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Eat homework proposal for writing research paper

Eat homework


Hi there Tanner, thanks for sharing your story with us! We are glad your friend was able to turn in another copy of his homework-- his dogs must have been very hungry! Thanks for sharing your personal connection to this Wonder, Noel! We think teachers might hear "the dog ate my homework" a lot! We don't think that's a very healthy habit for your dog OR your grades, Eipco! Thank you for sharing your comment with us today That's a really great guess, Janelle!

Thanks so much for hanging out in Wonderopolis with us today! We thought it was cute to see the little puppy try to play tug of war and tear up the girl's homework. We hope she didn't have to do her homework again because her dog tried to eat it! We're not sure, Mackenzie! We think maybe they see it as something their owners were playing with or working on , so maybe they think it's a toy and they want to play with it, too?

Hi, Emily! Thanks for letting us know you like cheese. Those are really creative excuses, Team McNeil 22! We hope none of our smart, amazing, clever Wonder Friends ever have to use any of them, though! We hope everyone's homework gets done and handed in on time! Thanks so much for sharing your comment with everyone in Wonderopolis today! We think there are toxins that dogs react to inside grapes.

Since raisins are dried grapes, it makes sense that they would be harmful to dogs, also. Good luck trying to change the habit of feeding your dog table scraps! We know from experience that it is a tough habit to break! Way to go! Dogs who ingest avocados can become very, very sick because of the toxin, "persin," that is found in the avocados. We hope her teacher believes her, too, Team McNeil 22!

That dog was so cute Thanks for visiting Wonderopolis today and sharing about your dog, Star! We'd say it might be a good idea to keep him or her away from your homework! Well one time a person at my Spanish class said her dog ate her homework and the teacher asked for proof. The next day the student brought a bag of paper shreads. We're glad to see you are exploring different Wonders in Wonderopolis today, Team Wilch 5!

We bet your teachers will appreciate you NOT using the "my dog ate my homework" excuse! Happy Monday, Annie! That sounds like a really good idea, Andrew! We're not sure how paper would digest inside a dog or even a human! We're sorry your dog ate your homework before Hi, CR1 Eric! You have to put the colon symbol ":" right beside the end parenthesis symbol " " to make a smiley face. Thanks for sharing about Pugsly, Jessie! Thanks for sharing your comment with everyone in Wonderopolis today!

We appreciate your comment! Hello, Michael! It's so great to hear from you today! Thank you for visiting Wonderopolis! Thanks for sharing a story about what happened to your homework, Clayton! We hope your teacher still accepted it when you tried to turn it in! Hi, Audrey! We don't think it would be a good idea to teach your dog to eat your homework We like that creative excuse, Hannah! Thanks for making us smile today Hello, Kimberly!

We hope your dog doesn't eat your homework tonight, either! That's a clever excuse, Jordan! We hope your neighbor's cat doesn't really do that to your homework! We have all seen the proof in the video for this Wonder! Wasn't that puppy super cute? Thanks for letting us know you liked today's Wonder and the video for it, too, Chloe! We know from experience how badly hitting your "funny bone" can hurt Happy Wednesday, Miriam, Ruthie and Jami!

To make the smiley face, you type a colon and an ending parenthesis. Just type the number eight and an ending parenthesis. Let us know if your teacher believed you about your dog eating your homework! We hope you remember to bring all your homework home and back to school next time! We're really happy to hear that, Eric! Thanks so much for visiting Wonderopolis at home, too! We think the dog in the video ate the girl's homework because of two reasons, Blake!

The first reason is that it is a puppy, and puppies LOVE to chew things The second reason is maybe the puppy thought the homework was just another toy to play with! We're glad you liked it and that you learned something new! We think your mom is awesome for bringing you your homework when you forgot it on a Friday! We're super sorry your dog had kidney problems, Maya. We're proud of you for learning something from this Wonder that might help you and your parents determine what could have caused your dog's health issues.

Thanks so much for visiting Wonderopolis today! We think your dogs sound like awesome pets, Maya! Thank you for sharing a little about them with us today! The blocks protect students from accidentally seeing unsafe things by making sure the videos don't show up on school computers. Thank you for visiting Wonderopolis today! We appreciate you, Wonder Friend!

That's a LOT of happy, Missy! Thanks so much for making us smile even MORE today! We hope that too, Avery! We know our Wonder Friends like you work really hard on their homework, so we hope it all makes it back to school and gets checked off as completed! Thank you for sharing your comment today! No, we don't have a dog that ate our homework, but as you can see by reading the comments on today's Wonder, a few of our other Wonder Friends do! Hi there, Justin and Drew! Thanks for leaving us this comment today!

