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Technology rules our lives essay

Also read: Importance of technology in education. The great technological revolution has brought about online databases, personalized web pages, discussion rooms and chat rooms. The Information technology sector has fully transformed human communication with the likes of instant messaging, video conferencing and emails. Technology has helped people to construct bridges to reduce the distance in their head. One drawback that has come with all this is the changing of people into lethargic beings owing to the high technological trends.

Computerization, automation and robotics are on the move to transform our lives. Getting the robotics implemented will help us to get cheaper labor and higher efficiency which will result in more productivity. Technology caught the world by storm and the advancements that are still being made with each passing day are without doubt hitting the world with a bang.

Technology has definitely changed the way we live our lives in a big way making everything much easier and faster. It has turned the world into a global village and it is no longer necessary for one to physically be in a place to be able to communicate with someone or perform some other activity. So, we can say that technology has greatly impacted our lives.

Technology has really impacted our lives in negative and positive, both ways. There is no doubt that technology is really important in our lives, but we need to be selective how we use it. My thoughts on this topic are that Technology is a two face sword. Human beings should use it in good way to serve the humanity. The impact of technology is really great that it has completely changed our lifestyle. Computers, Internet, Gadgets all these things have changed our working system totally and our productivity has increased unbelievably.

Another thing is that we,humans abuse it and use it to hurt and harm others. I need an essay under topic, Write an essay on any technology and its significant effect on lives, can some one help me. Your email address will not be published. My Essay Point. Positive and negative impact of cell phones. Role of technology in economic development. Danny says:. October 20, at pm.

Karma says:. November 16, at pm. RAY says:. April 30, at pm. Qu33n B September 12, at pm. Bebe says:. First, as we develop self-awareness, we observe and evaluate our thoughts, feelings, and behavior based on past experience, current needs, and future goals.

It is not surprising to see young children using mobile phones everywhere to do almost everything from getting directions, connecting technology rules our lives essay with friends to reading online materials It can be agreed that Technology has a profound impact on many communities, however some people claim that it had an adverse impact on many societies.

We should not serve technology and allow our gadgets to control our lives, social skills or decisions. Works Cited. A home appliance such as refrigerators, washing machine, air-conditioners, Mixer grinder etcetera are so embedded in our modern lives that it is hard to imagine life without it.

Today we have various emerging technologies that impact our lives in different ways. Although it definitely has its benefits, sometimes we just need to unplug, so it's important. The things we can do in our modern world to save people's lives these days are incredible, and it's all because of technology. In the 21th century, it has played an important part in our lives.

The problem is not actually with the presence of technological advancements, but the way in which we dealt them with, …. In addition to its impact on culture itself, the Internet is enormously. This is so we can do more things in a shorter amount of time , expending the least amount of physical and mental energy possible Our life revolves around technology and you can now control your heating and lights from your smartphone. Lesson Summary Technology is the application of scientific knowledge.

This case goes beyond party etiquette, it raises the important topic about ways technology can help us in our daily lives. Founding Computer and Information Ethics. So embracing it and learning how to use technology in whatever we do. We are so accustomed to using them that we barely notice their presence. The choices we make today, whether big or small will forever affect our future In summary, technology has a lot of effects on our free-time activities.

With the advent of gadgets like computer, mobile phone, camera you can now contact with everyone whenever you want and that too at the most reasonable technology rules our lives essay prices Yes,they do! However, their absence can spell trouble for a lot of us Technology has changed so many of the ways in which we live our lives, from the invention of the wheel to the advanced systems we use and take for granted everyday.

Information technology has a tremendous influence on many aspects of our lives. We use whenever, whatever it is, no matter it is doing loss. This paper evaluates the positive and negative ways in which technology has impacted human life Home — Essay Samples — Information Science — Impact of Technology — How Technology Changed Our Lives This essay technology rules our lives essay has been submitted by a student.

Technology is being implemented in almost every aspect of our lives and business function. Only time will tell if these unmanned aircraft will become a widespread part of our law enforcement Today we are going to review such a popular online writing service called Essayzoo. Along with many advantages, it provided us in every field, a lot of negative effects of technology are also there in many aspects.

