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The Memory Stick memory card or MS card is a removable digital data storage device. It offers a maximum storage of 32 GB SinceSony has gradually abandoned its card format. There are three main categories of Memory Stick:. There are several generations of Memory Stick:. We will write for you an essay on any given topic for 3 hours. Examples of non-volatile memory technology are Read Only Memory ROMflash memory, most types of magnetic computer storage devices such as hard disks, floppy disks and magnetic tape.

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Jimmy sfaelos resume

The Lasting Legacy Project is designed to guide adults of any age in examining their spiritual, social, work, family, and philanthropic legacy. Over the course of the program, participants will explore the legacy that they would like to build, and create a personal record of their legacy for succeeding generations through written, digitally recorded, or visual representations that both educate and enlighten beneficiaries.

To register, call ext. Joe Giunta is an experienced birder and teacher, and will lead attendees on a search to find these active small songbirds. With luck, everyone will hear these birds singing and possibly see them carrying food to their nests.

For more information, reservations, and directions to meeting places, call Craig A. Andreoli and Christine Andreoli, practicing exclusively in elder law and estate planning, will discuss the myriad of strategies available to protect assets like irrevocable trusts, Medicaid, and pooled income trusts. For more information, call the library at Artist Carolyn Munaco will provide the guidance needed to create a marine-themed work of art to take home.

Participants will learn about the marine species or habitat type. Part of the proceeds from this program will support Cornell Cooperative Extensions Back to the Bays program. Materials, wine and refreshments will be provided. Galler is the director of neurosurgery and will discuss several surgical procedures which can alleviate severe back pain.

This includes minimallyinvasive spine surgery and complex spine surgery. It helps improve balance, memory, health, and well-being. Tai Chi helps to reduce daily stress, open energy channels, and slow down the aging process. Advance registration and payment required. Register online or call ext. Call group leader Amy Zachary at to sign up. This relaxing program is suitable for all levels of experience. Please call the library at for more information.

Music, face painting, and pizza will also be available. For more information, email Ella Engel-Snow at haygroundfm gmail. Stony Hill Stables in Amagansett has been owned and operated by the Hotchkiss family for more than five decades. The pairing turned the idea for the Stony Hill Stables Foundation into a reality.

This struck a chord with Bluedorn who thought it would be a good idea to help local children interested in the equestrian field. Scholarship students as well as Grand Prix riders will take to the ring, entertaining benefit attendees. The event will feature a special. Five scholarships are awarded annually. The scholarship made me realize that horseback riding is my passion and that it influences everything I do.

Stony Continued On Page Its mission: to create essential opportunities for children and adults to connect with the community, grow physically and emotionally, while benefiting from a life-enhancing experience. The Foundation promotes equine sports through riding education and competitive opportunities for children and young adults in the local East End community. What is Hotchkiss looking. The event is held to help raise awareness and funds for the foundation,.

Zapata has been an active supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation since transitioning out of the military and entering the field of investment management. Guests of the beachfront restaurant can enjoy wines provided by Turquoise Life, beer by Montauk Brewing Co. Bid on the silent auction items and purchase raffle tickets for several prizes. Navy Beach will continue its support of the Navy SEAL Foundation throughout the season, enabling guests to support the cause directly each time they dine at the restaurant.

All Against Abuse Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate three decades of making a difference in the lives. Enjoy live music with Cuban ballads by Maria Bacardi and salsa music by Mambo Loco, salsa dancers, great food, and Monte Carlo-style gaming tables. To purchase tickets, visit www. The cocktail party will be the official kick-off to a fifth season of fundraising efforts at the restaurant. Until there is a problem! Preventative Maintenance is a must.

Most Cesspools should be pumped every two years. For those who prefer to purchase their tickets at the door, RSVP for the cocktail party to nsf navybeach. Featured items included pesto hummus, beet salad, seafood medley, and local oysters on the half shell. What are you most excited for this summer? The energy on the weekends has been fantastic. What was your inspiration for the To follow the Mediterranean ethos of light flavorful dishes utilizing local products.

Grill for 20 minutes on medium heat until they are tender. In a bowl whisk together cumin, strained yogurt, 1 tsp of urfa biber, and 1 tsp salt. Arrange nine carrots atop yogurt spread on each plate. Zest lime over all of the plates and sprinkle carrots lightly with kosher salt. In a small bowl mix the lime juice with pea shoots and a small pinch of salt. Spread the pea shoots over each plate then finish the dishes by sprinkling urfa biber over top.

