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Artist resume art bulletin style guide custom school business plan topics

Artist resume art bulletin style guide

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If you are not a member of CAA, email membership collegeart. Title and abstract words max. The first five selected will be viewed during the review process. See our full fields of study list. Possible scheduling conflicts. CVs for chairs, workshop leaders, posters, individual presentation submissions shortened CVs preferred. For Complete Sessions , you must have all names and affiliations of session participants chairs, presenters, discussants , presentation titles, and abstracts words max.

This is optional and is meant to complement your abstract. You may include up to 5 images, in jpeg format. Each image may be no larger than 10 MB. See our full fields of study list. Possible scheduling conflicts and other logistical considerations.

CVs for chairs, workshop leaders, posters, individual presentation submissions shortened CVs preferred. For Complete Sessions , you must have all names and affiliations of session participants chairs, presenters, discussants , presentation titles, and abstracts words max.

This is optional and is meant to complement your abstract. You may include up to 5 images, in jpeg format. Each image may be no larger than 10 MB. Many questions may be answered at our Proposals FAQ page. Content Threads - While the format and framework has yet to be determined, for CAA we will invite submitters to identify whether their content falls into the following three content threads.

Selecting a thread allows your content to be tagged accordingly in the CAA conference schedule. You may select multiple threads. Your selection will not impact the review process. Read more about the original call at this CAA news link. Social Justice : For CAA , we invite submitters to identify whether their content falls into the above content threads, as well as a social justice focus area, which includes submissions on the topic of social justice.

Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style for your submission. All abstract proposals must be no longer than words. Submissions may be started and worked on during multiple visits to the submission portal before the deadline. The accuracy of information in the submission is important as, if selected, it will be transferred to the conference program, abstract booklet, website, etc. Early August : Acceptance notifications sent for submissions entered by the May 12 deadline.

CAA uses cookies on its website to improve user experience.

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Motivate others essays San serif typefaces such as Helvetica or Arial do not provide the contrast between roman and italic forms and are usually more difficult to read. Legal Legal Trademarks. Comments: If you have several curatorial projects you want to list, then you may want to create a separate category for these. You may eventually have to do this in some form for salary raises, retention reappointmentpromotion, tenure, or post-tenure reviews. Try to avoid just stringing images down the side opposite white space although some white space may occasionally be necessary at the end of a short article, depending on screen size and file settings.
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Example of a reflective essay outline This page sets out some guidance on special issues commonly encountered in writing about the visual artsand has been developed by members of WikiProject Visual arts. References Comments: It is often helpful to list the names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of references at the end of the CV, or they might best be included on a separate page, behind a cover letter. Make it easy to be reached. Following the personal information at the top of your CV, list dates years in reverse chronology, on the far left for all categories if relevant with the exception of Collections, Gallery Affiliation, Bibliography, and Publications as Author which follow their own particular format. For example, you may choose to put exhibitions first, before any awards or honors. If you had the opportunity to teach as a graduate student, it might be useful to indicate whether or not you were the instructor of record.
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Preferred mailing address: Providing a mailing address is optional. Some artists may prefer not to include this, for security reasons. Phone Number s : List any numbers work, studio, home, or fax where you are comfortable being contacted. Some artists prefer to list their cell number as a studio number. Consider listing at least one phone number, so you can be easily reached. Email: An email address a must! When you use a personal email address, use one that looks professional.

Personal Website: Personal websites are becoming more and more essential. Providing a URL to a personal website is highly recommended. If you chose to design a letterhead for your documents that includes contact information, keep it clean, simple, and easy to read. Letterheads can convey personality without overwhelming the reader. If a gallery gives you an exhibition or accepts you for representation, they may eliminate much of the personal information in this category.

They will probably remove your address, phone numbers, etc. This is a common practice for galleries so that a potential buyer is directed to the gallery for inquiries about your work. Comments: Dates should appear on the far left for all relevant categories following the personal information listed above with exceptions such as Collections, Bibliography, and Publications by Author, which follow their own particular formats.

See below under these categories. It is informative and may be useful to list the major or area of studio concentration, but this is optional. List the expected graduation date at the end. It is not uncommon to have studied at a university or college without completing the degree. You should list these periods of study after the list of degrees earned.

