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Essay inspirational teacher

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They provided much inspiration into my career making me develop the desire on how I would become an inspirational speaker and challenge my community to embrace education. It deeply depressed and sadden my soul when some of my bright classmates dropped out of school because their parents could not provide them with new uniforms or lunch boxes. I suggest the world and more particularly my community would be having many architects and doctors than today.

I realized an invaluable contribution of a teacher my life who inspired and motivated me to work hard despite the challenges. Surely, I had a better reason to drop out of school because I hardly took lunch, but I persisted on working hard.

My parents were unable to fund my basic needs in school though I was admitted as a total orphan. I believe working as a community teacher will help other students with a unique but similar case like mine. Finally, I found it fascinating and interesting that teaching never camouflaged. It stays fresh years after today. Despite having different horizons, however, teachers always learn and build what they had learned.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. In conclusion, my passion and love for being a teacher started from my childhood. I was transpired to become a teacher through the bitter challenges I passed through. I gained much today when I see my students progressing to pursue medicine or any other competitive career.

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Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Patience, curiosity, open minded. These are some of the plethora of attributes I believe stitch up a hardworking, respected educator. Soft spoken, frigid almost; yet very dedicated and accomplished.

She has this thin golden hair and these dark almond shaped eyes that glow when teaching any type of history. Although very petite in figure, I see a gentle giant beaming through her filled with energy, plenty of compassion and knowledge to offer. Never once would I think I would be engaged in an advanced placement or dual enrollment course. I remember, once she assigned some web lessons which is reading, viewing, hearing about certain specific subjects in history and then answering questions.

It seemed to be that not many people understood the subjects and so when we got prepared for a class discussion, no one was speaking but me. But again, everything in history does repeat itself. We have been speaking more and more about the Native Americans.

The more I learn, the more I want to find out. Human actions are what I fear the most. Trail of Tears, The Sandcreek Massacre, all done by humans just like me and you.


I have had many teachers in my lifetime and each one of them has affected my attitude toward education in a unique way. I have developed a different relationship with each one of them; and of course, I reminisce about some of my teachers more than other s. A teacher never knows which student he or she is going to inspire to achieve his or her goals. Sometimes, a teacher might feel that he or she has not done much for a student, but that student might feel that that particular teacher has highly contributed to his or her education and has undoubtedly affected his or her attitude about education in a positive way.

The purpose of this essay is to describe a teacher who has positively affected my attitude toward education. Furthermore, one of the greatest and unforgettable memories that stand above all of my experiences as a student was the time I spent with one of my high school teachers, Mrs.

Sutton was the most patient teacher I had ever had. She treated her students the way she would have wanted to be treated if she were a student; that was, with respect and dignity. It is with all honesty when I say that Mrs. Sutton was always in a good mood. I never once saw her lose patience with her students. Moreover, it is effortless to mention Mrs. She always wanted her students to go to her for help. I became so comfortable with her that I would go to her after school for help with difficult homework assignments from other teachers.

She always had a smile on her face and helped me with an open heart. I could see Mrs. To sum it up, Mrs. Sutton has shaped my attitude and changed my conception about education. One of the things I have learned from Mrs. You may not find the solution today, but it is there.

Scholarship Home. I wish that I could have seen this before, for I had so many great teachers before you, but I am glad that I was able to realize it for at least half of this year. It would have been a shame if I never would have seen it, for I truly would have missed out on some great friendships with some amazing people, including you.

I wanted you to realize though, that without you, I never would have seen any of this. Without you, I would not be the person that I am today. I also wanted to tell you, even though it is incredibly hard to write this, that you have done even more. Around the beginning of the year, I began to fall into a deep depression. I began to feel as if nobody cared, as if I wasn't even wanted in this world.

I felt as if I wasn't worth anything to anybody; that nobody would even notice if I was no longer here. During those times, what kept me going was the thought of Mrs. Those nights, when I felt as if I was no longer wanted in this world, I would call the homework hotline, dial , and simply listen. I'm aware that this sounds corny, and I feel unintelligent writing this, but hearing your voice was enough to tell me that, at least if no body else did, you wanted to see me the following day.

And when I would walk into class the next day, although you had no idea of what you had done for me the night before, you would smile and greet me, only confirming my belief. I'm intelligent enough to realize that you greet almost every student and that you didn't treat me differently or most likely even think of me differently than others, but for me it meant everything.

I felt as if these greetings, the smiles, and the comments were a way of you communicating to me that I was your favorite, and although these thoughts were way off and quite selfish, they were the thoughts that kept me alive. It was because you took the time to show that you cared, that I was well aware of it. At times, I truthfully believed that you along with Mrs. If it weren't for you, showing how much you cared, being there for me, and simply doing your job to the best of your abilities, I probably wouldn't be alive today.

You saved my life. I can never repay you for that; even these measly thoughts barely express the amount of gratitude I owe you. It is because of you that I will, one day, be able to go on and become one amazing teacher. Beyond simply saving my life though, you have touched it. You have changed the way I think and the person that I am. You have done all of this by only doing your job. So if you ever think that you don't matter or that you don't make a difference, think again.

You have most definitely made the difference to me, upon what I'm sure are many others. You do everything an average teacher does, which in itself can drive a person insane; and yet you still do so much more. You look to each student as if they are an equal; never really looking down on them, treating them with respect even though you were the one that deserved it.

You care about every student, and you are able to see the positive in every child that walks into your room. You try and motivate and inspire every student, never giving up, and in many cases because of your perseverance you succeed. You are never afraid to be funny, or to be yourself in front of a class, and students appreciate that.

Learning to be yourself is one of the first steps in becoming an outstanding teacher, and you have conquered that already. Your students like you, not only because you are a good teacher, but because you reflect your personality in your teaching, they are able to also like you for the person that you are.

Because of all this mentioned, I can never repay you. I could not simply buy you a gift and figure well that's it. I will never forget you. You are the teacher that made the difference, the teacher that inspired me, and the teacher that saved my life. I will never forget, although you may have already, the one day when you made a comment to me that went something like this, "I wish I would have had a daughter, for then she could be as sweet as you.

The manner in which you nurtured, cared, and looked after me this year has meant so much, for I rarely see my own mother. She is often not home when I am, for her strenuous work schedule is to blame. The comment mentioned above also meant so much to me, for if you, a truly kind, caring, and remarkable person, could say that I am sweet than you must really see something in me.

And that got me thinking, if I respect you and admire you so much, and you are able to make remarks like that to me, then I must be special too. You will forever remain my role model, most likely for the remainder of my life. I am confident that I will never forget you--even in the depths of my most troubled times. You will forever remain in my memories as the extraordinarily astonishing person you are, never to be faded or rubbed away.

I am crying as I write this, for I know that this is the end of a friendship--or maybe not. It might only be the beginning, for who knows what the Lord has in store. I can make one promise to you that I will never break, even when I am wrinkled and tired, whenever you need somebody, I will be there. Whenever you may happen to look skyward and think of me, I can promise you that no matter where I am I will be thinking of you too. I will never forget all that you have done. I will never forget your presence, your existence, or your memory.

I will never forget all that you have taught me, both mathematical and otherwise.

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