We think dogs eat homework and other things they shouldn't eat because they think it's something fun to play with. They might also think it's fun when their owners chase them around saying, "Please give me that back! That's my homework! WOW, Tommy! That's a LOT of homework eating! Thank you for sharing about your dog today It sounds like Coco is very adventurous, Jeron!

We bet she is very lovable, though, and we bet she loves you a whole bunch! Hello, Alexia! We think it was funny that Simon thought his dog wanted to learn multiplication! Thanks for making us smile this afternoon! Thanks for letting us know what you liked best about the video for today's Wonder, Carly! Also, thanks for sharing your story about your sister and your homework! It sounds like homework is tough to keep a hold of in your house, Lucas! We appreciate you sharing your comment with us today Thanks for hanging out in Wonderopolis today and for sharing your personal connection to this Wonder, Mason!

We think you ROCK! It's interesting to learn that, isn't it, Charlie? We thought it was also interesting to learn all the things that can make dogs super sick if they eat them. That's a clever one, Ingrid! We sure hope that doesn't really happen, but we're glad you shared your creativity with us today We hope your dog doesn't try to eat your homework again! We bet there are a LOT of dogs out there that think homework is more fun to play with than a squeaky toy or a ball, Josh!

That must be super frustrating! We think some dogs might eat homework because they think the paper the homework is written on is just another toy to play with, Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing your view on dogs eating homework! Hi, Johnathan! We think you should give your dogs an extra hug and play with them for a little longer than normal today because they leave your homework alone, Caroline!

They sound like pretty awesome pets to us! Hello, Hannah! We're not sure about the first time that excuse was used, but we think it was creative, and we hope the person who first said it was really telling the TRUTH! We sure do like those excuses your class came up with, Mr. They are really, really creative! Thank you for sharing them with us today! We like that guess a LOT, Zoey!

Thanks for letting us know what you think tomorrow's Wonder will be about! Thank you for sharing them with your friends in Wonderopolis today! Thanks for taking a guess about tomorrow's Wonder, too! Thanks for sharing your personal connection to today's Wonder, Autumn! We're glad you were able to prove that your puppy ate your homework! You will always have a funny story to tell about that!

Thanks for letting us know you thought this Wonder was awesome, Wonder Friend! Hello, Darian! That's a really good guess! We think all of our Wonder Friends like you! Happy Monday, Hannah! Thank you for letting us know you thought today's Wonder was interesting! Thanks for making us laugh today, Cassidy! Hi there, Jesse! Thanks for letting us know you liked the video for today's Wonder!

We search high and low for the best videos to accompany each day's Wonder, and we're sure glad you thought we did a good job with today's! We think your guess about tomorrow's Wonder is a really good one I think this article was very interesting and it had a lot of humor in it. I wonder if cats have a strange behavior like this as well. Great question, Daniel! We think cats are more likely to lay on your homework than eat it, but some may.

We're glad you explored today's Wonder together and learned some new facts! This is really funny. I used all of those and I used my friend fell of into the the lake and my homework drowned. It is true. A dog can eat your homework. Just be sure to follow the tips in the Wonder to keep them from doing it.

We're so excited to visit Wonderopolis tomorrow to see if you are correct We are undergoing some spring clearing site maintenance and need to temporarily disable the commenting feature. Thanks for your patience. Drag a word to its definition.

You have answered 0 of 3 questions correctly and your score is:. Want to add a little wonder to your website? Help spread the wonder of families learning together. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. Do dogs really eat homework? Why do dogs eat paper? What foods can be dangerous to dogs? Here are some foods that can be particularly dangerous to dogs: Avocado : Skip the guacamole!

Avocados contain persin, which can be toxic to dogs in large amounts. Caffeine : In large quantities, caffeine can be fatal for dogs. So stick to water and skip the coffee, tea, and sodas for your dog. Also avoid chocolate , which contains caffeine and another substance toxic to dogs: theobromine.

Onions and Garlic : Dogs who eat onions or garlic regularly or in large quantities can develop a condition called anemia, which results from the destruction of red blood cells. Grapes and Raisins : Veterinarians don't really know why, but it's clear that grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. Macadamia Nuts : As few as six macadamia nuts can make a dog ill.

Larger doses can be fatal. Wonder What's Next? Are unicorns real? Do they live in the sea? Find out tomorrow in Wonderopolis! Try It Out Are you ready for some homework? Grab a friend or family member and try out the following activities: Do you or a friend or family member have a dog?

What kind of trouble do dogs tend to get into? Has one ever eaten homework? What about chewing up toys? Talk about the funny stories you've heard of dogs getting into trouble. Do you think any of these stories might have been caused by dogs feeling bored? Have you ever forgotten to do your homework?