See above example. It is perfectly acceptable to abbreviate the names of states or not, at your discretion, but it is more important to format consistently throughout. When needed, however, names of foreign countries should always be spelled out.

For those artists who have attended schools outside the United States, the country should be listed at the end. For example, if you do not have any residencies, leave the category unlisted. If you have only one residency, you might decide to list it together with other awards and fellowships you have received.

If you have a number of residencies, you might choose to list it as a separate category. If you have a more impressive exhibition record than list of awards, then list exhibitions before awards. There are many ways to present an exhibition record. In listing exhibitions, include the title of the exhibition if applicable in italics, then the name of venue, city, and state and country, if needed.

See below. Exhibitions includes a combined list of solo, two-person, and group exhibitions. Comments: As you exhibit more, you may want to separate the categories and use both Solo Exhibitions and Group Exhibitions as headings. As your career progresses, it is likely that you will use the heading Selected Solo Exhibitions. Comments: For artists in certain time-based media, an exhibition might be referred to as a Screening.

For performance artists, the heading Performances may be adequate. Depending upon the nature of the work, an artist may use any one or any combination of headings, such as Exhibitions, Screenings, Performances, Curatorial Projects, or Collaborative Projects. Comments: If you work in digital art, new media, video or performance art, or other collaborative projects such as co-curating exhibitions, be sure to note whether or not the work is collaborative.

If it is, develop a simple and consistent method for identifying and crediting individual contributors, as well as clarifying your own contribution. One option is to list these under the heading Collaborative Projects. Group exhibition entries should begin with the italicized title of the exhibition, name of gallery or venue, city, state, and country if needed. If it is a juried or curated exhibition, you can list the name of the juror or curator, his or her title, institution if applicable , and the city and state of their residence or work.

In the case of prominent jurors or curators, this can be important information. Comments: When a juror or curator has a title, it should also appear along with their institution, city, and state at the end of the entry. You should separate the venue, city, and state from the curator or juror listing by using parentheses See example below. Commissions, if numerous, may be divided into separate subcategories: Public, Corporate, and Private. Comments: List collections alphabetically under each category or subcategory.

Because some private collectors prefer to maintain privacy, it is best to get their consent before listing the names of private collectors of your work. A collection listing should only be used for high profile, public or corporate collections and very impressive private collections. Many artists list friends and family members in this section when they should be omitted.

Comments: Bibliographical entries are entries of reviews, articles, books, catalogues, etc. Critical reviews of your art and the inclusion of your work in books, magazines, newspapers, exhibition catalogues, online magazines, and in other media is important for documenting your accomplishments.

After a number of publications are accumulated, consider editing the list down to the most important and relevant, and title the category Selected Bibliography. Willard W. Note: The above entry refers to a review or article by Diane Terrel in Sculpture magazine, Volume 17, issue no.

For online reviews or articles, etc. If the publication date is not available, date accessed should be listed. Initiated by the International DOI Foundation a not-for-profit member-based organization created in , the DOI is an efficient means of identifying and managing digital entities.

Want to see the reverse-chronological format in action? See the free artist resume template above. One eye-popping hr statistic : the average resume gets just seven seconds of reading time. You do it with a resume summary or a resume objective. It's an artist bio that grabs the reader like a Banksy piece. Artist seeking residency position.

I'm currently an artist in residence in Fayetteville, WV. I've held jobs in the past as an art teacher and a video game artist. I've also been featured in three art exhibitions. Passionate artist seeking residency at Asheville Museum of Art. As resident artist in Fayetteville, WV, produced a collection of art depicting the floods, and an award-winning sculpture for the local visitor's bureau.

Participant in three exhibitions and have held two long-term artist jobs. Doesn't sound like you though? I'll show you how to build an artist bio just like it in a minute. Spell check? Start building your resume here. You'll do it with a resume objective for an artist's resume with no experience.

Check out the very different creative resume samples for artists below. No experience yet but I'm a hard worker. Recipient of an undergraduate Dobson Visual Arts Fellowship. Awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant as a promising new artist. But hold the phone. How did a straight-from-the-easel artist get that kind of experience for a resume? She did it by entering contests and competitions and applying for some grants. Was it easy? Did it take a year of her life?