While this is happening gently roast the tomatoes in a degree oven; after about 5 minutes the skin will blister, remove them from the oven and peel away the skin then return them to the oven. At this point the pasta should be ready. Drain the pasta and run cold water over it. Set aside until you're ready to assemble the dish.

Season the shrimp and sear on each side for one minute. Once you've finished searing the second side add the garlic and toast in the pan for one minute. Now you can add all the other vegetables. Deglaze the pan with the white wine and let it reduce for about one minute, add the butter and the pasta and stir gently.

Enjoy wine, music, and a food truck every Wednesday this summer. Enjoy classic swing, vintage jazz, and modern retro with Vanessa Trouble. Meet the artist between 2 and 5 PM. On Saturday, enjoy an educational vineyard walk and tasting around the vineyard. The walk begins at noon. Call the tasting room for pricing and to reserve a table at Show your ID for 20 percent off glasses and bottles. Enjoy live music from Julia King and Rob Europe. For reservations, contact jul liebcellars. Admire art created by Patricia Feiler during her travels across the country this past winter.

Her work will be on display from 11 AM to 5 PM daily. Reservations are required. Call for times. This week, Jeff LeBlanc performs. Winemaking techniques will be taught and attendees will be able to explore the barrel cellar. This tour will be given by owner and winemaker, Anthony Sannino.

Tour includes wine tasting, cheese plate, and special discounts. Enjoy a glass of wine or tasting with Dad for a buy one get one free deal. Steve Archdeacon will take the stage on Sunday from 1 to 5 PM. All participants must sign up in advance and tickets can be purchased by visiting www. New York native Scott Kampf has been a professional chef for over two decades, with a focus on catering to stars and professional athletes alike.

It was there that he. The colors of the summer season are actually what inspired my idea for the deconstructed enchiladas. Taking a classic Mexican dish and adding it to our modern Mexican menu at Union Cantina, I wanted to make sure that I was able to capture the vibrancy of both flavor and texture that the summer season inspires. On each tortilla, put 2 oz. On the bottom of large shallow bowl, put 4 oz.

Garnish with pico de gallo and guacamole. Heroes Beer, Ice, Soda. You have to put half a carton in your coffee before it changes colors. Got Milk? I put it in my oatmeal. None of them are capable of producing real milk. The whole concept is udderly ridiculous. When I was little our parents forcefed us milk. I remember when there was a massive advertising campaign urging parents to give their kids three big glasses of milk every day. It is the primary source of nutrition for infant mammals including humans who breastfeed before they are able to digest other types of food.

Put in terms we can all relate to since this is the country , think milking a cow as you all surely did many times as kids. You cannot milk an almond, no more than you can milk a soybean or a grain of rice. These sugars can increase oxidative stress and chronic inflammation in the body — both of which are major causes of a host of killer and chronic diseases.

Cilli made a crack about him not having a son. He was never allowed in the house again. It was an Italian thing but thank God no fish heads showed up in the icebox. Each bottle had pure cream floating on the top. The first thing Papa would do is chug some of it. There is me, of course, his grandson.

Being the masculine guy I am, it annoys me I have almond milk in my oatmeal and eat steamed veggies and live a healthy lifestyle. I blame my sissification on Karen, of course. I want to dress in black leather, wear boots with studs on them, rev up my Harley and channel James Dean and Steve McQueen.

In the coming weeks read more about my search for the perfect hog while I master the tough guy biker lingo that goes with it. And if I want to take a couple shots of the white stuff — the pure stuff — I will, damn it. Your dentist can tell you more about that. So did we do away with milk? Of course not. The dairy industry is way too powerful. Instead they. In observation of the United Nations—sponsored World Environment Day on June 5, Ross School's first and second grade students participated in a beach cleanup at Sagg Main Beach, during which they removed more than 80 pounds of refuse.

The cleanup coincided with the second grade's unit exploring aquatic ecosystems. GINA M. All that certain plot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Town of East Hampton, County of Suffolk and State of New York, District , Section Learn about what types of foods early Americans ate and how meals were prepared before modern appliances.

Find out at the historical cooking demonstration on the newly-refurbished open hearth in the Foster-Meeker House. For more information visit www. Drop by at the library to make something together and have a productive time celebrating Dad. Swim Lessons As the summer season quickly approaches, make sure that your kids are prepared for all summer activities.

