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Writing help mcmaster

Congratulations on your acceptance to McMaster University! Let me introduce myself — my name is Sam, my pronouns Asking for help early is key to success in university. Regardless of learning ability, all students should take advantage of In university, successful students plan for success.

They find support early, manage their time using schedules and tools, study actively, This written piece was a winning submission first place for the Academic Skills Writing Contest. The theme was "comfort. Home Academic Skills Overview. Our model Academic skills programs are here to support your development in key areas, such as reading, writing and studying.

Writing advisors use student-centred pedagogy for both graduate and undergraduate students. We apply instructional tasks, Socratic questioning and concept teaching to help you with your writing The Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network provides students with course-specific content support from freelance student tutors who have achieved an A- or higher in the courses they support.

Workshops involve small group learning. Practical tools are provided to build academic skills, such as critical reading, note-taking, writing and more. Online Learning Support Get started. One-on-One Coaching Get started. Skills Development Get started. Writing Support Get started. Peer Tutoring Get started.

Events Get started. Are you going into your first year? But then I ended up switching into Commerce. At the beginning, I thought I'd wasted a year. But really, having that year of nursing on my resume, all of the employers and businesses look at [my resume] and they say — "She knows how to talk to people. She knows how to be compassionate and empathetic and understand the customer's needs. I think the one [skill] that I've been forced to use and, as a result, develop is career management.

I think it's so important during these times to identify one's goal. Welcome to the Student Success Centre We're glad you're here. Discover how we can support your success. McMaster email migration is in progress Learn about email migration. July 20—27, Welcome to McMaster! Mac offers something for all incoming first-year undergraduate students. Get introduced to university life.

Get ready to thrive at university with Academic Skills Prep Series July 12—29, Incoming first-year students: Discover and develop the skills you need to succeed at university with Academic Skills Prep Series. Explore Options Get started. Set Goals Get started. Develop Skills Get started. Get Experience Get started. Make Connections We may be apart right now, but we are still one McMaster community.

Make Connections Get started. We hope you're proud of all that you accomplished this year. We sure are! From Gina Robinson, director of the SSC, "It's been a challenging journey at times, so take pride in your hard work, perseverance and commitment in getting here. Message to students. Being an online learner Hey, Marauders! Mastering time management Hi, Marauders! Being a university learner Hi, Marauders! Allan and Jayco discuss collaboration and career management I think the one [skill] that I've been forced to use and, as a result, develop is career management.

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Maintain focus as a community! Virtual write-ins are a popular way to connect and concentrate while beating feelings of isolation. A series of resources, tip sheets, and experiences related to organization, technical aspects, and staying well.

Overview International Students. Writing Whether you are at the beginning of your graduate journey, nearing the end, or somewhere in between, we have a variety of online resources to help you with the writing process! Graduate Writing Resources. Writing support at the Writing Centre Update: Currently, appointments are available online.

Contact skills mcmaster. Writing support at the Writing Centre: Go to Oscarplus. Check back for details about upcoming bootcamps. The Writing Centre can help you take your writing skills to the next level so you can communicate your ideas with confidence. Taking the time to work on your writing will help you improve not only your grades but also your everyday communication skills. At The Writing Centre, our certified writing advisors are ready to address all your concerns.

Improve your grades and academic skills through our one-on-one writing advising services. Our certified writing advisors are trained graduate and upper-year undergraduate students who can help you gain confidence in your writing and identify areas where you can improve.

Whether you need help organizing your thoughts into an outline or polishing your completed draft, check in with the Writing Centre to get help at any stage of the writing process. Writing advising appointments are 50 minutes long, and you can book up to 10 appointments each term.

At this time, all appointments will take place online using Zoom. Appointments are available each term. However, The Writing Centre closes during reading weeks and the winter break. If you need help with skills development, our academic skills team offers workshops to help you improve specific skills, including:. Note: You must attend the entire workshop to get an entry.

By meeting with a writing advisor, you get to chat about your assignments and writing goals so that your advisor can give you personalized support. You can book up to 10 appointments each semester. Book an appointment. Our writing advisors are trained to address your writing concerns and help you develop skills that will apply in any Faculty.

If you need help with specific course content or concepts, you have access to affordable tutoring through the Undergrad Peer Tutoring Network. Learn about peer tutoring. Of course! Even the most skilled writers benefit from taking the time to think about their writing habits and learn new strategies.

Meet with a writing advisor to identify areas where you can improve. Are you ready to put your creative writing skills to the test? We offer a writing contest every winter term, with a new theme and writing prompt each year.

Show us your expressive side in 2— words and you could win! The writing contest is open to all McMaster undergraduate students. The submission period opens in January and closes in February. Hey, Marauders! Welcome to the next blog post. Many of us have experienced the benefits of online learning, but this learning style also comes with its challenges. Home Academic Skills Writing Support. This page will help you: Express ideas effectively Get constructive feedback Reflect on your skills.

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