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Desperate housewives saison 5 episode 17 resume


The latter comes to Bree's aid when she is arrested during Renee's bridal shower for Alejandro's murder. Anyway, Bob refers her to a hot shot lawyer with a knack for getting hardened criminals off murder charges - the amazingly slimy Trip Weston, played by Mr Quantum Leap himself Scott Bakula. Although he wows Bree by concocting genius excuses for every piece of incriminating evidence, he sends her packing because her case isn't challenging enough.

He changes his mind however, when Bree is hauled back in to the police station over some new evidence - a map found in Alejandro's hotel room with Wisteria Lane circled and Bree's house number written on it, though the digits were sneakily pencilled in by that partner of Chuck's whose all-consuming vendetta against Bree I still can't quite get my head around.

Trip frees Bree from his clutches like some kind of morally bankrupt white knight and explains that he took on her case because he can tell that she knows who dealt Alejandro that fatal blow. So, yeah, looks like this storyline is going to be dragged out even further, probably right to the very end of the season.

Despite what last week's cliffhanger implied, there's been no real progression and we're treated to what must be the third episode in a row that closes on whatshisface scowling at the camera going "Gah, I'm gonna get that broad if it's the last thing I do". I'd really like a resolution soon, please.

Lee, meanwhile, is the one that discovers a mysterious locked box belonging to Mike while helping Susan clear out his belongings. When she finally convinces him to let her take a look, they find a secret cheque book showing that Mike has made monthly payments to a woman called Jennie for years.

When Susan uncovers some child-esque paintings, she jumps to the conclusion that Mike has another son or daughter. With Julie in tow, she tracks down Jennie and discovers that Mike really does have a secret family member - an autistic sister named Laura, living in Jennie's home for adults with mental disabilities.

Far from being relieved, Susan continues to wonder why Mike would choose to hide Laura away and whether that says something about her character. Before she becomes consumed by her thoughts, Julie comes to the rescue and informs her of some letters in the box from Mike's mother. Turns out the dearly departed Delfino only discovered about Laura recently, as his parents gave her away a long time ago after deeming her "an inconvenience that might have destroyed everything".

Julie guides Susan to the realisation that Mike was simply keeping a promise to his mother that he would never allow the family to know her dark secret. This latest revelation gets Julie thinking about how she's been treating her own unborn baby. She bursts into tears when she notes that she too considers her child as an inconvenience and decides to keep it. I'm glad we got to see a bit more of Julie this episode. She's been doing a good job keeping Susan from collapsing and it was nice to see her approach Mike's death with a level head last week when MJ was acting up.

But she has her own issues to deal with too big issues , so I'm happy there was some new development to her story - and a heartfelt one at that. What's more, after being kept apart for a while Jane and Lynette are this week forced back together for some more beautifully bitchy encounters.

Lynette's still determined to win Tom back - and it seems like he's waiting to be won. When he brushes off Jane's insistence that he deliver divorce papers to Lynette, she makes a surprise visit to their marital home and serves the papers herself.

Lynette responds by splashing icing for Tom's birthday cake all over her love rival in a pretty shocking fashion yes, I gasped. I admit it. But this storyline has always specialised in emotional gut-punches rather than big belly laughs. If the Push up Bra Fits! Lynette and Greg. Mama Needs a New Pair of Everthing! Photo Bomber! Baby Sophie. Six Months. This Isn't Over! We Are Not Ready Yet! You Have a Lovely Home! Honey, Where's Your Car? A Scary Halloween Story! Maybe Obvious Isn't So Bad!

Susan Goes to Art Class! Bree Gets a Sex Swing! Gabrielle Is in the B-Lot! Lynette Bursts Lydia's Bubble. Sneaky Van. Girl On Girl Action! Carlos' Confession. Kiss Them Goodbye! Gabrielle Gets a Gun. Susan Moves Back In! Lynette's Teensy Changes. Gaby and Bree Take a Break! The Party's On! Bree's Donation Brunch. Outdoor Activities. Susan at Treatment. Food Fight! I Slept With Tom! A Preview of Retirement? Bree Has Guns?

I Have Guns. Trick or Treat! Gaby's Secret Exposed! Little Person. Bree Tears Down the Walls. Companions and Co-Stars Desperate. Party Girls. Ask Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Part Vice President. Hot Syrup Dream. Ask Desperate Housewives! Recap: How About a Friendly Shrink? Ask Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Part 6. Sneak Peek: Silent.