Registration is now open for the Southampton Youth Services swimming lessons. Sessions take place all throughout the summer, and are for all age groups. For more information visit sysinc. This event is free, and for children of all ages. For more information call He had been in a meat grinder war, he noted, and he understood the limits of politicians. He certainly did not believe them worthy of blind trust. Ed Kelly was born on June 9, He would be years old this month.

He graduated from Villanova as a mechanical engineer and started working in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. After Pearl Harbor, he volunteered for the Navy, but was turned down, as a few of his front teeth had been knocked out playing high school football for Brooklyn Prep.

His eldest son went to Vietnam, and as a young second lieutenant survived his duties in country choppering into hot landing zones as a forward observer, advancing through the jungles and calling in rounds and then, while on more relaxed duty, eating lunch on crates which had contained what later came to be known as Agent Orange. The Army had no problem taking Ed.

A short thin Lt. Colonel stopped in at Fort Belvoir and interviewed Ed for a position. Robert Frederick who was subsequently the recipient of eight Purple Hearts in the war , asked Ed, as a bachelor, if he would volunteer for a mission with very little likelihood of survival, but vitally necessary to the war effort. After noting that this was agreeable to him, Ed went out to Montana, where he trained in mountaineering, explosives, and cross-country skiing with an international group of soldier volunteers.

Ed led his team onto Kiska Island prior to a full-scale beach assault the next day. Because of the fog of the Aleutians, a planning decision, and the primitive nature of air reconnaissance and communications, the invading.

That young man became one of the two combat amputees to ride with Chris Carney all across the country in the Soldier Ride. The Japanese who had invaded the Aleutians as part of the Pearl Harbor attack had already evacuated the island under the fog cover. Unaware that any Americans were on the island, the attacking force coming ashore began firing on the Special Forces Unit. One of his soldiers was hit by the gunfire, and Lt. Kelly commanded his unit to lock their weapons.

The planners, having no expectation the special operators would survive, had discounted that slim possibility and not advised the attacking force that any Americans. The next use of the Force was in Italy, where Ed accumulated three Purple Hearts during both nighttime patrols and attacks in the mountains. The last occurred in the break out from the Anzio beachhead.

He was allowed to take what he needed from any asset in the country, including the guns off of battleships, to protect what later became known as the Manhattan Project. During Vietnam, Ed instructed his sons to think for themselves, and. That program, signed into law in , has now paid out close to a billion dollars in lump-sum amounts to the seriously wounded. In his family business, Ed Kelly ran a fire brick and boiler products supply company in Brooklyn.

A lot of the smokestack industries and customers left New York after the Clean Air Act was passed, but new customers arrived. When the Hasidim first began to populate Williamsburg, there was a new demand for matzoh. In working together, two very different survivors of the Nazis used their very different skill sets to meet the demands of a changing metropolis.

Owen McGivern passed away in The broader the problem, the more interested he was. You treat everyone with kindness and you would do anything for your family. I am honored to be your daughter. Mackin He built our home in Springs where his wife and four children live. From exotic foods to cultural differences, my father instilled the lesson that knowledge is power and closing our minds is closing our hearts.

Thank you, Dad, for always encouraging my sense of wonder and continuing to inspire my appetite for life. Happy Fathers Day! I am very proud of him and loved him dearly. He will always be in my heart. Middle Road in Mattituck. They burst in your mouth with juicy, sweet flavor. And the Mattituck Lions Club acknowledges the unique, beloved fruit. Just as it has for 62 years before, this weekend the club hosts its annual Strawberry Festival.

The fest has a rich history, dating back to the s when members of the recently organized Lions Club attended a strawberry festival and Florida and conceived the notion of launching a similar event in Mattituck. The first festival in was a success. Thanks to the festival, the Lions Club has been able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to local organizations. It all starts tomorrow night with a quintessential North Fork event — the gathering of volunteers for hulling night.

Folks head to the big tent at Strawberry Fields to pitch in, and get their hands red and soggy sweet. Hulling night starts at 5 PM. The Spectrum plays from 7 to 10 PM on Saturday, with grand finale fireworks at At 4 PM, the annual Big Bucks winners will be announced. The festival is a fundraiser for the Lions who in turn support. Guests enjoyed pairings from local food and craft beverage vendors.

