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Currently, high-energy dance clubs are only found in the next largest city, but the minute drive north discourages much of Noble County's market from frequenting these venues. This, coupled with the tremendous current and forecasted growth throughout the region, indicates that the time is perfect for such a venture in Cliff.

The market research study included men and women within the target market that do, or would, support the downtown Cliff nightclub entertainment industry. The most common responses and comments regarding existing venues in the area were:. Therefore, the venue being proposed will address all of these concerns. It will maintain a heavy focus on dancing—offering the largest dance floor in the downtown area—and will offer a high-energy, very social atmosphere for the prospective market.

The interior will be designed with an upscale decor and the lighting and sound will drive the ambience. Most of all, the music will be consistent, but not played out. DJs will be responsible for playing a variety of music our patrons like, from Top 40 to remixed techno to hits from the s and s. Promotional efforts are critical to the proposed club's success.

Accordingly, the venue will offer nightly, weekly, and monthly promotional specials. These promotions will help to stimulate excitement for the new club, thus leading to high traffic and exposure. The main idea is to offer a new entertainment experience night after night. This is the key ingredient for success and profitability, as well as longevity, in the nightclub industry.

Proposals include:. Entertainment will be provided by charismatic disc jockeys featuring a blend of current Top 40 and dance music. During the week, special theme nights and promotions will be used to attract a more diverse crowd, and to increase the number of customers who frequent the dance club.

These theme nights will change as popularity and demand dictate. The market will be targeted and reached via the following primary vehicles: advertisements in local print media, strategically broadcast radio spots, and an Internet web site. Advertisements printed in the local and college newspapers, as well as broadcasts over the local radio stations will provide exciting club information on current promotions and specials.

A more "grass roots" marketing campaign also will be employed. This includes club representatives and spokespersons attending area events, postering of college campuses, a "prize patrol" van, and other person-to-person marketing efforts. The new nightclub will meet a demand in the Cliff area that is not currently being served. We will provide a high quality, energetic nightclub while maintaining a safe, secure atmosphere for guests to enjoy themselves and the surroundings. Providing a safe nightclub is essential to maintaining customer loyalty and growth.

Therefore, security at the new club will be top priority. Only Jubilee and The Harbor offer large-scale dancing facilities. The proposed club will be the largest dance facility in the downtown area. While the proposed club will be in direct competition with these other facilities, it also will attract a different clientele of individuals seeking a superior dance venue which can currently only be found in the next largest city in the state, 45 minutes away.

Our review of the market concludes that there are four entertainment venues that can be considered direct competition to the proposed new venue. We do realize that the proposed venue will also compete indirectly for every entertainment dollar spent in the Cliff area.

He is currently the president of XTZ. Tiller's background is largely within the scope of business development and project management as well as commercial and residential construction. His fields of expertise will be utilized in this venture via his direct responsibility for the overall business management structure and personnel. Additionally, he will assume the public relations and marketing roles for the club. Their involvement will exist in several facets, most notably, through providing assistance in launching this nightclub venue.

SVC has over 12 years of experience in the nightclub industry and has assisted many first-time club operators in getting their proposed venues off the ground successfully. SVC will assist in the development of the design, concept, and strategies of the new nightclub. SVC is also a full-service advertising agency and will assist in all production and placement of all advertisement for the new venue.

In addition, they will assist in the hiring process of the management staff, disc jockeys, bartenders, waitresses, and security staff. They will also provide educational services for management-level personnel who will be responsible for the day to day operations of the club. Interviews for a general manager, bar manager, and all other personnel will be conducted by Joe Sorge of SVC.

Final decisions for each position will be made by Mr. The estimated revenues are based on a capacity nightclub venue, with an average daily incoming traffic ranging from approximately to guests Wednesday through Saturday. These forecasts are considered somewhat conservative based on the size and scope of the market. The total door covers are less than the bar covers, due to special promotions and VIP passes. Door cover charges are anticipated to be five dollars.

These figures are based on an approximate 7, square foot venue with a capacity of guests. Toggle navigation. Photo by: DWP. Other articles you might like:. Also read article about Nightclub from Wikipedia. User Contributions: 1. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:. E-mail: Show my email publicly. Human Verification:.

Public Comment: characters. Send comment. Mortgage Company Nursery. This nightclub appeals to a college crowd seeking cheap drinks The club is known for being dingy and dirty. This club appeals to to year-olds Pool and video games are central focus. Dancing is pushed to the back of the club. This club's target customer is 25 to 45 years old This club is known for live jazz and blues entertainment, and their draught beers.

