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The Memory Stick memory card or MS card is a removable digital data storage device. It offers a maximum storage of 32 GB SinceSony has gradually abandoned its card format. There are three main categories of Memory Stick:. There are several generations of Memory Stick:. We will write for you an essay on any given topic for 3 hours. Examples of non-volatile memory technology are Read Only Memory ROMflash memory, most types of magnetic computer storage devices such as hard disks, floppy disks and magnetic tape.

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Research papers computer science software engineering



It coordinates noteworthy math, software engineering and practices whose starting points are in designing. Review articles are the summary of current state of understanding on a particular research topic. They analyse or discuss research previously published by scientist and academicians rather than reporting novel research results.

Review article comes in the form of systematic reviews and literature reviews and are a form of secondary literature. Systematic reviews determine an objective list of criteria, and find all previously published original research papers that meet the criteria.

They then compare the results presented in these papers. Literature reviews, by contrast, provide a summary of what the authors believe are the best and most relevant prior publications. Among these techniques we can cite personas, scenar Content type: Case study. Published on: 23 May Efficient and effective communication active communication among stakeholders is thought to be central to agile development.

However, in geographically distributed agile development GDAD environments, it c Published on: 2 March This survey reviews published materials related to the specific area of Search-Based Software Engineering that concerns software maintenance and, in particular, refactoring. The survey aims to give a comprehen Authors: Michael Mohan and Des Greer. Published on: 7 February Content type: Editorial. Published on: 5 February Access control systems demand rigorous verification and validation approaches, otherwise, they can end up with security breaches.

Finite state machines based testing has been successfully applied to RBAC syste Authors: Carlos Diego N. Damasceno, Paulo C. Masiero and Adenilso Simao. Published on: 17 January Combinatorial Interaction Testing CIT approaches have drawn attention of the software testing community to generate sets of smaller, efficient, and effective test cases where they have been successful in det Authors: Juliana M.

Balera and Valdivino A. Published on: 28 December Building an effective team of developers is a complex task faced by both software companies and open source communities. Published on: 20 December Evaluation of design problems in object oriented systems, which we call code smells, is mostly a human-based task. Several studies have investigated the impact of code smells in practice. Studies focusing on h Published on: 28 November Code smells refer to any symptom in the source code of a program that possibly indicates a deeper problem, hindering software maintenance and evolution.

Detection of code smells is challenging for developers a Software projects often reach hundreds or thousands of files. Therefore, manually searching for code elements that should be changed to fix a failure is a difficult task. Static bug localization techniques pro Published on: 8 September Software development using distributed version control systems has become more frequent recently.

Such systems bring more flexibility, but also greater complexity to manage and monitor multiple existing reposi Published on: 21 July Several prediction models have been proposed in the literature using different techniques obtaining different results in different contexts.

The need for accurate effort predictions for projects is one of the Published on: 31 May Studies show that problems associated with the requirements specifications are widely recognized for affecting software quality and impacting effectiveness of its development process. The reuse of knowledge ob Published on: 30 May This work describes the design, development and evaluation of a software Prototype, named ArchReco, an educational tool that employs two types of Context-aware Recommendations of Design Patterns, to support us Authors: George A.

Sielis, Aimilia Tzanavari and George A. Published on: 26 April Non-trivial software systems are written using multiple programming languages, which are connected by cross-language links. The existence of such links may lead to various problems during software developmen Published on: 19 April The Academia-Industry partnership has been increasingly encouraged in the software development field.

The main focus of the initiatives is driven by the collaborative work where the scientific research work me Authors: Joelma Choma, Luciana A. Zaina and Tiago S. Published on: 15 December Among research opportunities in software engineering for cloud computing model, interoperability stands out. We found that the dynamic nature of cloud technologies and the battle for market domination make clo Published on: 7 December Software game is a kind of application that is used not only for entertainment, but also for serious purposes that can be applicable to different domains such as education, business, and health care.

This paper uses mutation testing for evaluating an automated static anal Maldonado and Auri M. Published on: 3 November The idea is to select products, associated to mutation operators that describe possible faults in the Featur Authors: Rui A. Matnei Filho and Silvia R. Published on: 26 July In Global Software Engineering GSE , the need for a common terminology and knowledge classification has been identified to facilitate the sharing and combination of knowledge by GSE researchers and practition Published on: 7 June Therefore, they need to dynamically adapt their behavior.