There are always fun and interactive events happening on the North Fork. Here is a list of our favorites. Got news? Email us at news indyeastend. For more information about event schedules and admission fees, visit matttituckstrawberryfestival. All are welcome and supplies will be limited. Knitting club will commence at the library at 5 PM on Friday. Join teachers Melane Matz and.

The ongoing program uses dance and aerobic movements set to energetic music. Call the library at for more information. This lighthouse excursion includes a round-trip cruise, narrated tour, and time to explore. The trip begins in Greenport and continues to the lighthouse off the coast of Orient.

This rare opportunity to visit an offshore lighthouse is a two-hour family-friendly excursion. Contact director eastendseaport. The admission is free. RSVP to specialevents perlmanmusicprogram. The Experience. They have lived and continue to experience numerous paralleled coincidences throughout life. The duo have accumulated a great many tools for coping with and understanding this unique world. Tal is a licensed acupuncturist and energy healer.

Gail is a clinical social worker trained in trauma healing and interactive group work. Together, they share a love for the mystery and magic and the challenges of what it means to. He wants to share his passion and knowledge with others who seek the happiness and solace East End real estate has to offer.

The estate, now owned by siblings Greg and Alexa Ammon, is one of the most noteworthy in the area and two blocks from Two Mile Harbor Beach. His sister recently graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts and is currently pursuing a career in film and photography.

With Katie. Rutherford brings a well-honed track record for finding and creating value within high-end real estate markets. In addition to real estate, she has a background in rare books and art. Through a value filter she will find the right house, in the right location for the first-time homebuyer. Corey Sherman has also joined the firm as a real estate salesman.

He returned to The Hamptons to stay in , making East Quogue his permanent residence. With a penchant for the sea, farm. The homeownership rate clung to The Midwest held the highest homeownership rate in the first quarter, at Homeownership rates in the first quarter were also highest among homeowners aged 65 and older, at The rate of homeownership among Hispanic Americans markedly rose for the second straight year in Many local as well as international artists are featured in the show.

Mattituck-Laurel Library On Wednesday at 6 PM, join veteran beekeeper Laura Klahre as she discusses native bees and which gentle pollinators will be most advantageous for higher yields and larger fruits and vegetables. Materials to create a bee bundle will be provided. Join the Mattituck-Laurel Library on Thursday at 6 PM to learn how to create and care for a terrarium using low maintenance succulents, pebbles, and sand.

Join local author Bill Batcher on Monday at PM as he recounts the true stories of his ancestors, stories of brothers pitted against one another in the Civil War, and the War of The show features oil landscapes and seascapes. Admission is free and there will be an art raffle. For more information about these events, call Bring an item such as an apron, beach bag, or decorative pillowcase to paint, and a hanger for transporting the item safely.

For more. Students are responsible for their own easels, tools, and materials. For more information, contact Christine Tylee at ext. At home, Ed was confident in his sons. Ed was intrigued by the possibilities ahead for his daughters, and encouraged them to be just as competitive as his sons. The youngest daughter, a fine athlete, became an answer in the Harvard trivia game, captaining the first Harvard team to win an Ivy League basketball championship before following her passion and becoming an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery.

Ed Kelly, despite his lack of interest in the title, was an American hero. Not only because he was awarded honors for valor in combat he nonetheless considered his CIB -- Combat Infantry Badge -the only award worthy of note , but he provided the model for understanding that there are real tests for you in life, and your challenge is to be ready for those.

One time in the s, Ed needed an additional truck driver for the business. He called the Teamsters office and the agent indicated he had a great guy, a terrific worker, but -- he confided to Ed over the phone -- the guy was black. Send him over, Ed said. That driver stayed with the company until it closed decades later.

Ed believed in a meritocracy. One of his proudest possessions was a note from one of his soldiers, a Native American wounded in the initial skirmish on Kiska Island and disabled from his wounds. That, Ed told his sons, is America. Misfortune did not stop that soldier from planning ahead and making the most of the opportunities which were left to him.

So happy th birthday to Ed Kelly, who believed that the only heroes were those who did not make it back. He was able to return a generation later to Anzio, and appreciated the beautiful American cemetery on the grounds in Italy where his personal heroes were laid to rest. And Ed gave them one final salute. We are owner operated. That means the service technician at your home each week will be familiar with your pool…not some stranger.