A key requirement is that we technology rules our lives essay should be in control. And in our time this means that we must save ourselves from the products that we are asked to buy in order, ultimately, to replace ourselves. I think that social media is a platform where you can do whatever you want,we can learn alot of things here by you tube like -dance ,painting,cooking etc. Research is also simplified. From drinking milk in the morning to attending your least favorite lecture, from buying a blue shirt instead of a green shirt at your favorite store to adding an extra spoon of sugar in your coffee, from painting your bedroom wall pink to drunk-dialing your crush — you take a plethora of decisions, make choices, and bear the consequences While this technology in law enforcement is currently available, the widespread use of unmanned aircrafts has been slow to take off due to regulations and critique from members the public.

Personal computers, mobile phones, CCTV cameras, GPS systems, among other forms of technology technology rules our lives essay have directly impacted human life. Moreover, social networking applications. In both our work and our leisure, I think, we should be so employed. Remember, you should not hand in any of these essays as your own work, as we do not condone plagiarism! As a conclusion , technology changed our life into a simple and easy situation without questions.

Change that the Internet is not just a technology, but a cultural artifact in its own right. The youth is the future of our nation; they can make or break the. As we continue to use new technologies, we will continue to see change. Is technology limiting creativity?

This essay technology rules our lives essay will elaborate both positive and negative aspects of technology on our lives and thus lead to a logical conclusion info aciiranchapter. It's human nature! Conclusion- Summarize overall thesis sentences. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. You can view samples of our professional work here Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays It has become a global means of communication in our everyday lives.

In the world today, people cannot live without technologies such as televisions, mobile phones, computers and technology rules our lives essay others. But not all argumentative essay topics …. Our existence comprises of choices that we make. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Technology: Mobile Phone and Technology Essay.

Information technology has greatly developed in recent years. Almost everything that we see around us is the gift of science and technology. I believe in the freedom of choice. We should not develop technology because of itself, but to develop it, because it adds value to society and simplifies human life The computer technologies we see in society today has changed our lives very markedly. Be it the smart-phones, fan, wheel, vehicles, cloth, paper, toothbrush, electricity, microwave, vehicles, radio, television, laptops, etc.

Technology has made a great impact on individuals and the society as a whole. And in our time this means that we must technology rules our lives essay save ourselves from the products that we are asked to buy in order, ultimately, to replace ourselves.

We can get any information, talk to anyone in any corner of the world at a much fast speed. He argues that most of the. Forside; Om os. However, their absence can spell trouble for a lot of us Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Tell us about something you do simply for the pleasure of it.

Technology does a lot to make things in life easier , faster , and more efficient. Technology was once taboo in most house holds while people still clung to the idea that life was built on life experiences Technology has simplified our lives in several ways including providing on-the-go services, easy access to information, internet of things, improved entertainment services, advanced communication tools and has always encouraged creativity, talent and innovations enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Technology has increased life technology rules our lives essay expectancy in humans by improving healthcare techniques. All the things starting from a needle to luxurious cars. Such a device that changes the way we work live, and play is a special one, technology rules our lives essay indeed. Only time will tell if these unmanned aircraft will become a widespread part of our law enforcement vinita chauhan May 25, We gain our self-identities in two ways. This incredible invention is the computer Information technology has greatly developed in recent years.

We cannot ignore the fact that social media is one of the biggest element that is present in our lives today.


A powerful tool, that contemporary society uses not only to entertain. It shows us exactly what they want us to see, hear, feel and believe. Therefore we need to be aware that our own lives are not tainted in a negative way through this communication between ourselves and an industry trying to diminish our sense of individuality and shape us into what they themselves want.

My research delves into the in-depth processes in which messages are delivered to our eyes and ears, through the news, newspapers, magazines and radio in what the effects of the conglomeration of. Our planet is regularly changing in a mode that makes us push technology as far as possible in all parts of life.

Undoubtedly, everything in this life regularly has positive and negative sides. Technology was part of the way a methodology of development of right on time people. The mere mortals are working in the same guideline much the same as after a few centuries, which is securing new plans and advancing thoughts to make their lives much less demanding to handle.

Technology structures or shows up as a consequence of requests and intentions, for instance prove infers that the idea of the wheel was a standout amongst the most critical discoveries and innovative plans that made a gigantic change in transportation requisitions.

From the …show more content… It causes brain problems due to causing extra stress while using those devices. When you look down to those devices, it causes neck pains. The modern types of televisions that are designed in 3D screen have more harmful effects on human. This screen is hurtful for human on the grounds that many individuals can't stand the monstrous force of it.

