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Muliebrity essay

There is usage of enjambement in the verse form. A really simple tone and linguistic communication is used in the verse form. The poet says that she has thought so much about the miss. The poet ponders on why the miss does something that isnt normally expected to be done by her and emphasiss on the self-respect of labour demoing how. She is impressed by the misss committedness and dedication to her work. A really positive attack is shown towards the work done.

The poet. Even further in the verse form. The poet besides describes the malodor of the ambiance in which the miss has to work. On the contrary. The miss picks up droppings outside a temple. The poet interprets this occupation as one which is really respectful. She uses ocular imagination. The odors besiege the poet individually and at the same time. The poet says that she doesnt want to utilize the miss as a metaphor.

Lawrence In the poem 'An Anniversary'; the poet describes the relationship and it's breakdown as two leaves on a river, this is and example of ' The poet, very intricately describes the feminine movements and attitude of the girl toward her job. Even further in the poem, the author depicts the independence of the girl, as she says power glistening through her cheekbones. The poet also describes the stench of the atmosphere in which the girl has to work, as she says smell of cow-dung and smell of monkey-breath.

On the contrary, the smell of freshly washed clothes and of canna lilies is also mentioned, which tells us that though the girls job is not very dignified, the poet approaches the girl very positively. The girl picks up dung outside a temple, which shows that she is serving the society. The poet interprets this job as one which is very respectful. She uses visual imagery, as she describes the surroundings of the girl and the repulsive smells in so much detail, that the audience would be able to imagine the situation.

The smells besiege the poet separately and simultaneously, which tells us that though all these smells are present together, she describes them individually so that it has a deeper impact on the readers. The poet says that she doesnt want to use the girl as a metaphor, and as a role model for every other woman, but she doesnt want to forget the girl, who retained the womanhood in her, irrespective of her job.

The poet explores all the feminine qualities of a woman through this poem, elegance, pride, dignity, independence and the way a woman presents herself to the world, having a strong and powerful personality. The poet indirectly conveys to her audience how an ideal woman should be, possessing all the above qualities, and even though the poet mentions that she doesnt want to use the girl as a metaphor, she subtly expresses that every woman should exhibit such traits.

Even as the girl picks up cow dung, she feels good about herself, as she is doing this job for her living, and she takes pride in it, which is what the poet tries to tell the audience. The image of the girl is portrayed very well, and the author uses the girl effectively to explore womanhood.

Aristophanes' play "Qesmoforiazogsai" "The Poet and the Women" is an excellent comedy. Standing the test of time and the often diminishing process of translation into English it remains amusing today just as it doubtlessly was to its original Athenian audience. It is a well-controlled comedy with a fluent plot, striking dialogue and intelligent characterisation. But above all it passes the Cue the hysteria. By the s, girls outnumbered boys in public One thing we know Millions of girls and women have been mutilated by the practice of FGM At this time, the world is unprepared to assist women and girls affected by FGM or seeking to avoid the practice.

In Stone's poem, In the poem, the author does not describe the difficulty and complexity of being a poet directly.



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