We have licensed and certified technicians who provide preventive maintenance and perform all your needed repairs. And Nora is a heroine exactly because she refuses to accept the shackles of a conventional marriage and an abusive husband. How succinct a drawing room scene is that!

An interesting word that. The lies that have been spun have turned into a duplicitous web, overtaking their lives, and whatever liberties Nora had hoped to achieve. Cooper, who won the Academy Award for his portrayal of John Laroche, the real-life flower-poacher in the movie Adaptation, brings a casually eccentric air to his role. It works wonderfully, especially because Metcalf portrays Nora with such over-the-top comedic gestures that the nature of their clash appears as physical as it is visceral.

Trying to peel her away from tearing up the scenery is clearly quite the challenge. As does this terrific ensemble of actors. A Hunger Artist A brilliant, bizarre and inventive piece of theater, A Hunger Artist is brought to us by Sinking Ship Productions, a company which is rightfully stirring up some dust in theater circles. Utilizing the most rudimentary instruments, the production is true to the concept of a poor theater, in which the actors co-create the experience with the spectators.

As the play opens, a seemingly corpulent man with an apple in his mouth drags an oversized trunk onto the bare stage. Before opening his bag of tricks, he throws the remaining apple into the wings. Kafka himself died of starvation. He portrays a multitude of characters, all of whom are in one sense or another his oppressors. These include a group of butchers, and a team of doctors, who are portrayed by audience members whom he chooses to come on the stage with him.

In other scenes, he creates the characters through puppetry designed by Sarah Nolen. And the puppets are diverse, from miniscule to life size. In one scene, his manager sells the show to a big top circus, as Levin wrapping himself in the coats hanging from two coat racks, puts his arm through a sleeve in each one.

We see the manager and the circus barker shaking hands over the deal, and literally over his body. As a performance artist, he is magical, fluid, and exceptionally skillful. His work is enhanced by music from an old Victrola, that ranges from German music hall songs to lullabies. The cleanup took place on Saturday.

SINCE Due to massive overdevelopment on the East End, and grossly inadequate sewage management, the health of our ponds and waterways has been declining for decades -- it has now reached an alarming tipping point. Excessive nitrogen, phosphorous, and bacteria have flowed into our water posing a serious threat to the health of ecosystems and the humans and pets who interact with them. The result has been toxic algal blooms, low levels of oxygen and fish kills, and dangerous bacteria.

Georgica Pond is just one example. A once-thriving hotspot for crabbing, fishing, swimming, sailing, and canoeing has just been determined to by the DEC to have surpassed the threshold for dangerously high levels of microcystin, a toxin produced by blue-green cyanobacteria. When ingested, this compound can lead to rapid death of humans and animals. Over the past several years, this toxin was detected in Georgica Pond much later in the summer.

This year, due to a number of preventable factors, we experienced an early and particularly dangerous bloom. Low water levels in the early Spring prevented the Trustees from performing the usual bi-annual ocean cut in March; this bi-annual letting of the Pond introduces salinity and provides a crucial temporary restoration of healthy water conditions.

As water levels rose later in subsequent months due in large part to heavy rainfall , conditions were established for disaster. The Southampton Trustees have addressed similar issues in Mecox Bay and Sagaponack Pond, by taking emergency measures, while Georgica Pond is still living with these conditions.

Despite the urging of private citizens, and the data-informed recommendation of a well-regarded scientist, the trustees have stalled applying for an emergency permit from the NYS DEC to open the pond. One problem is that there are nesting piping plovers on the eastern side of the pond. The protection of the endangered birds should not be overlooked, but should be balanced against concerns for human and pet health.

Even though there are numerous local and state bodies involved in this process, this is not a time for complacency and political squabbling. It is a time for urgency, efficiency, and collaboration. Constantly Working Dear Editor,. There is a paragraph near the end concerning the Marine Science Lab that I run at Southampton High School that paints the lab and my efforts there in a negative light because of its brevity and contents that are not based in fact.

The lab itself is not only housing one single group of clownfish. During the last year and a half, I have worked to bring in over 30 species of marine fish and invertebrates, 13 of which are actively breeding pairs or groups of fish.

Out of those 13 breeding species of fish, six of them are regularly sold to pet stores in the area, and three have never before been successfully bred by any other facility in the world. The lab also houses 15 species of coral, 10 species of algae, and three species of zooplankton that the students are. Ed Gifford actively involved in culturing.