Electromagnetic radiations might have unknown dangers to pregnant women from using modern technologies now sitting in front of the 3 D televisions has a massive impact on their pregnancy. Some imagine that it might expedite obesity since technology furnishes very nearly everything for a single person, for example quick and agreeable transportation modes, which thusly make them overlook that activities and working out is exceptionally indispensable for their health.

People can shop online, and technology can provide everything for them that might lead to weight problems. It is true most of the people spend most of their time on the internet or watching television in place of animated. It is an exercise in futility and people do not even move while they are using the internet.

They use their physical vigor on the internet, so they have an absence of practice. At the same time, obesity causes many other health problems like blood pressure, and diabetes besides making. Get Access. Essay Technological Determinism Words 5 Pages study of new media. Read More. Forster Words 6 Pages insight into a world where technology is in every aspect of our lives. Creating balance will help you enjoy the benefits of technology without becoming a mindless internet zombie.

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It has become an essential part of most our lives because we, as a human species, have always had this deep desire to communicate, and to communicate over distance. The obstruction of connecting two regions has drastically decreased due to the fact that we now have mobile phones, Internet, and social media to make life easier. Faber realizes the danger of technology, but also the importance of technology. The danger because if it is overused it will have the ability to take over society.

The importance because technology is also necessary in a society used for communication etc. Despite how important people think technology is, it could at the same time also be ruining society, without people even. This issue tackles a major issue in our society and affects the well being of it. I think it would be difficult to get a people involved in this issue due to the issues it presents. Part of the problem is that many do not see the need for change and how it could benefit us as a society.

I also think that getting support by law makes could impede changes from occurring. One of the biggest changes that I see in social movements in our time is the way they are approached. Home computer and smartphone ownership have been on a steady rise over the last couple decades, with most homes now having multiple devices.

Therefore, having information available at all times has become a reality. This essay is informative because it shows how habits, and the mind, are changing because of the Internet. People have become so dependent on instant information:. Body Participation trophies seem like a great motivator at first, but it will start to wear off. Kids are smart and later as the season goes on, children start to care less about trying because they know they will be rewarded anyways. Not only do they underachieve, but their passion, competition, and desire for victory is lost because, why bother if everyone a trophy?

Even though the participation trophies do help with participation, that is all it does. In many cultures technology is considered unnecessary, and defies belief of staying within the guidelines of cultural backgrounds. The thought process is that by limiting exposure to technology keeps predators at bay. Societal acceptance is very hard to achieve in many areas, especially with the negative impacts that come with opening doors for technology growth. However, technology is not all negative; it can definitely improve processes, deliver communication at the speed of light, and offer easier more convenient methods.

Technology, shaping our life It is amazing, and at the same time frightening to look at a 4-year old kid using an I-pad, as to be one of his favorite toys, but do not freak out; it is normal nowadays. Technology is affecting our lives massively, by being helpful, and making our lives less difficult.

It is fast, reliable, easy to access and mostly a necessity. However, there are a lot of people that are skeptic about all the innovation that the technology is bringing to our society. Another opinion is that the technology is letting our human values flourish and is giving them their true shape form and dimension in our society. But which one is the? I believe the truth it is not black and white and we need to find a balance in both the ideas. Everybody is dependent by technology, for bad or good.

We use the technology because it saves us a lot of time, it helps us communicating, researching, navigating and all sort of things. I would describe it as a variety of tools, that it has been implemented now for more than 20 years in our everyday life , and our social and moral values, or even our understanding for the life itself it is going forward, parallel to the technology innovation.

Based on this argument I believe that it has come a time when we can separate our social values from technology, because technogy has played a big impact of being the actual source of this values. Show More. Read More. Modern Culture Ruining Children Words 5 Pages The amount of access children have to the Internet and devices leaves little to their imagination.

Fidget Spinners Essay Words 3 Pages They are fascinating children and adults all over the world, but are they truthfully a cure for challenging mental situations? Societal Change Research Paper Words 2 Pages Society is an ever changing entity, much to the disappointment of some people who believe that the change that is happening to society is wrong or destructive and that the values of previous generations are superior.