It is of paramount importan Published on: 17 May Extended Finite State Machines EFSMs provide a powerful model for the derivation of functional tests for software systems and protocols. Many EFSM based testing problems, such as mutation testing, fault diag Published on: 31 March Statecharts are diagrams comprised of visual elements that can improve the modeling of reactive system behaviors. They extend conventional state diagrams with the notions of hierarchy, concurrency and communic Authors: Marcelo A.

Ramos, Paulo C. Masiero, Rosangela A. Penteado and Rosana T. Published on: 28 July Several projects have been discontinued in the history of the software industry due to the presence of software architecture problems.

The identification of such problems in source code is often required in re Authors: Willian N. Oizumi, Alessandro F. Garcia, Thelma E. Colanzi, Manuele Ferreira and Arndt V. Feature modeling has been widely used in domain engineering for the development and configuration of software product lines.

A feature model represents the set of possible products or configurations to apply i Authors: L. Emiliano Sanchez, J. Published on: 23 June Writing patches to fix bugs or implement new features is an important software development task, as it contributes to raise the quality of a software system. Not all patches are accepted in the first attempt, Published on: 18 June Establishing representative samples for Software Engineering surveys is still considered a challenge.

Published on: 10 June The software testing phase, despite its importance, is usually compromised by the lack of planning and resources in industry. This can risk the quality of the derived products. The identification of mandatory Published on: 2 June A software system is self-adaptive when it is able to dynamically and autonomously respond to changes detected either in its internal components or in its deployment environment.

This response is expected to ensu Published on: 28 May Use case templates can be used to describe functional requirements of a Software Product Line. However, to the best of our knowledge, no efforts have been made to collect and summarize these existing templates Frameworks are used to enhance the quality of applications and the productivity of the development process, since applications may be designed and implemented by reusing framework classes.

However, frameworks

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These are generally regarded as a class of device that actively create, manipulate and read out quantum states of matter, often using the quantum effects of superposition and entanglement. An operating system is a software which performs all the basic tasks like file management, memory management, process management, handling input and output, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers Software-based methods for Operating system dependability free downloadGuaranteeing correct ontology Ontology is the philosophical study of being.

More broadly, it studies concepts that directly relate to being, in particular becoming, existence, reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations Results of the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative free downloadOntology matching consists of finding correspondences between semantically related entities of different ontologies.

The CYBER SECURITY cybersecurity or information technology security is the protection of computer systems and networks from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. In VANET Vehicular Adhoc Networks Vehicular ad-hoc networks are created by applying the principles of mobile ad hoc networks — the spontaneous creation of a wireless network of mobile devices — to the domain of vehicles.

Data science is related to data mining and big data. Rudimentary speech recognition software has a limited vocabulary of words and phrases, and it may only identify these if they are spoken very clearly. Computer databases typically contain aggregations of data records or files, containing information about sales transactions or interactions with specific customers.

Since humanity cannot be using fossil fuels forever, the research in the area of energy can be extremely fruitful. The following list of energy and power technology research paper topics can give you an idea of where to dig:. The way we get our food has changed drastically with the technological development. Manufacturers look for ways to feed 7. And the demand is growing every year. Now technology is not only used for packaging, but for producing and processing food as well.

Introducing robots into the process of manufacturing brings multiple benefits to the producer. Not only do they make it more cost-efficient, but they also reduce safety problems. Surprisingly enough, you can print food on the 3D printer now! NASA decided to use it for fun as well and printed a pizza! Drones now help farmers to keep an eye on crops from above. It helps them see the full picture and analyze the current state of the fields. For example, a drone can spot a starting disease and save the crop.

The newest eco trends push companies to become more environmentally aware. They use technologies to create safer packaging. The issue of food waste is also getting more and more relevant. Consumers want to know that nothing is wasted. Thanks to the new technologies, the excess food is now used more wisely. Why does the life expectancy of people get higher and higher every year?

One of the main aspects of it is the promotion of innovation in the medical area. For example, the development of equipment helps medical professionals to save many lives. Thanks to information technology, the work is much more structured now in the medical area. The hospitals use tablets and the method of electronic medical records.

It helps them to access and share the data more efficiently. If talking about medical devices, emerging technologies save more lives than ever! For instance, operations done by robots are getting more and more popular. Doctors are still in charge; they just control the robots from the other room. It allows operations to be less invasive and precise. Moreover, science not only helps treat diseases but also prevent them! The medical research aims for the development of vaccines against deadly illnesses like malaria.

Some of the projects even sound more like crazy ideas from the future. But it is all happening right now! Scientists are working on the creation of artificial organs and the best robotic prosthetics. If you feel like saving lives is the purpose of your life, then technological research topics in the medical area are for you! These topics would also suit for your research paper:.