The majority of these coral and planktonic species are also sold to local pet stores as often as weekly. As of this year, we have made several thousand dollars through the sale of fish, coral, zooplankton, and algae. Monetizing a marine science lab or aquaculture facility takes a great deal of time due to many different factors. Fish must first be obtained as single individuals and paired off. The pairs of fish must then be conditioned through. This process can take a great deal of time and most pairs of fish begin spawning within a year.

After these broodstock pairs spawn, their offspring have to reach appropriate market size. The total retail value of all of the juvenile fish Continued On Page There is a large gap in these numbers because some of the fish are sold to local vendors at a lower, wholesale price, while others are sold for full retail through aquarium clubs, online marketplaces, and personal contacts.

I am constantly working to fill our growout systems with juvenile fish in order to reach our eventual goal of covering the labs costs. To that end, my understanding of the proposal, which lead to the creation of my position, did include the offset of the cost by the sale of product in five years. As stated above, it takes up to a year for some of the species we raise to reach a sellable size.

My duties as aquarist do not stop at raising and caring for all of these different organisms. I also package and market all of our products to local vendors. I am responsible for reaching out to local stores, providing them with samples, negotiating prices, and making deliveries as far away as New Jersey and Connecticut on my own time.

We have also fostered relationships with local leaders in the field of aquaculture. We have students this year who are working through internships at the Stony Brook Southampton Marine Station because of our involvement and contacts. At the moment we are helping graduate students from Stony Brook University design an experimental aquarium system in our greenhouse that will be used for their Ph.

D research over the summer. Fostering relationships often involves giving tours of our facility to other professionals in the field and to community members. Different grade levels within the Southampton school district tour the lab on a regular basis as the lab fits into their curriculum.

We are directly responsible for helping to design and launch similar programs. He has a strong personality. He taught me about the rules to follow to make a good life for yourself. He was very stern and strict. But I was allowed to do what I liked so long as I understood what was the right thing to do.

Tristan Huntley My dad was strict. Strict but wonderful. He always wanted me to attend school and do well. He wanted me to always be polite and caring. All the good adjectives. Kimberly Marchese My dad is a very hardworking person. He was very supportive of my sister and I growing up. He always helped with our homework. He was a really good dad. These schools have been provided with starter cultures of algae and zooplankton as well as marine fish eggs to get their programs off the ground.

All students that take classes in the Marine Science lab are given the unique opportunity to be completely immersed in the subject matter through hands-on experience. Every student that passes through the lab learns, at a minimum, how to care for an aquarium and how this related to the bodies of water that Long Island is surrounded by. Students that choose to take more advanced classes learn a wide variety of essential laboratory skills including, but not limited to microscopy, sterile technique, record keeping and data recording, animal husbandry, bacterial plating, chemical testing, and the basics of biosecurity.

The money generated by the lab is also made available to students that wish to design and complete independent research projects. After submitting a mock grant proposal to their peers, their project budgets can be approved and their research can begin. Just this year, two students took advantage of this opportunity, one of which is completing a research paper based on his findings.

Every one of these students will have a distinct leg up on their classmates in college should they decide to pursue a career in any type of science. I completely understand that every person and entity is entitled to his or her own opinion.

If your publication finds value in what I have written, but was not aware of it because you declined to do any research and were simply looking for one more inflammatory punch up for a story about incidents that occurred over a year ago, then I am very disappointed. I would also respectfully ask that you print a correction to and apology for this portion of your story.

If you would like more information about the lab or to take a tour and see the facility for yourselves, I invite you to contact me at any time. On November 14, , Governor Cuomo signed legislation creating the new license authorizing the creation of custom craft production centers where craft beverage enthusiasts, hobbyists and other amateur brewers, vintners, and cider makers can utilize the expertise, space, and equipment of existing facilities to produce craft beverages for personal consumption.

New York's craft beverage industry is one of the fastest growing in the nation, however in urban and suburban areas, residents often cannot afford or do not have access to the appropriate space or equipment to manufacture products at home. In addition to providing space and lowering the overhead costs, the new custom production centers will also increase demand for locally-grown ingredients, generate revenue for New York's small craft manufacturers, and provide expert hands-on training for hobbyists and those exploring joining the growing ranks of craft producers across New York State.