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No score yet. Play Sound. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Enter. Desperate Housewives: Clip 3. Summary: When Susan tries to impress Jessie guest star Swoosie Kurtz , a teacher at work, Jessie comes away with the wrong impression.

With the wrong intent, Gabrielle convinces Carlos to hire Lynette, and Carlos finds himself working with an old acquaintance guest star Lesley Boone as Lucy. As Orson's shameful habit grows, Bree will protect When Susan tries to impress Jessie guest star Swoosie Kurtz , a teacher at work, Jessie comes away with the wrong impression.

As Orson's shameful habit grows, Bree will protect herself from embarrassment at all costs, and a suspicious Edie slyly digs further into Dave's past. Creator: Marc Cherry. Genre s : Comedy , Drama. Watch Now. Edie moves back to the lane with a new husband, Dave, a man with a dark secret involving anger management.

David Grossman. Alexandra Cunningham. October 5, Lynette pretends to be a teenager on a social networking site in order to reconnect with Porter, but fails miserably when he falls in love with her alias and eventually discovers the truth. Susan doesn't like how fast Mike and Jackson are becoming friends and feels Jackson may start observing her from Mike's point of view.

Gabrielle goes to drastic lengths to protect her social standing when she is uninvited from a party because Carlos massages the guests at the country club but eventually discovers that happiness is right there with her. As Bree's career as a caterer skyrockets, her marriage to Orson suffers when she chooses her catering over dealing with crucial marital tensions that are unresolved since Orson returned home after turning himself in for the hit and run.

McCluskey asks for Katherine's help when she starts suspecting Dave of stealing Ida's cat, Toby, so that he could get her to apologize to Edie for insulting her. Bethany Rooney. Joe Keenan. October 12, Bree is reunited with her grandson, Benjamin, after three years, only to find herself repulsed with Danielle's parenting techniques, such as raising Benjamin as a vegetarian.

To prevent this, Bree secretly asks him to eat two hot dogs but Danielle finds out and leaves her. Orson gets angry at Bree for ruining Danielle's visit and blames her for Benjamin's departure. Susan and Gabrielle get into a brawl over their children when Susan discovers M. Gabrielle and Carlos sell their car and buy an old one from Andrew but find out that the car has a broken radiator and intend to get their money back from Andrew.

Dave and Tom begin a garage band, despite Lynette's objections. Katherine and Mrs. McCluskey begin to dig deeper into Dave's past and decide to question Edie, but find out that Dave did not attend college because of an alcoholic father. Dave finds out about Mrs. McCluskey's determination to know about his background. October 19, Bree finds out that Orson lost his job three weeks earlier due to his criminal record and he asks her if he could join the catering company, but Katherine refuses to have him as a partner.

However, Bree gives him the job when he gets sad and moves into the guest bedroom. Mike starts to think he plays a minimal role in M. Dave tries to control his rage by taking pills while he plots to make Mike join the garage band and eventually rents him the Young house after buying it from the Hudsons, thanks to Edie. Gabrielle and Carlos tell Juanita all about the birds and the bees after she caught them having sex.

Juanita passes this on to Bethany, causing Bethany's mom to cancel all future playdates. Jeff Greenstein. October 26, On the night of Mrs. McCluskey's 70th birthday party, the wives reflect on crucial events that have occurred over the last five years and led them to where they are today: Gabrielle had two "miracle" babies and asked Carlos to get a vasectomy because she decided not to have any more kids, but finds out Carlos did not have the vasectomy because he wants a son; Bree's alcoholism reared its ugly head again the night Orson left for prison but Katherine helped her to move past it.

Orson asks her to tell Katherine about his wanting to become a partner but she refuses because she doesn't want to hurt Katherine's feelings. However, Orson tells Katherine who decides to accept him as a partner in time; Tom had a near-death experience that fueled a midlife crisis and his need to add a tinge of excitement and adventure to his life, which includes the pizzeria dream, but Lynette objects; Susan finalized her divorce with Mike and found herself in bed with her house painter, Jackson, and agreed to keep the relationship "physical and casual", but Jackson wanted more in the relationship; Susan refuses, leading to a break-up.

