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Customer focused business plan

They also invested in a tool that recognized their customers so customers never had to repeat themselves when contacting support. Beacon lets you suggest relevant help content, offer live chat, and give customers instant access to their support history — all without leaving your site.

Lee Redden was a student of the Lean Launchpad when he came up with the idea for a company that designed large-scale riding lawn mowers. As part of the startup course, Redden was required to go out and do customer development for this idea, talking to 15 customers a week.

Three weeks into the course, the entire company pivoted. Because they uncovered the problems that customers actually wanted to solve. They had been thinking about their own problems for so long. To become truly customer focussed, you need to be intentional about the ways that you interact with your customers on a daily basis.

And as you expand, this gets harder and harder to scale. As your company grows, more distance forms between your customers and your employees. But as you grow, you might add employees who never spend time helping customers directly.

Managers start to spend more time focusing on the business and their team members than on customers. The C-Suite rarely talks to the average customer, instead only dealing with the biggest or most upset clients. Shrinking the distance between customers and employees means that everyone in the company is customer-facing in some way. Dave Grow, President and COO at Lucidchart, has seen the benefits of being close to the customer echo across his career.

For example, the classic case of metrics gone wrong is the salesperson who crushes their sales goals and makes a ton of commissions selling to customers who only end up churning three months later. If you want your team to listen to the customer, you need to make customer focus a part of your key performance indicators. Consider using metrics like:. Everyone in the company will take their cues from you. Asking customers what they think and then analyzing and acting on that insight is key to staying focused on the customer.

There are many ways to ask for customer feedback. Try to implement at least three in your business so that customers are asked what they need at different times and over different channels. For example:. Once you have the feedback, make it centrally available to everyone in the company. Understanding what the customer is feeling helps everyone from marketing to sales to product make better-informed decisions.

While it may seem straightforward, creating a customer-focused company isn't an easily accomplished task. Customers' needs are constantly evolving, and keeping up with the continuous changes can sometimes feel overwhelming for your team. If you're looking for tips to better navigate this process, check out these best practices recommended by 10 CEOs who built customer-focused companies.

Sarah Nahm built her company in to solve a nagging problem in the tech industry. In an interview with Business Insider , Nahm said Silicon Valley companies were having trouble hiring and retaining employees, so she created Lever to help. Lever is an easy-to-use tool that helps companies not only identify top talent, but also highlight the people who would be most likely to stay with the company.

In the interview, Nahm says she "lives" for connecting companies to the right people at the right time. By solving specific problems for its customers, Lever has been able to hash out a spot in Silicon Valley. Paul Burke is the CEO of a digital content creation company called Guru , which helps cultural institutions, like museums, attract guests. Guru is a company that constantly looks for ways to improve its product, and it uses its support channels to encourage an open feedback loop with customers.

When asked by Digital Media Update why the company will succeed, Burke noted that it will be due to "always striving to make [the] product better. During the same interview, Burke said he believes Guru is "a partner to cultural institutions, not a vendor. This mindset has proven effective, as Guru recently won the San Diego Venture Group's annual pitch-fest in By first engaging directly with consumers, Glossier's CEO, Emily Weiss, recognized a need for affordable, high-quality beauty products.

In an interview with The Business of Fashion , Weiss attributed her success to how she was able to make the customer feel like part of the brand. So, she developed the Into the Gloss blog to "give women voices to be their own experts. After building a community on her first blog, Weiss then used the platform as an audience when she launched the first Glossier products.

In , TapInfluence hired Promise Phelon to help accelerate the transition of the company from managed services into a SaaS company. The company already had a large customer base, and Phelon had the challenge of introducing radical change while minimizing customer churn. To do so, Phelon was proactive in communicating these changes to her customers.

She began by identifying the most valuable accounts and then worked with them to ensure they were happy with the new services. In a Forbes blog post, Phelon said, "it was important that [they] worked with them to manage the transition from managed services to SaaS. Because of her efforts, TapInfluence was able to undergo a smooth transition into SaaS. Zappos is an online retailer that uses customer service to set itself apart from its competitors.

Every customer service representative at Zappos is expected to make the customer happy no matter the cost. If a customer is unhappy, the rep has the authority to refund purchases, send out free products, or provide a unique accommodation. This builds a strong emotional connection with their customers who feel Zappos truly values their business. Brendan Candon, founder and CEO of SidelineSwap , is a millennial businessman with a close connection to his target audience.

His company helps athletes buy and sell used sporting equipment, and as an ex-college athlete, Candon recognized fellow athletes' concerns of "making sure there is trust in the marketplace. To create a system of trust in a person-to-person market, Candon focused on solving problems before customers became more frustrated. Employees would reach out to buyers and sellers to get their feedback on the customer experience.

Then, employees would discuss recurring themes and set up support alerts for when roadblocks were likely to occur. This seems to have been effective, as Crunchbase reports that over 17K users download the app each month. Due to a change in the biopharma packaging industry, McHarge was faced with two options for his company: either continue what they were doing or change everything.

McHarge chose the latter when he saw an opportunity to switch the company from packaging to delivery logistics. Instead of sticking to an outdated product, McHarge shifted the company to a discount logistics service which benefited their current customers. Q10 Consultancy is a European marketing consultancy that helps small business grow. She claims this feedback is her company's roadmap for designing and improving products.