Children under 12 are free. We have kittens! All sizes, shapes and colors! In Stock Materials Only. Not Responsible for Typographical Errors. Please call PETS or visit our website at www. The core of the rebirth is the smooth ride of the new fleet of buses manufactured by the Setra Division of Daimler-Benz.

A roundtrip ride revealed some changes in features,. As far as physical features are concerned, the seats are soft leather, and spaced far enough apart to allow almost full, infinitely adjustable reclining. For overhead stowage, Hampton Luxury Liner has chosen an angled shelf rather than a hinged door design.

Anyone who needs to go to the back of the bus while the bus is moving, can hold on to the welldesigned, sculpted handles located on the corner of every seat. Since each passenger has some urgency When the buses were early, they chose to wait at the stop rather than down the street out of reach, allowing the passengers to get settled early.

The ride was shorter than the traditional three hours, since there were no Manorville or airport connection stops. Wallace, and Will Raynor. Besides providing traditional canoeing, swimming, hiking,. Come shop handmade goods at the arts and crafts fair featuring local artisans, photography, wood. Throughout Main Street and the business district, select merchants bring their wares onto the sidewalk with special deals and promotions.

For more information, visit their website at sagharborchamber. Cuomo announced that the application for the Excelsior Scholarship is now open. When fully implemented, the Excelsior Scholarship, in combination with other aid programs, will allow 52 percent of resident full-time students to attend a SUNY or CUNY two-year or four-year college tuition-free. Recipients must also plan to live in New York State for the length of time they received the award.

To apply to attend college tuition-free, go to hesc. For a full schedule of events throughout the weekend, visit www. This race is for everyone from seasoned triathletes looking to go all out in preparation for upcoming sprint and Olympic distance races to the first-timer who just wants to prove they can do it.

The course, located in East Hampton, consists of a beautiful yard bay swim, 7-mile scenic bike, and a 1. Watch the sunset over the beach as you celebrate your success. One hundred percent of the entry fee goes to support the award winning i-tri Transformation Through Triathlon program.

Tickets are currently on sale at www. Jonathan Glynn, a Sag Harbor pilot who flew to Haiti after the earthquake in and built his first school, is now raising funds to build another one. He has been deeded close to seven acres of land in the rural farming village of Ranquitte, the location of a dilapidated school that is no longer in use. Villagers desperately need a new school for up to impoverished children who do not have a place to go. The fundraiser will be held on Saturday at the Watermill Center.

All of the proceeds will go toward this project. The event includes an art show, silent auction, live music, food, and cocktails. For further information, call Jonathan Glynn at or Coco Myers at , and visit www. Chelsea Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky, 3. Stephen Colbert, 5. Tom Palmer, Elizabeth Sulcer. The Gordon Parks Foundation Awards dinner and auction celebrating the arts and humanitarianism is always a very inspiring event.

The late Gordon Parks is one of my favorite photographers of all time and his body of work contains some of the most significant imagery of our times. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. A special musical performance by Grammy Continued On Page Caitlin Fitzgerald, 2. Keith Lieberthal, Julianna Margulies, 3. Aziz Ansari, 4. Rachel Dratch, 5. Simon Doonan, Jonathan Adler. Salma Hayek, 3. Lea Thompson, 4. Carla Gugino.

People rocked and rolled for sure. It was an event that benefits the storytelling nonprofit The Moth. Thelma Golden, 3. Damian Loeb, Zoya Loeb, 4. Peter Beard, Nejma Beard. Cast of Hair, 2. Will Swenson, 3. Laurie Eustis, Oskar Eusti, 4. Charl Brown, 5. Eric William Morris.

Help-When You Need It! Robert E. Call The Independent to find out how our experienced Sales and Design Teams can create an advertising campaign tailored to suit your business. For the life of your trees. Runs perfect. Asking 25K. Rick To set up an interview please send email to: Jim indyeastend. Willing to travel. Tree removal, pruning, etc.

Planting of trees and shrubs. Hedge and bush trimming, etc. Loves to play with other dogs. Lots of energy but also likes to relax with his human. No issues. Quiet not a barker. Currently in foster. Locally Owned Since Steve Graboski, Builder Amagansett, N. E Call Eric ufn www. Children and parents work together to gain useful tips and easy to implement recipes that will make enjoying a healthy lifestyle much easier.

