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Not only do we employ a team of writers, we also have a full team of expert editors and proof readers. Self editing is difficult. You are often too close to the material, and your eyes often see what they think they should see rather than what is actually there. Our expert editors can assess your paper and tell you if you need to add or cut certain details, if the flow and structure works, and if the paper is engaging and entertaining while still getting your point across.

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Every paper is checked with anti-plagiarism tools Proper references and citations included. Our customers. Learn more about GMercyU's accreditation. You can also view our current accreditation status. The colleagues, contacts, and friends you meet will inspire you. Applicants who cannot meet one or more of the above requirements are encouraged to contact the Program Director for a review of qualifications. Learn more about GMercyU's online and accelerated financial aid and tuition.

You must complete at least 27 credit hours of coursework and practicum experience at Gwynedd Mercy University while completing your EdD with us. We will carry out a Prior Learning Assessment PLA before your program begins and develop tailored coursework and practicum experiences that respect your previous experiences.

The credit value of your practicum may vary between credits depending upon the breadth and depth of your prior learning. In all, your program will take no more than 18 months to complete. Required courses for all ABD completion students include:. If you wish to become eligible for a Superintendent Letter of Eligibility, the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires hours of district office practicum.

You may also need to take the following prerequisites:. If you wish to obtain Certification as a Supervisor of Special Education, the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires hours of central office practicum experience. Doctorate in Education: Leadership in Higher Education. To review course descriptions, please refer to the graduate catalog.

Learn more about how you can complete your accelerated doctorate in education with our innovative online ABD completion program. Call or send an e-mail to accelerate gmercyu. You also can begin your application online now! Looking for a full doctorate in education program? Gwynedd Mercy University's innovative Online Accelerated Executive Doctorate in Education: Leadership and Teaching and Learning is a credit program, which can be completed in less than three years.

The Accelerated Executive EdD program prepares you for the highest levels of education leadership. The exact nature of the roles you pursue will vary depending on your area of interest and previous experience, but job prospects should be good.

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The country that invented the PhD is also one of the most affordable places to study a doctorate in Europe. Germany's public universities. Best Affordable Online Colleges for Doctoral Programs · All Tuitions Under $17,, High Salary Scores · Loma Linda University · Online Doctoral. Texas Tech University · New Mexico State University · California Coast University · Valdosta State University · The American College of Education · Need help finding.