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This is in direct comparison with the second statement that shows how your work benefited the company greatly. Talk about your internship experience, volunteering work, or any achievements at your place of education.

Are you recent engineering graduate? Make sure to check out our student resume guide! Now, you may need more information. If so, here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions that we get:. Need more information? Check out our guide on how to list education on a resume. This is done by looking at the job description, and then comparing the skills needed with the skills you already have.

Put all relevant skills on your resume. Here are the most commonly used skills for a software engineer resume:. The above sections should be enough to get you onto the shortlist, but adding some extra sections could be the deciding factor between you and another candidate.

Even though you will unlikely need to speak an alternative language in your job, the skill is still impressive to any recruiter. As such, feel free to add a language section if you have space. Unlike a generic resume that has been sent to ten other companies, a cover letter shows the recruiter that you want to work for their company. As the recruiter will likely skim through your application, you need to win their attention within the first few sentences.

Use concise language to mention:. For more inspiration, read our step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter. Featured In:. Publications - Are you an IT thought leader? Let the recruiter know with a few choice links to articles you've published on software design, containerization, or big data!

Hobbies and Interests - This may seem irrelevant at first, but, like volunteering experience, they help to portray you as a human rather than just as a candidate. Adding this type of non-traditional coding school and education to your resume is more and more common these days.

Plus, it looks great to recruiters, especially for software developer resumes with little experience. Do the same for courses you took for other skills you want to show, such as leadership, communication, or business, for instance. Additional Activities - Have other life experiences or activities which may benefit your chances of landing that tech interview but nowhere to put them?

Here you can put things like conferences you attended or better yet, spoke at , side projects you have, and other projects and pursuits. A cover letter may not exactly be part of a resume, but you definitely ought to include one with your resume. Tailor your software engineering cover letter to the job description. Highlight key skills, experience, qualifications, and other items which support your claim.

And just before you send off your application, do a quick resume review to be certain all is in order, from your resume format through to your relevant skills section. Reread the software engineer job description to see if there's anything you missed.

If possible, get a friend, family member, or roommate to proofread your documents or resume builder draft. Now, send your perfect resume off to the hiring manager or IT recruiter, and fingers crossed you land your dream job!

Christian Eilers is a career expert who writes about resumes, cover letters, and the employment process. Want to get invited to interview for your dream job? Use this downloadable resume template to start crafting your best resume ever. Check out the curated resources below to get actionable advice on creating your best resume ever. Use these practical tips and tricks from professional recruiting experts to ensure your resume stands out from the crowd!

Check out the best resume format for senior software developers and design a resume that goes straight to the hands of recruiters. Featuring your experience only on a resume might not be the best strategy. Make sure you include the most relevant skills to stand out.

There are plenty of sites that offer free resume templates, but how to choose? Space on a resume is valuable real estate. Learn how to prioritize what to put on a resume and craft one that lands you interviews. Use the tech stack-specific software engineer resume examples below for some inspiration before you create your own. Still have some questions about resumes?

Check the following resume frequently asked questions — and their answers. Have you ever been told that your resume must only be one page long? If you're a recent grad or a junior developer, one page might be sufficient. However, if you're a seasoned developer, you may need up to two pages to cover all the crucial information that makes you a competitive candidate.

With that said, your resume should be concise, and as relevant to the job you're applying to as possible. On the one hand, technical recruiters don't usually spend more than seconds skimming through any given resume. But just as important: the 1-page or 2-pages rule sets up a constraint for you to only include the most relevant experiences and achievements.

When writing your resume, you should always make sure the highlighted skillsets, experiences, and achievements map onto the job description of any given job. What this means: your resume should look different for every job you're applying to. As a final reminder, try not to include every project you've contributed to or led simply because they seem meaningful to you. Always think from the hiring manager's point of view. Does the experience help them understand how your skills fit the role?

If not, consider leaving it out. While LinkedIn allows its users to essentially host their resumes — a summary, work experience, skills, education, certifications, and volunteer experience — on its platform, LinkedIn is really more about networking and gaining exposure. As your resume should be uniquely tailored to each job you apply to , your LinkedIn profile should only be an overview of your experience, your skillsets, and your connections.

If you're actively looking for new opportunities, we'd recommend tailoring your resume for each job. Once you click on a specific job's "Easy Apply" button, you'll see an option to "Upload Resume. Make sure the resume you attach follows the best practices we provide in other sections of this FAQ. Developers often include a separate "Skills" section on their resume that simply lists out their technical skills in bullet point form.