In a video on Q10 Consultancy's website, Martine says she "needs [customer] feedback to evolve even further to become the best product. By craving customer feedback, Q10 Consultancy has grown from an asset management tool into a branding automation platform. Over the course of three years, Q10 consultancy has opened six new offices and has become an international marketing agency. ThinkLions is a software company that develops apps and helps startups get funded.

Since many companies, like ThinkLions, cannot hire large staffs, Sims focuses on providing thorough training. Sims constantly creates new trainings and looks for different opportunities to educate workers about the industry. When asked about his approach by Forbes , Simms said, "they are able to build their skills and abilities, which advances them professionally while immediately benefiting [his] business.

In an interview with Slush , Halligan talks about the shift in power between buyers and sellers. Instead of using a sales rep, customers can now find all the information they need on their own. He notes that, instead of having a better sales pitch, now "your customer experience has to be 10 times better than your competition. HubSpot also provides self-service support documents and dedicated account managers for some customers.

Marketing automation software.

Customer focused business plan Follow up a few months later by secret shopping yourself again and audit the results—has the customer experience improved? For example, the classic case pipefitter resume objective metrics gone wrong is the salesperson who crushes their sales goals and makes a ton of commissions selling to customers who only end up churning three months later. If you want to grow your business and keep your customers loyal, we suggest using customer-focused strategies to guide your choices. That way, you can weed out applicants who are more sales-driven and prefer to take that approach. Some well-intentioned entrepreneurs fall into the trap of adopting policies that clash with customer needs and expectations. Sales CRM software. Free and premium plans.
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Each member of your team impacts the type of culture your company adopts, so everyone must be on the same page. Include these values in the onboarding process. Even better, write in your job posting that you're a company seeking employees who will embrace a customer-focused culture. That way, you can weed out applicants who are more sales-driven and prefer to take that approach.

How can you determine how well your strategy caters to customers if you have nothing to measure it by? It's crucial to track specific metrics so you can refine your strategy as needed and continue implementing those values into your business. Without measurable data to analyze, it'll prove difficult to maintain a customer-centric culture.

Many businesses view their customers as part of the problem rather than the solution. However, if you aren't meeting your goals and key performance indicators KPIs , that means something is lacking in your strategy.

It also means your brand fails to meet customer expectations. So, how exactly are they the problem? Start viewing your customers as the solution to your problems rather than the problem. Make them part of the solution in your strategy to get the results you want.

Collect customer feedback to tackle existing issues and determine pain points your brand can solve. Consistent communication is vital to get to the root of their problems and present action-based solutions. This shows that your company is proactive about solving customer issues and cares about their satisfaction.

Whatever methods you choose, make sure to mention that your goal is to improve the customer experience, as this could encourage more people to respond. With so much competition out there, it's easier for your brand to stand out from the rest by implementing a customer-focused strategy. This ensures that the customer comes first so you build a loyal customer base that's happy to continue a relationship with your business.

Top Stories. Top Videos. Getty Images. If you want to create a customer-centric business strategy, here are a few ways to get started. Customer lifetime value CLV : This measures how much a person will spend on your business as long as they're a paying customer. These five stages of maturity can be applied to each aspect of the nine-layer model. Based on an extensive questionnaire about the current and desired situation, you can map your organization and gain insight into the gap.

Our advice is always to have the questionnaire filled in by multiple stakeholders so that the model can highlight any differences in insight that may occur in the organization. These differences can then be discussed to arrive at a shared plan of action. If you want to know where your organization is at as a customer-focused business, take the test. If you want to get started with the outcome of this test, take a look at our offerings in Passionned Academy, or get in touch with us for a conversation.

Together, we can find a solution to whatever issue your organization is facing. There are seven primary reasons for this:. In the book Data Science for Decision-Makers , author and founder of Passionned Group Daan van Beek explains how organizations can capitalize on changes in customer-focused business better and faster, using data. By coupling a strong vision to smart insights analytics and acting on it quickly and adequately, you can create the foundation for a customer-focused organization.

Customers keep changing, so the organization has to change with them. Implementing a continuous change process is essential in order to remain successful. Business models of existing organizations are under increasing pressure. Consider retail models that have to continuously compete with online stores.

The customer is becoming less loyal and keeps expecting higher quality service. The only way to be ready for that as an organization is to be customer-focused and to constantly innovate your business model. The intelligent organization contains all the ingredients needed to implement and improve these business models in organizations.

This makes the organization much leaner and more agile. Customers are becoming more demanding. The ability to distinguish yourself as a customer-focused business more often lies in the service domain. The goal is to create the ultimate customer experience. A good example of a customer-focused business is Apple. This video explains the essence of service design thinking in 90 seconds.

If you want to know more about this approach, feel free to contact us. We have over 25 years of experience in realizing and improving customer-focused business in various industries. Using countless solutions and our own unique approach, we can help your organization become more intelligent and customer-focused. So that you can get greater returns on your investments. Feel free to contact us for a conversation about customer-focused business. Do you also want to become a customer of ours?

We are happy to help you with customer focus customer-focused business or other things that will make you smarter. Blog about Intelligent organizations. Big Data Analytics. BI tools. About us.

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Building a customer-focused strategy means the customer and their needs come first as a way to reach brand goals and grow your business. Customer focus is a strategy that puts customers at the center of business decision-making. Customer-focused businesses make decisions based on how those. You must create a customer experience that propels your business forward. There are three essential values in a customer-focused business.