In the past years, technologies have been drastically changing the pharmaceutical industry. Now, a lot of processes are optimized with the help of information technology. The ways of prescribing and distributing medications are much more efficient today. Moreover, the production of medicines itself has changed.

For instance, electronic prior authorization is now applied by more than half of the pharmacies. It makes the process of acquiring prior authorization much faster and easier. The high price of medicines is the number one reason why patients stop using prescriptions. Real-time pharmacy benefit may be the solution! It is a system that gives another perspective for the prescribers.

While working with individual patients, they will be able to consider multiple factors with the help of data provided. The pharmaceutical industry also adopts some new technologies to compete on the international level. They apply advanced data analytics to optimize their work. Companies try to reduce the cost and boost the effectiveness of the medicines.

That is why they look into technologies that help avoid failures in the final clinical trials. The constant research in the area of pharma is paying off. New specialty drugs and therapies arrive to treat chronic diseases. However, there are still enough opportunities for development. Following the latest trends in the pharmaceutical area, this list offers a wide range of creative research topics on pharmaceutical technologies:.

We used to be focused on making transportation more convenient. However, nowadays, the focus is slowly switching to ecological issues. That is why the development of electric and self-driving cars is on the peak. Transportation technologies also address the issues of safety and traffic jams. There are quite many solutions suggested. However, it would be hard for big cities to switch to the other systems fast. One of the solutions is using shared vehicle phone applications.

It allows reducing the number of private cars on the roads. On the other hand, if more people start preferring private vehicles, it may cause even more traffic issues. The most innovative cities even start looking for more eco-friendly solutions for public transport. Buses are being replaced by electric ones. At the same time, the latest trend is using private electric vehicles such as scooters and bikes.

So that people use public transport more, it should be more accessible and comfortable. That is why the payment systems are also being updated. Now, all you would need is to download an app and buy a ticket in one click! Here you can find the best information technology research topics related to transportation technologies:.

All in all, this article is a compilation of the most interesting research topics on technology and computer science. It is a perfect source of inspiration for anyone who is interested in doing research in this area. We have divided the topics by specific areas, which makes it easier for you to find your favorite one. There are 20 topics in each category, along with a short explanation of the most recent trends in the area. You can choose one topic from artificial intelligence research topics and start working on it right away!

There is also a wide selection of questions on biotechnology and engineering that are waiting to be answered. Since media and communications are present in our everyday life and develop very fast, you should look into this area. Of course, you are welcome to customize the topic you choose! The more creativity, the better! Maybe your research has the power to change something!

Good luck, and have fun! Computer science focuses on creating programs and applications, while information technology focuses on using computer systems and networks. What computer science jobs are there. It includes software developers, web developers, software engineers, and data scientists. Do you enjoy revealing the mysteries of nature? There are as many secrets in space as there are deep in the ocean.

You may be the one who solves the next puzzle! Natural science focuses on our environment. We try to understand how and why everything around us works. Did you know that time travel is possible? The study of history allows us to do that. It not only reveals the origins of our existence. It also tells us who we are, and even enables us to glimpse into the future! Argumentative research paper topics are a lot easier to find than to come up with. Our Custom Writing service team constantly works to provide the In both high school and university, you will be required to write research papers.

Yes — papers in the plural. A social studies essay is one of many types of writing assignments. It is distinguished by the focus on the arguments and the use of theory to analyze social world. It might seem like a daunting task, but perhaps the most difficult part of the job is choosing from the When you look for a good research paper topic, you can easily become the severest critic of any proposed idea. Some topics do not interest you at the very least, while others might shock your teachers.

Where is the golden mean? Check out this list of top research paper We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Learn More. Toogle TOC. Recommender systems: content-based recommendation vs. DNA cloning and a southern blot.

How much can we control our genetics, at what point do we cease to be human? Bio ethics and stem cell research. Genetic engineering: gene therapy. The potential benefits of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering: dangers and opportunities. How do new food processing technologies affect bacteria related to Aspalathus Linearis? Communication networks. The impact of social media on super bowl ads.

Communications: technology and personal contact. New content marketing ideas. Media exposure and its influence on adolescents. The impact of mass media on personal socialization. Internet and interactive media as an advertising tool. Music marketing in a digital world.

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IEEE PAPERSoftware engineering research papers-FREE ENGINEERING RESEARCH COMPUTER SCIENCE-CSE SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. Faculty library sciences Series: Advanced topics in computer science series; Alternative call (PDF) Modern Heuristic Search Methods. Software Agents Michael. Other fields of science and engineering have well- established research paradigms. For example, the experimental model of physics and the double-blind studies.