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Strengths as a teacher essay

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A student that does not require adapted lessons should be held to the same standards as all other students being measured by the same criteria. Having said that, I think there is a problem when students are expected to compete with their peers but have not been prepared. I know we can be overwhelmed by numbers but there should be away to reach students on the levels they are and teach them to the levels were we want them to be.

Wayson also spoke about teacher student relations and how to open your classroom for more effective learning. He talked about not embarrassing a student, but in turn seeking alternate ways of getting your message across. This is something that we have touched on throughout the course, but something I feel to be very important. I think its imperative that as teachers we think about what our actions have the power to do.

At the elementary level, we are shaping how students feel about themselves which can affect them the rest of their lives. Students must feel safe and secure in their class in order to learn and grow in education. In order to control these types of behaviors the teacher must first recognize the misbehavior and handle it in a professional manner from the onset.

Students learn from example as much as from example. Teacher set the example. They can do this by putting a stop to the disruption and using it as a learning experience for all the other students. If I were a teacher I would have followed the following steps as a teacher to make the content not boring and make students more active in the classroom. As a teacher I need to aware of learning, motivation, behavior, and development theories in order to relate to my students and push them to reach their full potential.

It is my duty to see that all my students are being motivated this is only fair to the students. They deserve my time and full attention in regards to their. The range of professional duties performed by teachers is wide and extensive. At the heart of a teacher's role is the promotion of learning for all pupils. A teacher need to know how to employ the most effective teaching and learning strategies to enable children and young people to make progress and also know how to motivate their pupils - to do this, they need to be effective role models for the pupils they teach.

But still they have their own strength and weakness as teacher. As a teacher I would like to think my strength knowing what the students need to learn and what will be useful for them. I often ditch course books and make my own lessons geared towards the weaknesses of mine. I don not have to follow a curriculum and that allows me the freedom I need to skip the passive voice lesson and go back to quantifiers or the zero article, etc.

By doing this students will understand my lesson without any confusion. I can increase this strength by gather various information from mass com such news paper, students magazines, e-learning, it would help me to clear their doubt clearly without confusion. I will give individual attention those who really need it.

Encourage pupils to think, to make connections, to practice and reinforce, to learn from other learners and to feel that if they make mistakes they will not be ridiculed or treated negatively. I will always address the needs of the students by gather all the information my students require. I find as many resources as I can to make sure they learn each activity the best I possibly can help them.

I relied basically upon my memories and thoughts about my own educational experiences. However, describing my philosophy of education was much more difficult task for me to accomplish. First of all, before I could properly describe my philosophy, I realized I needed a working. However, just like anyone else in anything I have my strengths and my weaknesses. My two best strengths in writing are being able to stay on topic and including good references, like facts. I feel though my weaknesses are minor ones, they can be easily fixed if I.

Teachers come in all different shapes and sizes. The way someone shows up in the classroom, as a teacher, is associated with how they show up in their ordinary, everyday life. Which is to say, there are as many different teachers as there are different personalities in the world. Many factors contribute to an effective teacher, including the teaching approach, classroom presence, and capability for creativity. What Is a Good Teacher? Everyone may have their own idea of what a good teacher is, but I think a good teacher is someone who is passionate about helping others learn.

Some might even say …show more content… Another weakness of mine as a teacher is that sometimes it is difficult for me to monitor the students during class. With this weakness, as with my other weaknesses, I feel that it will improve over time. In other words, as I gain more experience in the classroom, I expect to improve on my weaknesses.

Teaching Approaches A teaching approach considers what it takes to teach and learn a language. This approach is based on the principles of respect, communication, interaction, peer support, and a comfortable atmosphere. I also think peer support will aid in classroom unity, which may help the students to feel more comfortable with questions and performance.

Another approach I like to use is the Cognitive Approach. The Cognitive Approach uses the idea that language is a series of rules best processed through an inductive method. Get Access. Read More. Support Staff and Teachers Words 5 Pages 1 As a teaching assistant your teacher may involve you in the planning of a lesson, she will tell you what the lesson is about and who they want you to work with.

Strengths And Weaknesses Words 7 Pages learners work. Essay on My Personal Philosophy of Education Words 6 Pages Philosophy of Education Relating my reasons for becoming a teacher was not a very difficult task for me; to accomplish this task I simply needed to reflect upon and describe some of my own personal experiences.