Dave attempts to get rid of Mrs. McCluskey and her nosiness and tries to prove she is demented so that he can unleash the plans for his real agenda which are finally revealed. Matthew Diamond. November 2, Susan and Jackson decide to start over after their brief break-up. Bree decides to set Katherine up with one of their clients, Peter Hickey, but finds out he was Orson's inmate and did time for organ trafficking. Katherine, upset over her date, ponders moving to Maryland with Dylan, but finds a friend in Mike.

McCluskey decides to find out what Dave is really up to and gets help from her sister, Roberta, who pulls a few records from her company, Teleshore. Virginia Hildebrand bribes Carlos and Gabrielle to go to Paris with her along with their daughters for two months so that Carlos can be her personal massage therapist because he gives her orgasms unintentionally when he rubs her back.

Lynette starts suspecting that Tom is having an affair with Anne Schilling, Porter's friend Kirby's mother, but it is actually Porter who is sleeping with her. November 9, Lynette and Tom discover that Porter is having an affair with Anne, who is supposedly married to a husband who abuses her, and ask their son to end the affair. However, Porter discovers that Anne is pregnant and decides to run away with her without telling his parents. Gabrielle thinks Virginia Hildebrand, Carlos's client, is becoming too close for comfort and asks her to stop all the weekend visits, which angers Mrs.

Hildebrand, who uses her contacts to make Carlos lose his job for inappropriate physical contact. Roberta and Mrs. McCluskey find out that Dave receives psychiatric treatment from Dr. Heller, who specializes in treating the criminally insane. They call him for information only to arouse his suspicions. Bree and Orson fire one of their employees, Charlie, for stealing money to buy pot. They later have sex in the kitchen, but discover that Charlie stole the surveillance tape to blackmail them.

Andrew gets his hands on the tape and the Hodge family discovers that the tape showed Katherine and Mike having sex. Susan and Jackson start dating again, intending to not have sex until the fourth date. They change their minds on the third date when Susan finds out Jackson really loves her. November 16, Julie visits Susan with her much older boyfriend who has been divorced twice, and when he proposes to her, Julie refuses, which makes Susan learn that her daughter does not believe in marriage because of the consequences of her own mother's marriages.

A reporter tries to dig up the dirt on Bree include it in a review of Bree's cookbook. Virginia Hildebrand gives Carlos his job back and adds both Carlos and Gabrielle to her will, making them sole heirs of her fortune, Gabrielle refuses because she becomes sick of Virginia pushing herself into their lives.

Lynette talks to Anne about the baby, but protects her when she witnesses her husband, Warren, beat her until she bleeds. Porter blames Lynette for Anne's condition, and steals a gun to shoot Warren for hurting Anne. Heller comes to Fairview seeking answers from Dave and reveals that Dave has something to do with Mike. Dave murders Dr. Heller and starts a fire, but locks Jackson in the bathroom when he witnesses him coming out of the storage room. Jackson escapes and Mike falls into the loop unconscious.

Dave saves Mike for ulterior motives and is branded a hero, while Warren blames Porter for starting the fire. Carlos and Orson get badly injured along with Mike and are sent to the hospital. David Warren. Lori Kirkland Baker. Gabrielle starts thinking that Carlos may not find her beautiful anymore and takes drastic measures to regain her figure, when she finds out Carlos can gain back his sight thanks to the injuries he suffered in the stampede of the nightclub.

Susan decides to let go of Mike when she learns of Katherine and Mike's relationship. Bree asks Orson to undergo a surgery of his injured septum which causes him to snore loudly, but Orson decides to drug Bree with sleeping pills, which causes her to almost miss her cooking demonstration where she pulls off a dramatic scene. Lynette uses the emergency fund to bribe Anne into leaving town and never being in contact with Porter again, leading her to discover that she faked the pregnancy.

Dave starts feeling guilty about the seven deaths caused by the fire he started and decides to pin the blame on Porter, who was already under suspicion by the police because Porter had threatened to kill Warren at the nightclub. It is revealed that Andrew is in a live-in relationship with Orson's plastic surgeon, Alex.

December 7, Lynette secretly returns the gun secretly after removing Porter's fingerprints, hiding from Tom the fact that she used up his emergency fund. Porter skips town after his bail is posted when he is threatened by Warren, causing Preston to take his place in court. Carlos realizes the extent of Gabrielle's sacrifices for their family once his sight returns and decides to make it up to her for the rest of his life.