If you do, you probably don't want to blame your forgetfulness on your dog. It's best to fess up to your forgetfulness and ask for extra time to complete your homework…and maybe an extra credit assignment to make up for it being late. Inevitably, though, some students will choose to get creative and invent wild excuses as to why they weren't able to complete their homework. What do you think? If you were a teacher, would you believe any of the following excuses? I thought that's where HOMEwork was supposed to stay!

I jumped in to rescue him, and my homework drowned! If you don't want your dog to eat your homework, it's best to keep Fido well-fed. What do dogs usually eat, though? Do some research to learn more about dog food. Find a bag of dry dog food and read the list of ingredients. Which ingredients do you recognize? What are the others? Search the Internet to discover what some of those oddly-named ingredients actually are.

If you have a dog, put what you learned into practice by making your pooch a special treat of homemade dog food! Did you get it? Test your knowledge. What are you wondering? Wonder Words policy excuse honesty avoid curiosity distraction nightmare extension appetite boredom guacamole indiscriminate avocado caffeine veterinarian macadamia study oldest Take the Wonder Word Challenge. Join the Discussion. Ryan Dec 13, Oct 16, We hope you've come up with a solution to prevent that from happening!

ChAsE Feb 18, Natalia Aug 30, Hailey Sep 17, Sep 18, Sep 3, That's super cool, Natalia! Nikki Apr 9, Apr 9, ReyRey Apr 8, Apr 5, James Apr 2, Or your dogs can do your homework for you. Savannah Feb 11, This is an awesome article thanks I am glad my dog has never done that to me before. Feb 11, Jan 24, Thanks for being our Wonder Friend, duncan! Caitlyn Dec 3, Dec 10, It would be very sad if that happened! Do you have any pet dogs, Caitlyn?

Lucas B Feb 28, I like how you did a video of a dog eating homework and put in pictures of dogs eating homework. Why do dogs want to eat homework. Like you said in the article dogs will eat anything your not wrong because my dog will eat anything. Mar 5, Thanks for sharing, Lucas B!

We hope that your dog hasn't eaten your homework!! Feb 22, Camden Riley Justice Feb 13, Feb 14, Feb 7, Feb 13, Thanks for joining the conversation, camden!! Jan 25, Zehra Jan 2, Why is it usually dogs that eat things they're not supposed to? Jan 2, Great question, Zehra! Dogs can eat things they're not supposed to when they're bored! I love this site because you can learn a lot on it I just love it soooo much.

Your doing good keep going!!! Dec 18, We love having you as our Wonder Friend!! Aiden Dec 15, Paige Dec 15, Are dogs that stupid that they have to eat anything in site. I never knew that dogs can eat homework aka I am being sarcastic. Dec 19, Wendy Dec 15, I never knew that dogs can eat homework that makes me feel really dumb aka I am being sarcastic.

Thanks for stopping by, Wendy! DabBoi Dec 15, Patricia Dec 14, Eloise Dec 13, I really like that you put in the foods that dogs CAN'T eat. It will be very helpful when my family gets a dog! Dec 15, Thanks for letting us know, Brady!!

Max Dec 12, No way I never knew that dogs are crazy and I am in 5th grade. Thanks for joining the discussion, Wendy! It sounds like you know this from experience, Max!! Do you have a dog? Mark Dec 11, I love my dog Kona she ate one of my library books and I wonder why? Dec 14, You're right, mya!!

Thanks for sharing!! I do too because some of my friend's dogs ate there homework. I like to chew paper from time to time. Apr 3, That's cool, James--but we recommend making sure it's clean paper! Dec 11, Dogs do sometimes eat paper, so it is a possibility! Did a dog ever eat your homework, bob?? Isabel the monster Dec 4, I love Dogs thay are my favorite animals.

I have TWO. I lured that dogs eat homework i never new. My dog eat a book before. I loved this aracol it was my favorte one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 6, Nov 12, Oct 11, Oct 4, One time my sister had a homework assinment and my dog ate her paper:.

Oct 9, Hopefully she was able to reprint the paper, or get an extension!! K Oct 4, I love learning and this was a really interesting story I loved it. We're thrilled that you're learning with us!! Taylor Sep 25, Sep 27, Emily Sep 12, I cant have a dog 'cuz my cousin Braylon is alergic to them and i want this cute dog named kringle.

Sep 14, Do any of your friends have dogs? Alysa May 9, I eat my homework so I don't have to do it. I love Wonderopolis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 10, Apr 6, Dogs are awesome but there a lot of work. Ha Ha I don't think that is the reason. Jan 9, Jan 5, Dec 5, I always eat my homework and blame my dog for it!!!! I'm with you Mercer! Heehee, that gave us a laugh, Boi! Isaac Dec 5, We are glad you finally found the answer, Isaac! Nov 30, Dec 7, You all are funny, Boi!

