Thanks for this Amie. My journey in maths has similarities to yours. Unlike you it was not events within the research community that lead me to a transformative experience, rather it was conversations with a mathematics educator that brought things together.

I was capable at what I was asked to do at school. And I certainly remember speed and accuracy being rewarded there. University was more of the same and looking back I learnt how to do well, without any deep understanding. I did get frustrated at the assessment and got a sense that exams were a speed contest, not an opportunity to show deep understanding. I finished my PhD in three years and three weeks and the following day took up my lecturing job in north QLD.

This was I had moved to a department in decline and there was no broad culture of research or doing of mathematics. The most authentic doers of mathematics were actually the physicists on the floor below, but it took me a while to work this out. It was very much a place where we did direct teaching in the way I had experienced as a student.

By I was in a multi-disciplinary school and my responsibilities extended outside of mathematics into physics and assisting with off-shore delivery of IT. Somehow my efforts in teaching were recognised and I got approached to take a leadership role in the science faculty.

It was a role where I had no power. This did give me an opportunity to reflect — not on mathematics, but on what we were doing in our BSc — and I decided to focus on numeracy, because I knew this was an issue frequently discussed by the cohort of academics.

I got to mix with other learning and teaching people across Australia and be involved in some great projects. In I decided I needed some help from somebody with a knowledge of education, because I wanted to formalise some of the work I had been doing. I ended up meeting the mathematics educator, Jo Balatti. I did not ask for her. This was the person the Head of Education got me to meet. It did not take long before Jo started telling me about her struggles with the maths pedagogy subject.

She very quickly got me to realise that I as a mathematician had a responsibility to focus on the cohort of preservice maths teachers. There was a lot of distrust between education and the sciences and maths within the university, so there was not a history of cooperation.

But Jo pointed out to me that her students were doing at least four subjects of maths in my discipline before she begins to teach them maths pedagogy in education — and that her experience was these students were very weak when it came to explaining mathematics concepts and procedures. My interactions with Jo lead to a lot of reflection by me about mathematics and the way it needs to be taught. This is not to say that I had not contemplated this before. Despite my own lack of profile in research mathematics I knew enough from the conference circuit that mathematics is a very powerful bunch of knowledge and pursuits in mathematics are not procedural in nature.

And I agree with the message in the word clouds of Tracy Zager — that there is so much to the body of knowledge we call mathematics that we ought to get across. This includes the messiness of problem solving and the absolute thrill of the light-bulb moments where connections are made and the beauty of the structures within mathematics are revealed.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. I remember my final exams were there and I was so much confused with a sum from algebra. But I was not able to find out that how it comes like that.

So my sister helped me who is a teacher of mathematics. She solved that sum in a creative way that I can understand it. At that time she motivated me that mathematics is not a fear. Everybody can learn it if we create interest in maths in yourself. After solving other problems related to that sum, I feel confident about maths and I started liking mathematics.

I started practising my maths problems and solving it with my friends during a free period and it helped me a lot. And I got good grades in the 8 th and 9 th standard. During grade 10th, I started loving mathematics. It was a turning point in my perception of maths. My mathematics teacher miss Neena has beautiful thoughts about mathematics like her beauty.

She always motivated us to solve mathematics problems. She always told us to try and always try because the practice can make mathematics easy. She always solved sums in a creative way that makes mathematics interesting for me. I was not good at trigonometry and she makes me perfect in trigonometry. I always struggle with sums related to circles and theorems but she helped me a lot in solving problems. In grade 10 th , I got a distinction in my school.

Mathematics is used in engineering, teaching, making things such as buildings and houses and even in playing games. My most memorable math moment was on my result of 11 th grade when I got merit in mathematics on the state level.

I remember I got the 12 th rank in a math competition. I made my parents feel proud of me. I remember my parents, teachers and classmates felt so happy for me. I became famous in my school. This competition boosts confidence in me to have participation in other competitions. In my grade 12 th, I was very good at maths and I love solving sums and helping others to solve problems. I became the monitor of my class. But during my exams, my father fell seriously ill and admitted to hospital. I was busy with my father and I could not practice my maths sums, So I got a B in my maths paper.

At that time I was not eligible to take admission in engineering. So I had to move to commerce. At that time I feel so bad because my dream was to become an engineer. But when I get to know that in commerce we have subject statistics in our curriculum, I was so excited. In my masters of commerce, I got a distinction in statistics.