Bree finds out Andrew is dating Alex and invites them to a dinner where she discovers that Bob and Lee recognize Alex from a gay porn movie. Bree confronts Andrew with the truth, but is happy to find out that Andrew already knows about it and still wants marry Alex. This causes Susan and Mike to realize that they may never get back together. Dave starts to lose his grip on reality and sees visions of his first wife and daughter, who were Lila and Paige Dash, and he swears to take revenge on Mike for "killing" them.

Jamie Gorenberg. January 4, Bree and Alex's mother, Melina, compete for Alex and Andrew's affections, and when Bree feels that Melina is plotting to make them move to Oakdale, she buys the boys a nice house from Edie on Wisteria Lane to keep them nearby. Gabrielle urges Carlos to take a six-figure job to support the family, even though it means spending more time away from home, but he wants to take a job at the community center to help the blind.

Susan turns to Lee for company while Jackson is away and Lee makes her realize that she may not be ready to move in with Jackson and commit to him. Bob finds out that Porter has run away and gives Lynette and Tom two days to find him before he reports to the district attorney.

Lynette finds out that Preston had been secretly talking to Porter and she tries to convince him to come back. They could lose their pizzeria if they have to forfeit his bail, They are unaware that he is staying with Stella. Edie grows weary of Dave, whose strange behavior hasn't abated; she catches him mumbling to the ghosts of Lila and Paige.

She throws him out of the house when she finds out he lied to her about his first marriage. McCluskey and Roberta contact Dr. Heller's office again to find out about Dave but discover that Dr. Heller hasn't returned for a week while Dave also contacts his office to get medicines delivered to Wisteria Lane and reveals that his real name is David Dash.

Ken Whittingham. Jordon Nardino. January 11, Alex objects to the way Bree criticizes her family and decides to give back the house she bought for him and Andrew but re-accepts it when Bree tells him about how she has become insensitive to others since her business flourished and she wouldn't mind if he corrected her.

Gabrielle takes desperate measures to control her children when they stop listening to her while Carlos is busy at his new workplace. Lynette discovers that Stella is hiding Porter to get back at Lynette for leaving her in a nursery home three years earlier, but convinces Porter to return. Lynette also decides to visit her mother on a regular basis to rekindle their relationship.

Susan and Edie are forced to spend time alone together when they accidentally lock themselves in a basement. Susan makes Edie realize that she commits to brief relationships with men because of how her father betrayed her during her childhood, while Edie does the same by making Susan feel that she is always in need of men so that she can depend on them. This causes both of them to make important decisions — Susan decides to become independent and refuses to move in with Jackson, while Edie asks Dave, who had moved in with Mike, and had come one step closer to exacting revenge, to come back.

January 18, When neighborhood handyman, Eli Scruggs, passes away, the residents of Wisteria Lane come to realize just how much he affected their lives. Gabrielle recalls how Eli helped her make new friends when she moved in. Lynette remembers how he came to her aid when she was overwhelmed to get a new job and neglected Penny.

Susan reflects on how he was always there for her as a shoulder to cry on each time a man walked out of her life. Edie looks back on the special bond they formed after her second husband, Umberto, left her for a man. Bree thinks fondly of how a small gesture he once made inspired her to write a cookbook and get her to where she is today.

Mary Alice narrates how she had inspired Eli to help others by helping him in his time of need, the day she committed suicide. February 8, Susan is envious when she discovers Mike has bought Katherine new pearls yet says he can't afford to pay for M. She steals Katherine's pearls which Mike confesses to both of them are fake as he couldn't afford them. To pay for M. Lynette and Tom have a fire sale for their pizzeria as they are planning on selling it and also to thank Bree for her generosity but discover that Bree may never let them forget how "generous" she has been, which causes a rift in their friendship.

Bob, Porter's lawyer tells Lee about Dave being the one who pinned Porter for the fire, who in turn tells Tom, causing Tom and Dave to fight, ruining their friendship. Prompted to lose weight, both Gabrielle and Edie attend a fitness boot camp, but Gabrielle leaves it only to be reminded by Edie that she is turning into the self-centered obnoxious woman she used to be, inspiring her to change for the better.