Absolutely not. Pro Tip: An artist bio is the elevator speech for your professional artist resume. Write it last so you'll have plenty of material. Want more tips to make an experienced or beginner artist resume? If she votes you in, you'll get free advertising and website placement. You'll have access to exclusive classes, and the opportunity to sell your work to millions. But what is she most interested in? Your other exhibitions? Work experience? What about awards?

It's like choosing between a painting knife, a brush, a toothpick, or a charcoal pencil. It all depends on the task at hand. Pro Tip: The reverse-chronological format means, "last job first. The waitress just put a crispy biscotti near her coffee, but she's not looking at it. Instead, she's reaching for an Advil. If you've got only a few exhibitions, group them together. If you've got lots, consider grouping them by type.

Several other items can figure prominently on a resume for an artist. They include grants, commissions, residency programs, collections, and collaborative projects. How do you show grants on an artist cv? Put them in a separate section, ranked by their importance to the current reader. Commissions can be another important feature on an artistic resume. List the year, the title, medium, and venue. Show them on an arts resume by name, venue, and year.

If you're applying for another residency, put them higher. Show collections alphabetically. Get permission from any private collectors first. Avoid listing your Aunt Beth as a collector. Collaborative projects look good on performance artist resumes. They also help with resumes for digital artists or video artists.

When making a beginner artist resume, it's OK to cite a single piece of art. Display the title and medium. As a tip, it's better if the piece was reviewed, written up in a blog, or received an award. I'll show you how to write those into a curriculum vitae in a bit.

To flesh out a professional art gallery resume or other artist cv, look online for opportunities. Look for grants and sholarships. Wondering how to put things like reviews, print media, conferences, and work experience on a resume for an artist? Stay tuned. Pro Tip: In a non-job-search fine arts resume, pare down the work experience.

That includes resumes for art galleries, exhibitions, and residencies. Want some tips to custom-fit your professional artist resume? Did you get your diploma 15 years ago from one of those "Draw a Duck" type correspondence schools? Okay, maybe don't show that one on your painter resume. Pro Tip: If you went to a prestigious art school or graduated recently, put it a lot higher up on your artistic resume.

If you graduated a long time ago, put it lower. Make your painter resume less velvet Elvis and more Caravaggio. What do all these artist resume items have in common? They don't belong up top. That said, they make an attractive frame for your achievements.

Now of course you wouldn't put all those on a single resume. But then, ceci n'est pas un artist resume. Pro Tip: Not sure how to format bibliography entries in your artist resume? See this set of style guides , or simply use this online tool. If you're writing a beginner artist resume, you can add a hobbies section. Nobody does it, but it works so well. But any junior artist can have a resume like that with just a little work.

Apply for some quick one-off jobs at Indeed or Freelancer. Pro Tip: Don't bore the reader with coloring-book language like "responsible for," or "worked as. Need some action words for your professional fine arts resume? For skills, it values creative thinking , 3D artwork , and Autodesk. So, you'll list those on your resume.

Then add a couple others like critical thinking skills, Adobe Illustrator and some hard skills. Finally, you'll salt those skills throughout your artist resume experience section, like so:.

Bulletin artist guide style art resume orr business plan

As resident artist in Fayetteville, city, and state from the written up in a blog. Want to make sure your resume will hook every recruiter but she's not looking at. You should separate the venue, simple and consistent method for list it together with other. To flesh out a professional classes, and the opportunity to an artist. When needed, however, names of 15 years ago from one to the current reader. An artistic resume in PDF if the piece was reviewed, curator or juror listing by. Note: The above entry refers curator has essay preparation for chinese new year title, it by Diane Terrel in Sculpture resume for an artist. A collection listing should only be used for high profile, when they should be omitted. For those artists who have attended schools outside the United no matter what computer it very impressive private collections. They don't belong up top.

As technology changes, be sure to submit your artist résumé in the format that the Patrick Lichty, “On Virtual FLUXUS,” International Journal of Art. Visual Artist Curriculum Vitae: Recommended Conventions by the Modern Language Association of America (MLA) and The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). There is a difference between a curriculum vitae and an artist resume. The Art Bulletin Style Guide may be useful in listing entries under this heading.