I got an opportunity to teach in a college. I was lucky because I got statistics to teach students in college. I started teaching statistics as my teacher ms Neena taught us. I always tell them the easy methods to solve problems and always listen to their views and problems related to the subject. Our dean was so surprised when they saw the university result of my class.

Every student in my class got good marks in stats. My main target was to make statistics as easiest as possible to them. I believe a good teaching of mathematics should be student-oriented. In the student-oriented classroom, students and instructors share the ideas and information about course content. Students and teachers have discussions equally in a student-centred classroom. Students always work on those contents in which they are interested in. For example, students became interested in learning activities when they can have conversations with each another and participate actively.

Peer discussions in a classroom help students to acquire knowledge through the ideas and the feedback of other students. Being a teacher, my focus is on the relationship that I built with my students. I enjoyed having conversations with them on important subjects and issues. I want my class as a community, where we can share our ideas and beliefs with each other. After my marriage, I got a chance to teach 5 th grade in a school.

It was the totally different experience of teaching from college students to kids. I remember on my first day, Nobody was understanding what I am teaching them. I saw their blank faces and also they were afraid of me to ask questions. Then I realised that I have to change my teaching style as their comfortableness.

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He used a very traditional drill and practice model when he taught, which I enjoyed because I excelled in the setup of this class. I enjoyed the class because I caught on quickly and did very well on assignments and tests. His role was very important to him while he taught our class. He was in charge and he made sure that everyone knew it. We relied on him to teach us what to do, and to give us the opportunity to practice these skills.

I was therefore led to believe that this is what math was, simply memorizing formulas, doing questions, and getting a right or wrong answer. I experienced very common assessment techniques in my math classes. Tests, exams, homework, homework checks, and random assignments from the text were the norm and I never got experience any other kind.

To be completely honest I have lost some of the passion for mathematics that I used to have. I was never one to really love math, but I believed it was important and I did well in the class so I chose to pursue it. The way that I have been taught and treated by professors throughout university have made me almost cringe at the thought of taking more math classes.

For the majority of the time I feel like the professors are not as approachable as they should be and that they should try to incorporate more teaching styles into their classes. Lecturing is the only strategy that I have experienced, and when I do not catch on to the material through this teaching, it is very difficult to do well in the class.

I hope that getting back into the classroom as a teacher and being able to try different strategies will help re-ignite my passion to teach this subject. I want to inspire my students to want to do well in math and to show them how math can help them in so many different areas of their lives.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. KendraDayle's Blog. My Math Autobiography Early Experiences One of the earliest memories about math that I have are the counting blocks we used in Kindergarten.

Memorable Teacher I had only one math teacher throughout my high school years. Assessment I experienced very common assessment techniques in my math classes. Feelings Now To be completely honest I have lost some of the passion for mathematics that I used to have. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Some of those events are going to be pretty boring, so you'll need to try to make your account as interesting as possible! Every student will write a biography at some point, but the level of detail and sophistication will differ.

A fourth grade biography will be much different from a middle school-level biography or a high school or college-level biography. However, each biography will include the basic details. The first information you should gather in your research will include biographical details and facts. You must use a trustworthy resource to ensure that your information is accurate. Using research note cards , collect the following data, carefully recording the source for each piece of information:. While this information is necessary to your project, these dry facts, on their own, don't really make a very good biography.

Once you've found these basics, you'll want to dig a little deeper. You choose a certain person because you think he or she is interesting, so you certainly don't want to burden your paper with an inventory of boring facts. Your goal is to impress your reader! Start off with great first sentence.

It's a good idea to begin with a really interesting statement, a little-known fact, or really intriguing event. You should avoid starting out with a standard but boring line like:. Instead, try starting with something like this:. You'll have to make sure your beginning is motivating, but it should also be relevant. The next sentence or two should lead into your thesis statement , or main message of your biography. Now that you've created an impressive beginning , you'll want to continue the flow.

Find more intriguing details about the man and his work, and weave them into the composition. You can find interesting facts by consulting diverse sources. Fill the body of your biography with material that gives insight into your subject's personality. For instance, in a biography about Meriwether Lewis, you would ask what traits or events motivated him to embark on such a monumental exercise.

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Most of my school maths memories involve doing exercise after exercise from the textbook, but that was fine by me because I could put a. paper, but your previous experiences with math and math classes. You need not write a complete essay, though that'd be nice, but please do write in. I start every semester with a mathematical autobiography. me widen my horizons and see that I do have the ability to succeed in math.