business plan competition judging criteria

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Business plan competition judging criteria professional school essay proofreading site usa

Business plan competition judging criteria

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Does this business have the potential to develop into a viable enterprise? Does the company have a well-thought-out plan to grow revenues and reach breakeven? Go-to-Market Strategy : Does this business have a strategy to reach its customers? Who are its key partners? What tasks will they perform? Are the business development, sales, marketing, advertising, and distribution strategies explained?

Do you have a prototype, proof of concept? How many potential customers have you interviewed? What did you learn from their feedback? Are the founders cognizant of management voids? Have they thought through how to fill the gaps in their team? Are they committed to build and expand the team and organization? Major Milestones for the next 3, 6, and 12 months : Have the key milestones been identified? Are they realistic? What are the resources required to meet those milestones? Is the background explained?

Attractiveness of the Market Opportunity How large is the market and how fast is it growing? What long-run profitability do you expect to see in this market? Is there a clear market entry strategy? Is the business model both realistic and viable over the intermediate term e. Are barriers to entry identified? How long will it take you to get to market? Operational and Technological Viability How will the product or service be produced and delivered to customers?

What are the distribution channels? Is any intellectual property essential to success? How will rights to the intellectual property be secured? Are there regulatory hurdles? How long will it take to develop the property? Are key milestones identified?

Capability of Management Team What roles will the current team play? How will gaps in the management team be filled? Have the team members identified key risks and how will they be mitigated? Capital Requirements and Financial Forecast What type and amount of capital investment is required?

Is the investment required all at once or can it be staged? Are summary financials provided that include 5 year forecast, revenue, major expenditures and net income? Is a clear customer need satisfied? How important is this product or service to customers and other stakeholders? Marketing Opportunity Who is the target customer? How large is the market and how fast is it growing? Operational Viability How will the product or service be produced and delivered to customers? Market Entry Strategy Is a clear market entry strategy described?

Does it seem reasonable? Strength of Presentation Makes clear and consistent eye contact with audience, seldom looking at notes or slides. Poised, relaxed, and self-confident nature, making no mistakes. Displays enthusiasm about topic throughout the presentation. Clear and confident speaking at a good pace without reading off of slides or notes Stage 2 — Round 2 Final Presentation Round Judging Criteria During the final presentation round, each team gives a refined eight-minute Power Point presentation followed by five minutes of questions from the judges.

Attractiveness of the market opportunity.

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