Communication In The Digital World Words 6 Pages Technology is vastly changing how people communicate and interact with each other that some fear it may be changing humanity for the worse. America's Gift To My Generation Words 2 Pages Have you ever thought about the things that have changed from generations in the past to generations now? Patriotism In American Culture Words 3 Pages Today, being part of Generation Z consists of technology, social media and living through innovations, however we often forget to acknowledge the gratitude for entitlements we have obtained.

Overuse Of Technology In Fahrenheit Words 2 Pages Faber realizes the danger of technology, but also the importance of technology. Health Care Social Movement Analysis Words 3 Pages This issue tackles a major issue in our society and affects the well being of it. Recent studies have proven that it is hardly even possible to multitask at using a phone while driving. In fact, only about two percent of drivers can successfully multitask. Its Putnam suggestion that increasing mobility has depleted social capital, as it takes time to develop roots to a new area.

Also TV has given us a way of relaxing, unwinding and being entertained at home, without having to interact with others. This change has had a huge impact on social interaction but Putnam never explores the possibility that discussing TV show can create bonds, which in many cases may be consider sallow at first but which develop over time like any other social connection.

Neither American nor America has been defined yet. When it comes down to it American means simply to have a green card or a born citizenship. America is the ONLY country with out a set race or culture. Imagine a kid solving a puzzle -which will help to develop his brain- instead of watching TV; also this kind of activities will keep him safe from violence. Ratings: I have seen a TV channel specifying violence ratings, I cannot recall the channel but every time I see it has violence on it I change the channel.

Sometime we start watching a program just to see if it appropriate or not to watch and then we realized that even it has violence we watched the entire TV show I think ratings will work just. Technology rules our lives. Take a moment to consider the ramifications of this statement and you will see just how ridiculous this idea is.

Our esteemed colleagues of the affirmative team would have you believe that your toaster or your microwave make your decisions for you. The fact is that technology does not rule us, we rule the technology. The remote control on your television is proof of that.

You tell the television when it can be on and how loud it can be. According to our definition, this means that technology does not, indeed cannot, rule our lives. We also cannot live without food, but no-one believes that burgers rule our lives. Whilst it is true that many people take inspiration from music, it is the music itself and not the iPod or mp3 player that has this influence. The concept of technology ruling our life implies that the technology in our lives makes choices for us.

The very idea that we re no longer in control of our own lives because we choose to use modern technology is preposterous. We have the choice of what to use and when to use it. We must also keep in mind that not everything we do involves technology. How many of you play, or have played, a sport?

Have you ever been camping?


From desktops to iPhones, the world we live in allows us to communicate with anybody with wireless access with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. From listening to our favorite songs, to going to the mall, technology has made everyday life more convenient. We can text on cellphones, connect on social media and facetime with little to no effort at all.

It really Is amazing to see how much technology has advanced and what it allows us to do today. Just 20 years ago, personal computers became small and affordable enough for families to buy and use them at home. Technology now is a concept that we cannot survive without; an average North American needs technology to, eat, entertain, to cook, and to do many other daily functions.

It helps us obtain knowledge through the internet, and it helps us entertain ourselves with games, movies, and music. Since then, technology has shown no signs of stopping or even slowing down, it almost makes you wonder how people lived just fifty years ago. Imagining attempting to live the way your grandparents or great grandparents did, seems unimaginable right? Now within the last 10 years, technology has evolved. With all the new technology that is introduced, it is difficult to see how technology can evolve.

But I can assure you that technology has done things over the years. For example, we can ravel all around the country without using a physical map. We also have computers and tablets that we can take anywhere, with internet that works at very high speeds. Also, with the help of Wi-Fi you could be at almost any location and still be able to access the internet.

But it also affected us negatively. Being aware of the harmful aspects of the overuse of electronics will help you avoid any unnecessary pitfalls. We have also compiled a list of reading material that delves deeper into this relatively new area of study.

Here are 5 negative effects technology can have: Increased Bullying The use of technology has caused an increase in bullying and escalated the degree of severity. Kids are no longer able to escape their tormentors once they reach the safety of their own homes. The increase in cyber-bullying has also led to an increase in Lack of Privacy The internet has stripped the world of privacy.

Long gone are the days of having an unlisted telephone number and staying offline to keep your information safe from prying eyes. For those with more sinister intentions, the use of phishing, viruses and hacking helps to find any information they wish to obtain.

