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Pharmacy resume technician fashion industry resume sample

Pharmacy resume technician


Pharmacy Technician resume 1. Duties; Filling medication orders for inpatients and outpatients. Preparing intravenous admixtures accurately. Distributing medication to patients. Carrying out related clerical and billing duties. Maintaining adequate stock levels of medication. Making sure that medication is used before it expires. Escalating issues of compliance to the pharmacy manager. Providing support to hospital pharmacists.

Checking medication stocks to identify shortages. Verifying and checking the information on prescriptions. Updating patient records. Asking patients if they have any allergies. Checking all open orders before they are handed out or delivered. Recycling or disposing of returned drugs. Opening and closing the store at the start and end of the day.

Working the till and using a scan gun to process purchases. Taking cash or credit card payments from customers. Answering customer queries. Helping to train other members of the pharmacy team. Screening phone calls in a friendly and efficient manner. Placing shop orders for items that are low in stock.

Using pharmacy computer systems and related specialist software. Selling over-the-counter medicines. Cashing up the till at the end of the day. To download this template please either login or register for our Free or Premium membership. Two page version.

Matching cover letter. Unlimited downloads — Money back guarantee — Cancel anytime. Duties; Carrying out technical and clerical duties related to the receipt and recording of prescriptions. Counting, pouring, measuring and weighing tablets and medications. Measuring quantities of medication accurately. Taking prescriptions from customers and verifying their names and addresses.

Preparing labels for prescriptions. Performing a full range of pharmacy technician procedures. Cleaning the pharmacy shelves and making sure that they are clear of hazards. Making customers feel welcome, important, and appreciated. Handling all cash register operations. Reading the small print on medication labels and interpreting what they say. Entering orders into databases. Taking inventory of over-the-counter medications.

Keeping appropriate, accurate and up to date records and documentation. Maintaining proper inventory levels. Enforcing established aseptic techniques, policies and procedures. Manual filling, canister filling and channel filling. Working with other Health Care Professionals in a professional manner. Able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure.

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These cookies only collect personal data when you opt in to build a CV. Review Our Privacy Policy. Customise Your CV. Build Your Own. Self-starter with extensive knowledge of Medicaid and Medicare procedures. Excellent data entry skills and telephone etiquette. Detail-oriented with strong focus on accuracy and efficiency.

Licences In good standing with the Edinburgh Board of Pharmacy, licence Skill Highlights Extensive medical terminology knowledge Pharmaceutical storage awareness Pharmaceutical distribution familiarity Patient counselling expert HIPAA trained Expert understanding of Medicare and Medicaid Strong decision-making ability Exceptional patient care and interaction Excellent telephone etiquette Efficient and accurate Professional Experience December to Current Marks County Hospital Edinburgh, Scotland Pharmacy Technician Work closely with pharmacists and use medication input software to safely and accurately dispense medication.

A highly trained and capable Pharmacy Technician who is experienced in the preparation, packaging, distribution and delivery of medications. Karen is an energetic and service-oriented professional who works hard every day to make a positive difference to the lives of her customers. She understands the importance of her job and is able to perform all tasks in a safe manner consistent with any company policies and relevant laws.

Aside from this she is physically fit and able to walk around or stand statically for long periods without a break. As a true all-rounder she has extensive knowledge of pharmacy work routines, procedures and materials, as well as experience of working in various setting such as hospitals, healthcare centres and physician practices.

Right now she is looking for a suitable position with an employer that is a leader and innovator in the healthcare field. More resumes Resume templates. Forgot your password? Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive mail with link to set new password. Pharmacy Technician resume. Download this template. To download this template please either login or register for our Free or Premium membership. Two page version. Matching cover letter. Unlimited downloads — Money back guarantee — Cancel anytime.

Duties; Carrying out technical and clerical duties related to the receipt and recording of prescriptions. Counting, pouring, measuring and weighing tablets and medications. Measuring quantities of medication accurately. Taking prescriptions from customers and verifying their names and addresses.

Preparing labels for prescriptions.

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Consequently, this raises the competition tremendously and makes it very vital that you have a good resume which will appeal to the employer. Make use of powerful and convincing keywords while writing in this section of the resume. Entry level pharmacy technician jobs have a huge number of applicants as it is the first step towards a pharmacy technician career.

As mentioned above, you must edge out competition and create that first impression with your resume. In this section we look at 3 examples of pharmacy technician resumes for entry level jobs. Example 1: Applying for the post of an entry level pharmacy technician at a retail pharmacy - Resume of a Certified Pharmacy Technician without Any Formal Schooling or experience. She does not have any prior work experience and neither has she completed any formal training.

She is applying for an entry level position at a family owned pharmacy. A Certified Pharmacy Technician who is self-motivated, disciplined, committed, diligent and trustworthy who maintains absolute accuracy at work. Has a professional attitude towards work and is keen to start a Pharmacy Technician career. Example 2: Applying for the post of an entry level pharmacy technician at a retail pharmacy - Resume of a Certified Pharmacy Technician with a Diploma in Pharmacy Technology.

