an essay on the education of female teachers beecher

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An essay on the education of female teachers beecher book report on crossroads of twilight

An essay on the education of female teachers beecher

The school became very successful and widely known. In , Beecher hired John Pierce Brace to replace her as principal of the school. Brace and Beecher were close friends from their time together in Litchfield, and Beecher was deeply influenced by Pierce and Brace's teaching methods using many of them in her own school, however as Brace noted privately and publicly, she never credited the Litchfield Female Academy or Brace for the role they played in molding her theories on education.

After Brace took over as principal of the seminary in Hartford, Catharine moved to Ohio and served as the head of the Cincinnati Ladies' Seminary in In addition to her education work, Catharine also did benevolent work and was an author.

Catherine's writings included cookbooks, advice books, pamphlets, newspaper articles, textbooks, and essays and always had a female audience in mind. Of course the fashion extended to the law students, and thus romances in real life abounded on every side.

Multitudes of fathers and mothers in this nation have narrated to their children their evening strolls as the time when their mutual attachment began. Petit that married Theodosia was originally from Marietta, Ohio. She will be married next fall to Mr. Immediate Family Why only immediate family? Related Objects and Documents. Found frequent occasions for seeking cousel and aid from her pastor. She was constantly making experiments, and practicing them upon the girls, weighing all their food before they ate it, holding that Graham flour and the Graham diet were better for them than richer food.

Ten of her pupils invited her to dine with them at a restaurant. She accepted the invitation, and the excellent dinner changed her views. Thereafter they were served with more palatable food. This was the first national campaign on the part of women in the United States.

In the bill, Jackson requested Congress approve the use of federal money to resettle southeastern American Indians, including the Cherokee , to land west of the Mississippi River. States," dated December 25, , calling on women to send petitions to Congress protesting the removal.

In the circular she wrote, "It has become almost a certainty that these people are to have their lands torn from them, and to be driven into western wilds and to final annihilation, unless the feelings of a humane and Christian nation shall be aroused to prevent the unhallowed sacrifice. Congress passed the bill, and the Indian Removal Act became law on May 28, In , Beecher moved with her father to Cincinnati to campaign for more schools and teachers in the frontier.

There she opened a female seminary, which, on account of her failing health, was discontinued after two years. She then devoted herself to the development of an extended plan for the physical, social, intellectual, and moral education of women, to be promoted through a national board. For nearly 40 years, she labored perseveringly in this work, organizing societies for training teachers, establishing plans for supplying the territories with good educators, writing, pleading, and traveling.

Her object, as she described it, was "to unite American women in an effort to provide a Christian education for 2,, children in our country. In , Beecher retired from administrative work. In she founded the American Women's Educational Association. This became a model for future schools developed in the West. Woman's great mission is to train immature, weak, and ignorant creatures to obey the laws of God; the physical, the intellectual, the social, and the moral.

It was claimed that hundreds of the best teachers the West received went there under the patronage of this system. To a certain extent the plans succeeded, and were found beneficial, but the careers of the teachers were mostly short, for they soon married. In The American Woman's Home, [5] published in , Beecher and her sister presented a model home from a woman's perspective.

The kitchen was inspired by a cook's galley in a steamship. A movable partition on wheels provided flexibility and privacy in the small home, and also served as a wardrobe. Chapters of the book discussing ventilation and heating anticipated modern central heating.

In Beecher died from apoplexy. In Beecher published, "A Treatise on Domestic Economy for the Use of Young Ladies at Home and at School", a book that discussed the underestimated importance of women's roles in society. The book was edited and re-released the following year in its final form. Catharine Beecher was a strong advocate of the inclusion of daily physical education and developed a program of calisthenics performed to music. In , Beecher pronounced that women, not men, should educate children and established schools for training teachers in western cities.

She advocated that young ladies find godly work as Christian teachers away from the larger Eastern cities. The Board of National Popular Education, which was her idea, trained teachers in four-week sessions in Connecticut and then sent them out West. She believed that women had a higher calling to shape children and society.

Beecher recognized public schools' responsibility to teach moral, physical, and intellectual development of children. She promoted the expansion and development of teacher training programs, deducing that teaching was more important to society than lawyers or doctors.

Beecher was a strong advocate of the inclusion of physical education daily and developed a program of calisthenics that was performed to music. She also firmly believed in the benefits of reading aloud. Beecher believed that women have inherent qualities that make them the preferred gender as teachers. As men left teaching to pursue business and industry, she saw the untapped potential of educated women and encouraged education of women to fill the increasing need for teachers. She considered women natural teachers, with teaching as an extension of their domestic role.

They both believed that frequent practice and the study of important authors helped students acquire writing skills. Beecher founded The American Woman's Educational Association in , an organization focused on furthering educational opportunities for women.

She was also instrumental in the establishment of women's colleges in Burlington, Iowa ; Quincy, Illinois ; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Beecher strongly supported allowing children to simply be children and not prematurely forcing adulthood onto them.

She believed that children lacked the experience needed to make important life decisions and that in order for them to become healthy self-sufficient adults, they needed to be allowed to express themselves freely in an environment suited to children. It was these beliefs that led to her support of the system of kindergartens.

Beecher thought that women could best influence society as mothers and teachers, and did not want women to be corrupted by the evils of politics. She felt that men and women were put on the earth for separate reasons and accepted the view that women should not be involved in politics, but rather, they would teach male children to be free thinkers and moral learners and help shape their political ideas.


Catherine Esther Beecher was a nineteenth century champion of education for women at a time when even wealthy women received minimal education.

High school athletic resume samples She believed politics could only interfere with or distract women from their far more important task of maintaining the moral fabric of the United States and that mixing the spheres of men and women would weaken both. Harveson, Mae E. Accessed March 4, Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Feminismo: La Primera Ola Durante generaciones, el movimiento feminista ha avanzado notablemente en la defensa de los derechos de las mujeres.
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