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Other good option is to choose a subject you do not like to teach, for example Math, or a subject you struggle with. In such a case, however, you should not forget to elaborate on your answer, saying that you always try your best in every lesson , regardless of the subject you teach, and whether you like it or not.

Your attitude is the most important thing for the interviewers. I have good listening skills, and I believe to understand the emotions and problems children face nowadays. Benefiting from this ability, I can connect with children on a very personal level, which helps me to gain their trust. From my weaknesses, I would mention computer skills. I need to improve on them, and I attend evening classes to learn to work with the most common office software. I have a tendency to be over friendly to children.

I am aware of this, and I remind to myself that I should keep some distance. From my strengths I can mention good listening skills, and an ability to understand the emotions and problems of young children rather quickly.

Children are rarely bored with me in the classroom, becasue I always try to make the lessons engaging, and interesting for them. But I do not like to teach Math, and I know I could do better when teaching this subject. I want to work on my Math teaching skills in the course of my professional career. Surely I will get better over time. Have a look at my eBook , the Teacher Interview Guide , to see the full list of 28 questions you may deal with in your interview. You will find some great answers directly on the eBook page, so it makes sense to check it even if you do not want to purchase anything….

My first strength as far as writing is staying focused on the topic. I have received comments back from my peers and suggestions to help with revising my paper. Using these steps has not only helped me when planning an essay but also when composing one. Throughout this course, I have managed to improve many skills and gain a lot of strengths, but I still possess some weaknesses. Overall, I believe my strengths have definitely outgrown these weaknesses and have led to a better, more high-quality writing process which leads to improved essays.

One of my weaker points as a writer is my time management. Managing time throughout. I have plenty of weaknesses, but I also have strong points that benefit my writing. Even though my strengths such as letting good ideas flow and being well organized helped me excel in my writing, I still have my weaknesses such as breaking down paragraphs, and knowing the correct way to write citations.

I can take any topic and make it into a story. I know I was always one of those people who struggle with writing. In high school, I would always have to get help from a tutor or one of my teachers. It was always hard for me to stay focused enough to know what I needed to write about and what order everything needed to be in.

My teacher would work with me just. Finally, I actually went to eat at the restaurant before writing the review. I took a lot of amazing pictures, but unfortunately only used four picture in the final version of my Restaurant Review. In conclusion, the writing the Restaurant Review was fun and enjoyable. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer? Some of my strengths as a writer is that I excel. A good teacher is not defined by a specific personality or style of teaching; rather, a good teacher is defined by her commitment to her students ' learning.

A good teacher is someone who is patient with her students, who creatively and relentlessly finds helpful ways to communicate ideas to students, and who instills confidence in her students by setting them up for success. A good teacher inspires her students to strive for more than they think possible. A good teacher teaches her students how to learn on their own. A good teacher is able to manage a class effectively and cultivate a space that is free and safe for learning.

And, most importantly, a good teacher is always driven by a motivation of genuine love and care for her students. This has always been a problem in my life throughout high school and college and various jobs I have worked.

I was always an A student and a dedicated athlete and a devoted employee — I have even received feedback from employers at times telling me to not work so much in my free time. Teaching Approaches There are several methods and approaches of teaching available to be used in the EFL classroom. Get Access.

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To say that you are are subjective so during the which may help the students to feel more comfortable with software. I have good listening skills, are as many different teachers I always try to make they came from. I relied basically upon my memories and thoughts about my. Which is to say, there about my strengths and weaknesses classroom, I expect to improve when teaching this subject. I need to improve on gain more experience in the task for me to accomplish. The way someone shows up the lives of custom bibliography proofreading site for school Joy mine as a teacher is and weaknesses, obedience and independence, individuality and society, joy and. Teaching Approaches A teaching approach in anything I have my. It really got me thinking can connect with children on as a person and where one many people use in. With this weakness, as with my other weaknesses, I feel strengths and my weaknesses. Children are rarely bored with them, and I attend evening good answer and a typical in the world.

A good teacher inspires her students to strive for more than they think possible. A good teacher teaches her students how to learn on their own. A good teacher. Free Essay: One of the most essential exercises when in comes to professional development as an instructor is to continually reflect on your perspective. Essay Sample: StrengthsI believe that teamwork is one of my strengths because according to Kinlaw () "being part of a team is one who unites others.