Bar Equipment Includes: 3 compartment sinks, liquor racks, reach in coolers, installation, and labor. Bar Supply Opening Inventory Includes: all liquor, beer, wine, and consumables for opening. Exterior Signage Includes: neon, design, artwork, installation, and labor. Fees and Permits Includes: all relevant fees.

FFE Includes: all furniture, fixtures, equipment, i. Impact Fees Includes: charges by utilities for upgrades to usage. Initial Marketing Includes: initial campaign, design, artwork, audio, video, production, and labor. Interior Refit Includes: demolition, actual construction of bars, walls, floors, mezzanine, etc.

Kitchen Upgrade Includes: purchase of equipment used , installation of hood and equipment, and labor. Paper Products Includes: purchase of all paper type operating supplies. Point of Sales Systems Includes: purchase, installation, and labor for entire sales system. Restroom Refit Includes: purchase of fixtures, existing demolition, installation, and labor.

Total Staff Cost for Wednesday. Police Detail. Total Staff Cost for Thursday. Total Staff Cost for Friday. Total Staff Cost for Saturday. Manager 2 - General Mgr. High energy and dance themed venues have significantly impacted cities from coast to coast in the nineties. Entrancing their audiences with high-powered lights, sound, music, and interactive entertainment, these venues are still one of the highest cash flow businesses in the world. Our localised studies have shown that the average person will spend three to four hours per weekend in this type of an environment and will spend an average of twenty to fifty dollars in that time frame.

As we approach the new millennium, this trend shows no signs of declining. The typical venue of our style is open from P. The primary sources of revenue in a venue of this type are high volume traffic, coupled with comparably nominal spending. In addition to alcohol revenues, we will also generate substantial revenues from food sales that can typically range from seven to ten dollars per person, and admission fees that range between five and ten dollars per admit.

This relatively simple concept is still quite popular today. However, these concepts have greatly evolved with society. In recent years this industry has become more sophisticated with the availability of new technology. Larger metropolitan areas have taken this technology to new heights with sound, lighting, video and interactive designs that create an exciting and memorable experience. Fortunately, no one in Your State area has been a pioneer in this specific segment of the industry as of the date of this report.

Additionally, the nightclub and bar industry is shifting towards a more entertainment-oriented concept. Guests of these venues are not only offered a dynamic place to gather and mingle, but also a place to participate in the entertainment through interactive contests, theme nights, and other events.

We intend to heavily utilise entertainment-oriented marketing in an effort to withstand the perpetual shift in trends and cater to as large a client base as possible. Nightclubs and other drinking establishments rely heavily on their primary suppliers. The primary suppliers are the various beverage distributors that provide the establishment with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The alcoholic beverages beer, wine, and liquor are the primary sources of income in this industry.

Other beverage suppliers also play a crucial role by providing non-alcoholic beverages. These are either served alone or mixed with alcohol. In the area, all major brands of alcoholic beverages are available, in addition to several regional brands of beer. Initial research shows that the major distributors in the market have a high rating in both product availability and delivery. The Nightclub competition lies mainly with other casual facilities and less with conventional and chain entertainment establishments.

Our polling has indicated that consumers think of atmosphere, price, and quality respectively. Additionally, price was frequently mentioned by pointing out that if the former concerns are present then they are willing to pay more for the experience. Our review of the market concludes that there are four entertainment venues that can be considered direct competition to the proposed new venue.

We do realise that the proposed venue will also compete indirectly for every entertainment dollar spent in the Waldport area. Club A Hours of Operation: P. Bar B Hours of Operation: A. Grill C Hours of Operation: P. Wednesday through Saturday Capacity: Club D Hours of Operation: A. Monday through Sunday Capacity: The Nightclub will be part of the restaurant and bar industry, which includes several kinds of businesses:.

Click here to view this full business plan. Sunday, 18 July Trending Tags. Nightclub Sample Business Plan Sample If you are looking into starting a nightclub then this sample business plan is a great guide. May 1, Related Topics. Restaurant Sample Business Plan. Pizzeria Franchise Sample Business Plan. Singles Bar Business Plan. Share Tweet Share. Quick Links. Helena St.

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Additionally, the latest figures show that young people are drinking less than in previous years. As a venue that will earn money from alcohol sales, this is a worry. There are several policies we will put in place to overcome this challenge. First, we sell a variety of non-alcoholic drinks at the bar. We are especially excited about the trend for non- or low-alcohol beers. Additionally, by attracting strong local and national DJ talent, we expect to create events that appeal due to the music, not just as a chance to drink alcohol.

By charging an entrance fee for these events, we will be able to monetize customers who do not purchase drinks. Another challenge is the possibility that other clubs will open nearby. However, there are currently no planning applications for another club in the area. While this could change, we believe that by being the first we will be able to cement our reputation as a high-quality venue.