This is a great strategy, because hiring managers can quickly scan your resume to see what skills you possess. To showcase your hard skills, you should list some of the skills you possess in the following areas:. With that said, soft skills should be woven into your resume in succinct, story-telling bullet points. As the old saying goes, it's better show than tell when it comes to soft skills. When you're writing about your experiences, these are some of the soft skills you want to keep in mind:.

Your resume is the first impression you make on the hiring manager and is part of your self branding. What fonts are best? Feeling a little too overwhelmed by all the fonts out there? Just decide whether you want to use a serif font or a sans-serif font. Serifs are fonts with little lines at the end of each stroke in a letter while sans-serifs are those without lines at the end of each stroke.

Serifs tend to be easier to skim but a little old-fashioned, whereas sans-serifs might be tougher on the eye but modern, simple, and minimalistic. Besides what fonts you use, you should also make sure your font size is larger than 10pt. The standard font size is 12pt, but for names, job titles, and company names, you can either enlarge the font or bold the words for emphasis.

In addition to fonts, you should pay attention to white space, color schemes, and formats. If you want to show off your design skills, you can add in some unique design elements or even consider making your resume look like an infographic.

With that said, if design is not your strong suit, just keep your resume simple and clean. Still using "worked on" or "participated in" to start off your sentences on your resume? It's time to bring more power and action into your resume to show off your assertiveness and proactiveness. Here are some powerful action verbs to help you start each bullet point in your resume:.

Some technical "power-words" you can add in to the content of your experience and achievements include:. Instead of painting yourself as a passive participant, use action verbs to assert the active role you played in the completion of different projects. Already made your software engineer resume using the tips above? The next step: using resume review services to check if there's anything you've missed.

The best way to improve your resume is to get feedback from a senior developer with hiring experience. On Codementor, you can get personalized advice from technical interviewers, vetted mentors, and experienced developers from well-known companies. A resume checker tells you if your resume passes common applicant tracking systems, is visually clear, includes all essential information, and is convincing, compelling, and fully reflects your achievements.

Got your resume finished? Now it's time for the next challenge: preparing for your software engineer interview. Use these frequently asked questions and answers to land the job. Put your resume to use, and apply for the latest remote software engineer opportunities. Remote jobs. Remote companies.

For employers. Contact Information Section As you might have guessed, the first software engineering resume section is all about your contact details and personal information. Here are the important details to consider when preparing your contact information section: Name - First name and last name is fine, but a middle name or initial could help in cases where there are many others with similar names on Google and LinkedIn. Add it only if you need to highlight you are a local candidate for an IRL position Website - A personal portfolio website is a great supplement to your resume for software engineer jobs.

Introduction Paragraph Hiring managers and IT recruiters spend an average of six seconds scanning through every single resume the first time around, which is really no time at all. So, write an irresistible introduction paragraph to capture their attention. And, a quick pro tip — Write your career objective or resume summary paragraph last. A bad software developer resume example: And a good SWE resume sample: Note that there are many ways to organize the education section of your senior or junior software developer resume.

Here are the must-have elements: Degree - If you've earned a degree, the first line of each entry should be the degree name and your major. And some optional items to consider: GPA - Adding your grade point average is often problematic, as anything much less than a perfect GPA will turn them off.

Skills Section The software engineering resume skills area should be well thought out. Personal Projects Section Software developers are a passionate, dedicated, enterprising bunch, and you likely have some or many personal projects, open source contributions, or freelance work to show off. Other Important Parts of a Resume Above are some of the most common and important sections to include on a resume for software engineer positions, but other areas may help your chances, as well.

And finally — A software engineer cover letter. Just be sure to use it wisely. Arc makes it easier for developers to find remote jobs and build amazing remote careers. View 1, remote job openings. How long should a resume be? How to add resume to LinkedIn? Upload it as a "Featured Media. The catch: the resume you upload is likely a generic resume that doesn't specifically cater to the exact jobs you're interested in. Resumes as "Featured Media" may be useful for providing extra information about you to proactive recruiters, or for displaying your design abilities, but these resumes are still rather generic.

What skills should I put on my resume? To showcase your hard skills, you should list some of the skills you possess in the following areas: Programming languages Operating systems Data structures Database software Web frameworks API design Debugging tools Project management tools UI and UX design skills Make sure you use standardized spelling of technical terms — if in doubt, check!

