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Sample essays describing oneself


This exercise will help you to select the ideas that are compatible with each other. This step is also about structuring your ideas. Try to draw inspiration from your favorite song or take a nice walk. In other words — have some rest. Make a nice cup of tea and watch one episode of your favorite TV show.

We also recommend you to use online services that help students to correct grammar and spelling mistakes. They may also give you a hint on how to make your essay more exciting. Before starting the writing process, do your research. Ask yourself and ask everybody else what is special about you. We hope that our list will help you:. Add details that make your sample unique. Nobody is interested in your GPA when they read your personal essay — they want to hear your personal voice!

For example, when you prepare a describe yourself essay sample for the application process, this paper is the only way for admissions officers to see who is hiding behind the grades and academic accomplishments. Give them this chance! You never know who is going to read your essay, so avoid the following sensitive topics: religion, politics, race, abortion, gender equality, sexual identity, etc.

Your essay will shine like a diamond if you use all of our tips! The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your writing skills. You can get ideas and inspiration from it, or use it as a template. Your passion can tell a lot about your personality. An indecisive person would never practice extreme sports, and an environmentalist would not collect butterflies under any circumstance. We can pretend to be someone else in many aspects, but our passions will always give us away.

My passion is reading. But I think this is not fair. Reading has been my passion for nearly 15 years now. In my opinion, reading is the most exciting thing in this world. No history, anthropology, or psychology lessons will let you see the world through the eyes of another person the way books let you. Your mind and heart absorb the emotions and ideas of hundreds of characters, and your worldview becomes broader.

Fortunately, my parents are bookworms just like me. Our house looks more like a library than a normal home. My passion has led me to a logical decision. At the same time, I believe in my abilities, so I have no concerns about my income. When I was 17, I started an online magazine dedicated to literature and criticism. This hobby has helped me to enter Emerson College and start my publishing program. After reading through the scholarship essay prompt, breathe, and make a list of smaller questions you can answer, which relate to the big essay prompt question.

Think of these questions as mini-prompts. They explain your story and help you answer the main essay prompt with more details than if you just answered it without a plan in place. Take out a pen and paper — or open up a document on a computer — and take your time in answering each mini-prompt. Organize your responses in order:.

This organization will help you stay on topic and answer the prompt directly. Or check out these 6 scholarship essay examples for alternative essay structures. Honest writing can help tell the best stories in this case, YOUR story.

Since this essay is all about you , you should make your answer as specific as possible! Avoid using generalizations e. Instead, go for more personalized statements e. Your personal examples are what will help your scholarship essay stand out among the thousands of applicants.. You can narrate your story. You can provide an overview of what you learned from your experiences. Most students worry about bragging in their essay, but we say go for it! This is your time to shine, so highlight your accomplishments and strengths.

You can use this brag sheet where you can brainstorm your accomplishments. While the worksheet is geared toward requesting letters of recommendation , you can still use it to write out your hobbies, interests, college list , and strengths to help you answer your scholarship essay prompt. This essay is all about you, so let your personality shine through. Trying your best to express who you are as a person will have a huge effect on the admissions or scholarship committee!

For example, many scholarships are funded by private companies that sell products. You might want to reference those products in your essay. The last step in answering your essay prompt is to double-check your work! One typo can be distracting and cause scholarship providers to scratch their head while reading the essay. In addition to proofreading for typos and grammatical errors, also consider whether the sentence or paragraph structure makes sense.

Are you breaking paragraphs in the right place? Are you using topic sentences well to signpost your main ideas? Does the essay flow? You might also want to ask a friend, family member, teacher, or guidance counselor to review your essay.


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