Homework seems like it'd be a bit on the bland side! We bet that doesn't taste too good, jordan! Nov 10, That's interesting, mercer! We hope you spit the paper out! Amaris Oct 31, Nov 1, This actually happened to one of my friends.

Wonder Friend Oct 18, Oct 21, That stinks, Wonder Friend! We hope it didn't impact your grade too much! Oct 17, Ava Sep 22, Sep 23, Shaelyn Sep 13, Shayna Oct 20, Oct 20, Hey there, Shayna! Thank you for asking, Shaelyn! We are doing well! How are you? We hope great!! Sep 16, Hello there, michhele!

We sure are glad you visited Wonderopolis! Aug 9, Ava Gelinas Apr 29, I always thought that it was an excuse to give to the teachers. I never new dogs could actually eat paper. May 2, Thalia Woof Sep 7, Me too I want a dog but I have a baby. Sep 8, Thanks for joining the discussion, Thalia!

May 18, Hi, maanya! We hope you get to have a dog one day, too! Mar 18, Thanks for being a supportive Wonder Friend! We appreciate you joining the discussion! Mar 8, Hi, nicole! Puppies are adorable! Feb 26, We do, too, amanda! Feb 23, Feb 25, Feb 21, Thanks for sharing your opinion, angel! Dec 16, Dec 8, Adsur Nov 23, Nov 24, Nicola Nov 23, Nov 23, But then how would you be graded on it, Nicola? Better stick with kibble!

Kasey Nov 9, Josie Nov 5, Nov 7, Hello, Josie! We hope you had fun exploring this Wonder. Thanks for stopping by Wonderopolis! Skeley Oct 29, I have a older dog she's 8 would she still try to eat my homework? Oct 30, Uni Corn Oct 23, I used to have a dog in Pennsylvania but she never ate my homework. Oct 24, Oh no, roxie! But, then you wouldn't have it to turn in after doing all that work! Alex Oczkus Oct 12, Oct 13, We hope you have an awesome day!

Sep 25, Dec 9, Darksaber Mar 4, Isn't chocolate poisonous to dogs? Because I didnt see chocolate in the list. Jun 12, Wonderopolis Mar 9, Jumpin' Jordan and Jo Oct 9, Dear Wonderopolis, We thought this was interesting. We thought this was interesting because we didn't know that dogs ate paper sometimes. Also, we didn't know that dogs couldn't have Avocado. Thanks for helping us learn more about dogs.

Wonderopolis Oct 10, Abigail S. I am wondering have you had a dog eat your homework? Have you seen a dog eat your homework or made your dog eat your homework? Wonderopolis Sep 25, My teacher always gives the class lots of homework so l really wish my dog would eat my homework so I don't have to do it. Wonderopolis Jun 10, Graham May 19, I only give my dogs my chicken wings that I don't eat and my brussel sprouts I actually eat them I will never give my dog corn too,let's just say a puddle is found where he sleeps in the morning if he eats corn.

Wonderopolis May 19, Wonderopolis May 14, We're glad you enjoyed it, Nicole! Morgan Mar 10, I never knew that was what dogs ate. Wonderopolis Mar 10, Cora Mar 10, Good thing my dad keeps the printer up high. And we don't have a dog!!!!!!!!! Wonderopolis Mar 8, I wish that I had a dog like that so I wouldn't have to do homework. Wonderopolis Dec 10, That would be nice, Bryce!

LaLonde's Class Jul 11, We thought the video was funny today. We learned that there are certain things you can't feed to dogs. We were surprised to learn that dogs really do eat paper. Wonderopolis Jul 11, Erin Apr 11, I love this website it is great to learn about all kinds of things. Wonderopolis Apr 12, N Feb 27, Wonderopolis Feb 27, Momo Feb 27, I am trying to do my homework that is about an excuse about a dog ate my homework and I hope I can find some ideas in this website!

Girls 4 ever Feb 26, Another good and hilarious excuse is I was afraid to make everyone else look bad. Patrick Feb 25, I think that the dog is very energetic and maybe he just likes to eat homework as dessert. Wonderopolis Feb 25, Brad Feb 11, Wonderopolis Feb 11, Thanks so much, Brad! We're glad to hear it! I like dogs. Beginning with an overview of the scientific method and a primer in lab sorry, kitchen safety, this light-hearted cookbook will inspire a hunger for knowledge!

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Begin with an introduction to kitchen safety, then dig in to the main course: a main text introducing math concepts and six kid-friendly recipes, many with fun food activities included! Explore patterns in nature while you chomp on Fibonacci Stack Sticks. Amaze your friends with delicious Variable Pizza Pi!

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