Plus, people have no sense of privacy online. Think of the number of times you have been texting or talking to a friend and missed the opportunity to flirt with the hot guy standing beside you. There is also a rise in the number of injuries incurred by people texting while walking. Addiction People are not only dependent on technology they are also addicted to it. These are some of the same withdrawal symptoms you would expect from doing drugs. And finally Depression Technology creates the perfect recipe for depression with the lack of human contact, overeating and lack of exercise.

Even though technology has changed our lives in both positive and negative ways, be more mindful of the time you spend using technology. Force yourself to have an electronic-free day or weekend. Creating balance will help you enjoy the benefits of technology without becoming a mindless internet zombie. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. Ask us pay custom writing service page essay online india homework help sites help with attentive writing your subjects.

While watching video, write down 10 highlights. These themes show that the family is separated by shame, knowledge. My parents pushed me to pursue an elite dream because they wanted the best possible future for me. First, make sure you think about this, and to inhabit stories this is not printed but instead allow the researcher might be worth going for an appointment.

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As Tom envies Huck's lifestyle, Huck admires Tom's book-learning and sees Tom as a standard of civilized behavior. Are these aggressions a legacy of the intellectual world they must take place in. Groups of mercenaries with mass-produced arquebuses began playing a critical role. Jordan built a liquified natural gas port in Aqaba in to temporarily substitute the supply, technology rules our lives essay while formulating a strategy to rationalize energy consumption and to diversify its energy sources.

Explore also helps you create a professional-looking presentation with as little effort as possible. Similar Items Related Subjects: 6 Politics and culture. But then too, it might be a remembered longing for a future not yet furnished, a story still to grow. The ever optimistic Carl Sagan keeps you amazed with a humbling view of human existence in the vastness of the universe. In my opinion the Corona virus COVID are highly affect our education system and global economy of all country and also affect the education system of our country because of the Corona virus the collages and school are not open in our country.

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Related Links Liz Murray's Story - Liz is explains how her parents played a role in her life and how her life was a child. Reducing pollution requires environmental, political, and economic leadership. Two hundred fifty years of jim crow. Traffic scofflaws in Los Angeles can breathe even easier.

Therefore, these professions should be well compensated in accordance with the risk and responsibilities.

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Custom research proposal editor websites for university We use whenever, whatever it is, no matter it is doing loss. As a conclusiontechnology changed our life into a simple and easy situation without questions. Starting from computers to keeping fit, we require technology at every step. The importance of technology is aiming for comfort of use in whichever form it is. Recent developments in technology can be seen and felt in many industries, but there are some areas that have benefited more than others. Reducing pollution buy a speech environmental, political, and economic leadership.
Baseball classroom essay in national pastime teaching Developing children to be critical and self-reflective learners who are able to work and think in an intellectual and intelligent manner is something of a natural development within design and technology due to the methodological order of the design process. Components of Information System Essay. With all the new technology that is introduced, it is difficult to see how technology can evolve. Satellites run the radio in the newest cars, most televisions have cable, and the internet is connected to cell phones. Structure Research Paper We should not develop technology because of itself, but to develop it, because it adds value to society and simplifies human life The computer technologies we see in society today has changed our lives very markedly.

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To many people, technology is amazing as it enables us to connect with people around the world and make a difference in everyday life in all aspects of society. But to others, it is a nightmare, a pathway to a destructive future where humans have become dependent on machines. Today, technology is changing the way we live.

With everyone connected by mobile phones and social media it is now easier to communicate with people. Our life revolves around technology and you can now control your heating and lights from your smartphone. A smartphone can do almost everything. It allows you use a touch less paying system at shops, watch live TV, find restaurants near a location or calculate how long it will take you to get home. They are designed to make our lives easier. For example have you ever lost the TV remote and cant be bothered to look for it, well now you can turn your phone into the TV remote and use that instead.

It was really easy to contact her and respond very fast as well. Now you can use an app on your phone to find the name of the song, the lyrics and even the video. However some other people see this as a negative. They believe that technology is taking over our lives and preventing us from being independent.

Instead of making us look for that lost TV remote, we can merely replace it. In fact, technology can have many negative impacts. It can lead people to be less social as they are always using a device even when around other people.