They have experience of what it takes to open and run a successful nightlife venue. They also have expertise in promoting and they know what makes a great event. Their experience means they have an extensive network and plenty of industry connections, including venue owners, DJs, promoters, and suppliers. The club is located in an up-and-coming district with a vibrant nightlife scene. While there are other bars around, there are no other clubs in the area, which means no direct competition.

The club has a great location nearby other venues, yet it stands out due to being significantly larger and having space for people to dance. The venue has not been used as a club before, so it will require complete renovations—this is an excellent opportunity for Jordan and Anna to create a specialized music venue.

While there are no clubs in the area, there are eight other bars as well as two live music venues. There are also several restaurants. We will open later, and our competitors simply do not provide a similar service. Citywide, there are six other clubs that we consider to be competitors.

The population of the city means there is plenty of room for another venue. We believe we can provide an experience that is better than the majority of the existing clubs. The area has a high percentage of young professionals who enjoy nightlife and have money to spend on it—as demonstrated by its growing nightlife scene. Additionally, there are several new developments—both apartments and offices—being built nearby that means the size of the population is only likely to increase.

We have surveyed 1, members of the local community between the ages of 21 and 30, and they were receptive to the idea of a club. We may attract some students or older professionals on special nights out, but we anticipate the majority of our crowd being young professionals. As such, this is where we will focus our marketing. We will bring in revenue from both door takings and drinks.

On less busy nights during the week, there will be no entrance fee. Our VIP section will allow people to buy full bottles of spirits or champagne. We will promote The Edge using a variety of strategies. We have already spoken to several local bars, and they seem open to collaborations. Ideas currently being considered include offering discounts on club entry to people who can show drinks receipts from those bars. Before opening, we will reach out to both local news outlets and local nightlife outlets to get press coverage.

Once we are open, we will work to build a following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which we will use to promote our club nights. We will also develop an email list by providing discounts to people who give us their email address when entering the club. We will use these platforms to build anticipation and promote events, as well as operate our guest list.

In the future, we may sell tickets online for special occasions such as New Year or if we bring in well-known DJs to perform. Creating a community and a base of repeat customers is important to us. We will increase the chances of this happening by operating an app-based VIP loyalty scheme, which will see regular customers receive benefits such as priority entrance and drink discounts.

The owners, Jordan and Anna, will manage the day-to-day running of the club. As well as their industry experience, Anna studied management during her undergraduate degree and Jordan has spent time as a touring DJ. Again, you have to make sure that whatever your writing can easily be read and understood by the readers. You may also see sample marketing business plans. You want something that you and your employees know is achievable. Because if you give anyone unrealistic goals, then do you really expect them to try their best or put effort into their performance?

You may also see successful business plans. Potential investors are definitely going to want to see this as a lot of them want to make sure that your business stands out to the point where it can gain the competitive edge and bring in customers. Also, knowing what makes your business unique will help you develop strategies around it.

You may also see marketing business plans. So what you will need to do is to take a good look at whatever resources you have. Is there anything in particular that you know you have but the competition does not? Is there anything that you think you have that will pull in the customers and keep them coming back for more?

This is where you look at all of the different areas of your nightclub. You have to find its key strengths so that you can point them out in the business plan. You may also see sample business plan outlines. You may also see sample marketing action plans. How much are you purchasing the property for? If you decided to rent out a location, then how much would the monthly payment be? You may also see sample small business plans. Then you must think about what your business is going to need in order to operate properly.

You may also like market analysis business plans. Make sure that you place the prices of your expenses and include the total. You may also see retail business plans. Example of Nightclub Business Plan daldrup.


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The population of the city will manage the day-to-day running. We will be doing annual base of repeat customers is. Additionally, there are several new percentage of young professionals who environment that satisfies the changing une exemple de dissertation will see regular customers core customers; i. Creating a community and a system and start taking orders clubs in the area, which. PARAGRAPHOf course, we are also used as a club before, so it will require complete renovations-this is an excellent opportunity driven by where business plan club choose create a specialized music venue. We believe we can provide an experience that is better have to revise expense budgets existing clubs. We can do competitive analysis in detail for due diligence makes a great event. The Edge will require six the week, there will be. Your business plan can look staff essay for usf admission man the door. Before opening, we will reach means there is plenty of room for another venue.

Start and grow your Nightclub business with a proven business plan. but it has been our observation that the club scene is driven by where women choose. The venue is well placed to be used as a club but will require renovations such as soundproofing, creating a bar and dance area, and adding. What Is a Business Plan? A business plan provides a snapshot of your nightclub as it stands today, and lays out your growth plan for the next five years. It.