Learn everything from healthy food boosters to the power of great grains. Participants will discover ways to incorporate healthy foods into everyday meals, as well as By Laura Field. Package deals are also available for all sessions, and you can pre-register online at wfeh. For more information about times and dates visit wfeh. Accumulated dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens can directly effect the quality of your indoor air.

Monday, July 31, through Friday, August 4. For more information, email info shelterislandhistorical. Bulldog Ball Club www. Based in East Hampton for the summer, the multisport camp is now open for registration. All children can enjoy sports with the right coaching and approach.

Camp offerings include soccer, flag football, and basketball in the mornings and baseball or softball in the afternoon. All coaches are year-round professional youth sports coaches. SoFo Camp www. Visit their website to learn more. YMCA East Hampton RECenter Summer Day Camp offers a robust and fun-filled camp program, which provides children with positive developmental experiences and encourages them to forge bonds with each other and with staff, enhancing confidence through skill- building activities suited to their age.

Children can experience a sense of achievement through opportunities in the outdoors and are welcomed to a physically and Summer day campers are also able to explore creativity, teamwork, and leadership in a wide range of physically active programs that influence lifelong healthy living. The Art Farm www.

The Art Farm on Wheels hits the road! Small groups and tailored schedules that meet the desires of each camper create the unique Art Farm experience. Mornings are about being active, challenged, informed, and fulfilled while exploring. Afternoons add a chance for creativity, time spent nurturing the animals, teamwork. Camp Shakespeare www. Going into its 18th year, Camp Shakespeare is a fun, creative, and welcoming place for kids and teens, ages eight to Activities involve acting, improvisation, movement, voice, and theatrical arts and crafts, and are led by trained theater educators in an atmosphere of discovery and cooperation.

Each weeklong session culminates in a performance for family and friends. Camp Shakespeare is held on the expansive grounds of and within beautiful St. Camp Invention Camp Invention gives boys and girls the opportunity to investigate circuits, disassemble household appliances, and much more. As they dream, build, and make discoveries, they will have a chance to examine science and technology concepts during team-building exercises.

It runs from July 31 through August 4 at Springs School. East Hampton Indoor Tennis www. The Davis Cup Tennis Program provides top summer tennis instruction on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis. Players of all skill levels are welcome to attend and each camper is placed into an appropriate group. East Hampton Sports Camp SPORTIME offers children between the ages of three and 13 an exciting program of sports and games that includes tennis, baseball, swimming, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, capture-the-flag, and more!

Experienced art and music teachers also provide campers with a variety of creative activities, special events, and fun theme days. The Country School Summer Camp The Country School Summer Camp is for kids ages two and a half through seven. There is a full range of activities to choose from, including art, music, gymnastics, jewelry making, team sports, swimming, and much more. Located on Industrial Road in Wainscott — call for dates and rates.

The Cornell Cooperative Extension sponsors a sleepaway and day camp for youngsters eight through Includes training in outdoor survival, marine science, forest, pond, and woodlands study. Beginning June 26, camps will run at the Bridgehampton farm Monday through Friday. Sign up for one week or the season for kids ages four to 12 from AM to 1 PM. Raynor Country Day School The best gift you can give a child.

Kids can enjoy an all-inclusive summer camp offering both indoor and outdoor options. A mature and experienced staff is on hand. Located in Westhampton Beach. Future Stars Camp Future Stars Camps is offering junior summer camps focusing on multi sport, soccer, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball programs.

Future Stars Southampton LLC, which operates the 46,square-foot, state of the art indoor complex, is an affiliate. Buckskill Tennis Club Located in East Hampton, the Buckskill Tennis Club offers a program to help develop wellrounded tennis players. Instruction is given in form, technique, fitness, and proper tennis etiquette. Specifically designed for campers with disabilities. Each session is designed to help the campers children and young adults up to the age of 21 achieve equality, dignity, and maximum independence through a safe and quality program of camping, recreation, and education in a sleepaway environment.

The camp. The Girl Scouts Camp www. Camp Blue Bay Sleepaway Camp, located in East Hampton, provides girls with an outdoor experience in which campers can choose to live in a troop house or go tent camping. A variety of program choices are available for one or two week sessions. Girls will participate in general camp activities including swimming, boating, crafts, nature, campfires, and more. Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts can sign up. Emphasis is placed on effort over talent, team concepts, and core fundamentals.

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