She has no prior experience. Example 3: Resume for the post of a pharmacy technician in a hospital pharmacy - The applicant has completed a 2-year Associate Degree program and has recently obtained a PTCB certification. Leticia Morris is applying to Healthwealth Hospital for the post of a pharmacy technician. Enthusiastic pharmacy technician with clinical as well as education experience. Knowledge of operating automatic dispensing machine.

A collaborative team player with immaculate organizational skills. Community pharmacies are specialized areas, like nursing homes, assisted living, and mental health institutions. Pharmacy Technicians in facilities like these, work much like those in a hospital. They fill prescriptions in single doses. However, there are no emergency rooms, and do not run x-rays. Their job is to take prescriptions to patients when they need to take their medication. This job can be part-time or full-time, depending on the size of the facility.

These facilities also need Pharmacy Technicians all year round. Compounding Pharmacies are small, independently owned enterprises that offer compound subscriptions. They specialize in putting together customized subscriptions for patients with special medicinal requirements.

To work in a compounding pharmacy, you need to be certified in compounding medications and have a specialized list of drug levels you may prescribe or distribute. In this role, mathematics and compounding techniques are important skills to have, so make sure you mention them in your skills section.

What type of enterprises have you been employed by? Pharmacy Technicians usually work in hospitals as part of healthcare teams, primary care, and community pharmacies. Pharmacy Technicians work as part of healthcare teams in hospitals, primary care including GP surgeries , and community pharmacies, where others work in retail pharmacies, supermarkets, or even the high streets.

They are also be found working in care homes or for employers that provide NHS services. Occasionally they work in health and justice services and the armed forces. Finally, what do you specialize in? Pharmacy Technicians may specialize in one or even multiple areas. Below is a table providing the primary specialties that you can pick from to include in your resume…granted that you have exposure to these specialties, of course.

This is a pressure-filled and busy work field. Your resume only has a limited time to impress the recruiter, and therefore your career summary needs to be strong, short, and to the point. To grab their attention, start with the most relevant information first. To start your career summary, place your years of experience in this field, and the most critical responsibilities bestowed on you.

Use the job advertisement as a guideline when adding your assignments from previous jobs. After that, add your impressive qualities that could benefit the company in any way. Remember that by adding examples in the professional experience section, you support your mentioned skills and qualities. Wrap up your summary with your educational and professional achievements relevant to the job. However, sometimes companies would provide on-the-job training to candidates with an associate degree.

Instrumental in increasing the retention of staff members by implementing a buddy system. Seven years of experience as a highly-skilled Pharmacy Technician professional, securing optimal regulatory compliance and patient service and support levels, supporting Pharmacists in fast-paced and highly pressurized settings. Expertly facilitating daily pharmacy functions, including patient advisement, order processing, and regulatory compliance. Incorporate action-based words in quantifiable sentences that provide information on your previous jobs..

Start of by naming the company you worked for, the dates you worked there, the title of the position you held, the city and states, and last but not least, your duties and responsibilities in bullet point format. Refrain from copying and pasting your duties and responsibilities, the reason being that your resume will not stand above those applicants with similar experiences. You can add any professional, educational, or personal accomplishments to create a fantastic first impression regarding your candidacy.

This helps to illuminate your strengths to the employers. This is a great way to present your most outstanding achievements and your field of expertise concerning the job you are applying for. Use this section to show employers that you are a hard-working person who will benefit the company and do more than the requirements of the job scope. Here are some tips on how to write your accomplishments section:.

Your goal here is to demonstrate what sets you apart from the other applicants. You can do this by adding your proudest achievements in previous jobs. Focus on the Results of these achievements. Highlight the results on your resume. This will show that you can be an asset to the company.

Include Values. For example, by incorporating numbers, how much money you helped a company save, by how much you helped increased the sales and the clientele, improved efficiency. Be detailed in providing relevant information in the education section of your resume. Indicate what you studied, where you studied, and when you studied, and whether it was a qualification, a certificate, or an industry license.

In short, indicate What, Where, and When regarding your qualifications, certifications, or industry licenses obtained. Your high school diploma should be listed about the same. However, only if you have less than five years of experience, should you add it.

It does not matter if your resume is top-notch; without the right skills included in your resume, it might as well never be seen by the hiring manager. This is because they use Applicant Tracking Systems ATS to rate the applicants according to the keywords the system picks up. This means you can have an advantage over other applicants if you use the right words. Here is how to:. Employers look for both technical skills and soft skills when choosing their candidates.

These skills are your characteristics and your skillsets that make you suitable to be a Pharmacy Technician. Add these skills in your summary or profile and incorporate them into your accomplishment statement. Use a skills matrix format to display your technical skills and personality traits, such as the ones below.