When you're writing about your experiences, these are some of the soft skills you want to keep in mind: Critical thinking skills Collaboration ability Self-driven attitude Communication skills Conflict resolution skills Troubleshooting skills User-centric mindset Leadership skills. What is the best font for resume?

The same applies to your resume. Calibri: It's a sans-serif font that's professional and easy to read. However, it's quite an ordinary font. Cambria: It's serif font that's easy to read, especially when the font size is small. However, it can be seen as a little too traditional or old-fashioned. Helvetica: It's a minimalistic, iconic, and easy-to-read sans-serif.

However, if you're using a Windows computer, you'll have to purchase it. Georgia: Like Cambria, it's a serif font that's easy on the eyes. With that said, it's a pretty generic font, so it wouldn't highlight your sensitivity to design. Verdana: The sans-serif sister to Georgia, Verdana is great for smaller fonts.


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Use this example to create your new resume. Choose from resume templates and gazillion customization options. Working closely with the staff in each area to ensure the knowledge and safety of patients. Applying learned principles of interpersonal relationships. High school graduate or equivalent level of educational competency.

Well developed communication skills, both written and oral. So it makes sense to account for synonyms,acronyms, and other iterations of a keyword. In the example above, the resume contains both. How to Choose a Resume Writing Service. We looked at several factors when choosing our top resume writing services.

For that reason, choosing a resume format the puts your assets in the best light is critical. Employers want to hire people who come with a solid work history and a great mix of hard and soft skills. Hardware Engineer Cover Letter. El lugar del hombre en la naturaleza. El de abril comparece ante los jueces para defenderse contra los acreedores.

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You should avoid using a combined CV if you. Students, professionals, and senior executives and administrative employees will have their chance to acquire the CV that suits their needs. Students and fresh graduates usually have a limited working background. Project Management, Networking, Web Development.

Who should use a chronological resume. To change or withdraw your consent choices for TheBalanceCareers. It is important to make a positive impression via your resume from the start, so make sure this section has an impact. Here you should underline the key points in your work history and focus on your most relevant achievements.

There are a number of tried and true CNA job searching sites that are specific to CNAs that can help you find local opportunities. Here are a few of the more popular ones. If your resume lands with a company, it will get scanned into an ATS an applicant tracking system; a piece of software that speeds up the hiring process and makes the job of a recruiter easier. The cookie is set by Google Analytics and is used to throttle the request rate.

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But to get in the door, the call center representative resume will have to show you have a firm comprehension of customer service practices and principles, as well as a good grasp of developing resolution that works for both client and employer. Impactful resources, insightful articles, personal reflections and ideas on the topics you care about.

Career Assistance for People with Autism. Website Redesign by Captivate Designs. Please Enable JavaScript Easily create, edit, and share a standout resume to get hired faster. Credit cards accepted. All Rights Reserved. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Nowadays, many companies are moving towards Agile development, rather than waterfall, so you will want to address if you are familiar with the Agile process too.

An easier way of showcasing is listing each stack under each described project on your resume. A link to a GitHub compilation also serves this purpose well. You want to convey your knowledge and experience to a recruiter in an instant. For digital experts like you, self-study is of high relevance to stay up-to-date. Books, projects, podcasts, you name it, can join this list. Tip Number 2: Action Verbs do the Trick. Your next employer wants to be enchanted with words that work magic on their minds.

Tip Number 3: Adjust your resume to the position. Your profile summary should, ideally, not go over two sentences. You cramp two sentences full of experience, knowledge, qualifications, and motivations. All this while repeating what the recruiter and your potential future department is looking for. A slightly catered summary for the position, with a reminder of your capabilities matching the, looked for candidate profile, should aid the hasty readers.

Excelling in full-stack development, particularly the MEAN stack. I enjoy coding, testing, and integration. Seeking anew challenges and opportunities to leverage. Holds a BS in CS with many recent study certifications. In after-work classes, I teach colleagues and students with great enjoyment to use AngularJS and my other coding skills.

No matter where you are in your Software Development career, try incorporating these responsibilities under your employment history:. Employers love numbers because it makes your experiences feel more tangible. For instance:. To show employers that you have the soft skills they are looking for, try to incorporate these into your profile, key skills, and cover letter sections:.

Never make your employment history sound like a massive list of tasks. Instead, help potential employers envision you performing the job by using these Software Developer specific action verbs:. Click here to see an example Software Developer cover letter. What you can read in this article.