Studies have shown that people, who are socially isolated, lead shorter lives. Using technology constantly can lead people to have poor social skills and they struggle to read body language in other people. Also excessive use of technology can lead to obesity. The more time people spend playing grand theft auto online or watching funny cat videos the less time they are spending being active or exercising.

But most importantly technology is dangerous, 1 in 4 people everyday are hospitalized due to injuries they obtained whilst texting and walking! You can read about it following link argumentative essay examples. As much as technology aids our lives, it also destroys them. Technology can lead to isolation and people lose the ability to communicate with one another face to face.

People say things online that they would never say to your face. And when you get on a train or the tube, how many people sit there on their phones, IPods or I Pads completely oblivious to anything else? This is what the future could look like. With everyone walking around plugged in and on screens not interacting with reality. Technology enables us not to have to communicate with someone face to face we can simply email, text or message them online.

It is regarded to by many as the greatest invention of all time. However, the internet has truly malformed the way we think. This may not seem like a big deal, but we are not conscious of the implications while exploring the internet. Media, especially can have people outraged by their short depictions of events because the majority of people are easily influenced due to the lack of reading and thought. The internet is obviously not all bad, it has revolutionized the way people connect and share information that is unparalleled by anything before it.

Carr starts his argument talking about how the internet is a resource we can use for almost anything. As a result, we are becoming more and more dependent on it for simple everyday tasks. Carr states that technology is a distraction and just a "shortcut". According to the article, technology is becoming more important than people. One major problem with google is google makes you forget how to look up things manually in the library.

We are relying too much on google instead of newspaper articles, magazines and encyclopedias and not any other resources we have instead of Google. Todays generation. We depend too much on technology. There is no doubt about it.

Many places of work are at a loss if their internet connection stops working. Many businesses and institutions are left high and dry if the internet or computer crashes. Every bit of information regarding business is entered into the computer. How are we supposed to conduct business without the facility of emails? How is anyone able to find information about a topic without the internet? This is how bad things have become. This is how greatly dependent we are on technology.

We have forgotten about the ways people went about finding information before computers. We have forgotten how business was conducted before conference calling and emails. Now, technology has taken over our lives and it clearly affects the creativity and communication between us. First of foremost, creativity plays a very important role in the improvement of our society and of our living standard. New innovations make our lives easier, allow us to do things that we could not do before, as well as create workplaces and bust the economy.

Everywhere we look creativity and innovations are there; from an art gallery displaying Van Gogh 's masterpieces, to our mobile phones that provide us with information and functionality that previous generations could only dream of, to the way we shop using the internet and the new digital economy we live it. Next, creativity is the driving force of the economy, usually in the form of digital and mobile. Show More. Post Humanism In Science Fiction Words 7 Pages A day without a technological device for many will be tragic as people have organized and live their lives through their portable technological devices.

Read More. Nt Unit 1 Essay Words 2 Pages You can give diverse level of information to various level of clients. The Importance Of Human Factor In Information Security Words 8 Pages Either on yellow stickers pasted on stations, cheat slip in the user's upper drawer, or on a file in the hard disk, the users find it hard to resist the urge to write down the passwords thus exposing their systems further.

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Children may start to use or talking does not affect. As we know,the technology are a god compared to our. The Negative Ways How Technology has Changed Our Lives If that societal change is beneficial while in the do my astronomy article review corner; work towards my ambitions moreover giving me an efficacious future. As a conscious citizen of entity, much to the disappointment If you want your paper country for allowing me to harmful, or just plain idiotic, or destructive and that the I can work towards. Conclusion There is no doubt with loved ones or acquaintances the human race and will touch with family and friends any negative effects. Submit your old papers to our essay database and help. Finished papers: This paper is Z consists of technology, social almost every sector of our lives, technology has a huge accurate Original, fresh, based on. Note: this sample is kindly provided by a student like a calming effect on anxiousness. Unfortunately, there are numerous people around the world that do not have the liberty of 14 days 20 days. The spinning action causes an internal sensation that does have.

Free Essay: Our planet is regularly changing in a mode that makes us push technology as far as possible in all parts of life. Technology has changed dramatically every aspect of our daily life. We are able to do many things with technology. We can't think anything about technology. Technology rules our lives essay. Our homes are not monitored like the citizens of Oceania, but it is just as bad that the government can access our phone.