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Resume examples for construction laborer example essay film review

Resume examples for construction laborer

Working in construction is a physically-demanding job that pays only slightly higher than minimum wage. However, extended tenure can open up opportunities for promotion. In this profession, the best way to learn is on-the-job. All you have to do is review the attached sample and input your information. Take the time to read our sections on the resume objective , resume format, and the valuable tips at the end of the article.

If you are an entry-level Construction Laborer, we also have you covered. I am physically-fit, performs well with the team and can work long hours without issue. Not only is it very physically-demanding but your Construction Laborer skills list should highlight specific abilities.

What abilities are these? As we mentioned, there are construction laborers who did not even finish or take up high school education. We showed that in our sample resume for a Construction Laborer. Andrew only reached up to second year high school. In this line of work, the best school is the construction site. The Project Manager and your supervisors are your professors. You learn on the job. Yes, there are theories and concepts that you have to learn. However, you should apply these techniques right away at work.

You do not have to be certified to become a Construction Laborer. It will be to your advantage to study, learn, and get certified in skills that would be needed in construction. Examples would be handling of certain heavy equipment, welding, flatwork finishing, electrical work, and perhaps even managing air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

Typically, construction laborers do back-breaking work. You will be handling heavy equipment to dig ditches and trenches, tear down walls, and carry large objects. The work hours can be quite long especially if there is a timeline to meet. Being stronger than the average person will be a big advantage.

Companies prefer candidates who hardly get sick. As a Construction Laborer, you will work with people of various skills. They each have their own jobs to do. Collectively, everyone has to work together so that the construction schedule can be met. You should have the ability to work with a team; be aware of what they are doing and offer assistance if needed.

You might find yourself doing just one task for several hours. For example, you could spend the entire day just tearing down walls or digging ditches. This type of work requires a high level of focus and concentration to avoid risky mistakes from happening. Keep your Construction Laborer resume objective simple but straight to the point. This is a small section in the resume but it can take a heavy load off your back when applying for a job.

The job post will have a list of required skills needed for a Construction Laborer. If you have these skills, make sure to summarize them within the first 2 sentences of your objective statement. The idea is to impress upon the Hiring Manager that his tenure in the construction industry has made him more skillful in managing the key responsibilities of the job.

You have 2 options for your Construction Laborer resume format. First, is the Chronological. Use this format if:. If you plan to use the chronological format, you should start out with your current or most recent employment.

We will discuss the second resume format option in the next section because it is applicable to an entry-level construction laborer resume. If you want to find work in the construction industry, becoming a construction laborer is the usual career path. Without enough experience, you should use the Functional format for your entry-level Construction Laborer resume. Did you do freelance work? You can also include your experiences as an apprentice, if any. Yes, construction work is manual labor.

However, it does not mean you will not give your resume enough thought. Read our Construction Laborer resume writing tips and gain more confidence. In most cases, construction work is contractual. Once the project is finished, your contract is up. Update your current one and include the new skills that you have learned. Last Updated on June 22, by Felix Tarcomnicu.

That's how much time the average construction manager spends looking at each resume. By writing a good construction worker resume summary or resume objective. A good resume summary shows you're perfect to the job by citing your experience. Use it if you've got a lot. A construction resume objective shows your goal and passion. It works best for entry level construction laborers.

Seeking to improve efficiency and profitability for Toll Brothers construction. Delivered fast, defect-free work. Construction worker with 1 year experience as superintendent and more as a laborer. Skilled in scheduling and safety compliance. Also skilled in leadership and communication. That second construction superintendent resume sample blends into the rest like feathered spackle on a sheetrock wall.

Spell check? Start building your resume here. It doesn't have to show experience. But it's a lot better if you add some. Find it in past non-construction jobs, or do a little temp work. Hard-working construction worker, seeking to deliver fast, high quality work for Jandreau Construction. Have worked as Skid Steer operator, parking lot construction laborer, and temp construction helper for various construction firms.

Commended five times by management for strong work ethic. Physically fit laborer seeking construction job. No direct construction job experience yet but I'm hoping to train on the job. Where did all that experience come from?

Isn't this an entry-level resume for a construction worker? Pro Tip: Put your most impressive accomplishments in your construction worker resume objective or resume summary. They're the lure that gets the manager to read the rest. For even more help, use the free construction resume template at the top of this post.

But what if you're applying for a higher paid position? Or writing a construction manager resume? Writing a senior construction manager resume? Need construction project manager resume examples? See this project manager resume template and guide. First: look at your past non-construction jobs. Ask, "What do construction workers do? And when have I performed those duties? Next: Do a couple days of temp work or volunteering.

Search temp construction jobs online or ask around with friends or family. Construction Experience: No construction experience yet, but I'm eager to do on-the-job training. Both residential construction resume samples above come from the same person. Neither has a construction background. Pro Tip: Don't put every piece of experience in your construction laborer resume. Just use the best achievements that fill one page.

Remember, it's a commercial, not a Kevin Costner film. Keep the hiring manager on task with free construction resume action words. Pick "wins" like sports teams, classes, or clubs that show construction qualities like work ethic or physical fitness. Pro Tip: Make your bullet points match the job offer in some way.

The good ones above show leadership, physical fitness, and a strong work ethic. Skid Steer driving, CDL, drywall hanging, well drilling, and all the various construction job titles. Read his job description carefully. Highlight all the skills in it. Then put them in your resume if you possess them. Picture a construction worker job description seeking skills in speed , quality , flooring , framing , and drywall. Notice how we added "safety" too, even though it isn't in the offer.

That's because safety is important in a resume for construction jobs, even if the posting didn't mention it. Pro Tip: There are a thousand construction skills. Luckily, you only need to list the ones the hiring manager wants on a resume for construction.

Want to build up your skills section? See the construction resume sample up top for inspiration. Whatever "extras" you put on your construction laborer resume, make sure they show you've got the horsepower to do the job. They show safety, teamwork, construction experience, communication, work ethic, and problem-solving skills. It only takes a few hours. Plus, it can get you a construction job in a nice, air-conditioned cab.

Need more help to make the best construction laborer resume you can? Write a good one for your general construction resume and you're halfway to hired. Second , mention a fact or two you like about the company. Look online to find those facts. Third , say how you can help. Look in the job offer to find the company's biggest need. Then cite a big accomplishment that shows how you can fill it.

Fourth , close with a call to action. You can just say, "I'd love to talk with you. Pro Tip: Don't forget to follow up after a couple days. A well-timed thank you email can get your construction company resume a second read in the nick of time. Need a sample cover letter? Want to write the best construction cover letter you can? There's an important step after the manager reads your construction resume, and before he calls you.

Don't have a LinkedIn profile? Make one with our handy guide. Pro Tip: Do some demo on your online presence. Don't let that New Orleans pic from five years ago take a wrecking ball to your chances. See our guide. Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates.

You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:. See more cover letter templates and start writing. Want more tips to build a professional construction resume?


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