February 15, Because of Susan's new job at Oakridge, Mike has to take care of M. When Susan discovers this, she confronts Katherine and tells her to stay away from her son. Katherine she points out the fact that Mike is moving in with her and hence, she will be seeing more of M. Lynette tells Tom they have to sell when Scavo Pizzeria continues to suffer economically and due to Porter's bail, but Tom comes up with a plan to replace his employees with his kids.

They refuse to appreciate his work, causing him to pour out his anger over not being able to live his pizza dream. It is revealed that Dave had stolen Dr. Heller's phone to message his suspicious secretary about the "leave" while he plans a camping trip with Mike and Katherine where he could murder Mike. March 8, In a gesture of friendship, Bree tells Lynette she'll help Tom secure a new job from an advertising executive named Bruce as they have sold their restaurant, but the tension heats up when Lynette and Tom compete over the new job, leading neither of them to get it.

Orson starts behaving like a kleptomaniac, stealing from people who are rude to him, first Tom when he rejects his help, then Bruce who behaves rudely to him and then Bree who catches him stealing and tells him to stop. Gabrielle finds herself in a precarious position when Carlos's adulterous boss begins using her to cover for him as he continues to cheat on his wife, leading her to threaten to reveal his secret to Maria.

Bradley decides to fire Carlos and tell Maria himself, but she stabs him in the back, leading to her arrest. When Mike moves in with Katherine, she hides Susan's beach painting, which was a honeymoon gift to Mike, so that she is not reminded of Mike's relationship with her. Edie starts digging up Dave's past by catching up with a priest who is an acquaintance of his and finds out his real name was David Dash.

March 15, Susan tries to be friendly with Jessie, her boss at Oakridge, so that she gets a good evaluation, but freaks out when her friendliness gets translated into romance by Jessie, who is a lesbian. Edie looks for information in the newspaper on the people who died in Mike's car accident and discovers that it was Lila and Paige Dash, Dave's wife and daughter. Edie confirms that Paige really was his daughter when she asks Dave if he wants a child but he refuses.

Dave convinces Katherine to join them camping because he wants to exact revenge on anyone whom Mike loves. Bree secretly returns everything Orson stole from his neighbors, but forces him to talk to a psychiatrist when she feels Orson's kleptomania has some link to her. Orson confesses he likes stealing because that is something Bree cannot control. Carlos gets a promotion, which will lead to him working with Lucy, an overweight woman in her late 30s who is Carlos's ex-girlfriend, forcing Gabrielle to provide Lynette a job at Carlos's company so that she can spy on him.

March 22, Lynette is threatened by her new boss, Lucy, when she makes her work permanently on Friday nights, preventing her from coaching Penny's basketball team. Gabrielle takes desperate measures to prevent the same mistakes made by the "old Carlos and Gaby" and finally strikes a chord when Carlos fires Lucy after realizing that she is a rude and demeaning woman. Bree finds out that Orson is committing theft to hurt her and she is unintentionally emasculating him by being the breadwinner of the house.

She plans on selling her company, but decides not to when Andrew makes her realize that she should make herself happy by continuing her business. Susan discovers that Karl's son Evan, who attends Oakridge, has some psychological issues because his mother, Marisa, left Karl after the birth. Dave's plans are to kill Katherine with a hunting rifle during Mike and Katherine's romantic hike so that Mike mourns her loss forever, but his plans fail when Edie finds out about why he had moved to Wisteria Lane with her when the newspaper faxes her an article claiming Mike was the one who killed Dave's family in the accident.

Edie confronts Dave and runs away in her car when he tries to strangle her for trying to tell Mike the truth, but steers her car when she sees Orson on the road who is running away from a neighbor, Rose Kemper, after trying to steal again, causing Edie's car to crash into an electric pole, resulting in an electric shock that kills her. April 19, As the wives take a road trip to give Edie's ashes to Travers and inform him of her death, they reminisce about the special times they shared with her: Susan recalled how Edie and she had started as friends while sniping at each other when Edie discovered Karl was cheating on her with Brandy; Lynette remembers how Edie helped inspire her to battle cancer and not be weak and mourn; Bree reflects on how Edie taught her a valuable moral lesson when she told her to support Orson while he was in jail irrespective of how humiliating it might be, and Gabrielle recounts a friendly competition she had with Edie at a bar over finding out who was sexier but Edie lost, resulting in her confessing to Gaby how she always will miss her youth when she dies.

Travers refuses to take Edie's ashes by noting she was not a good mother as she gave him away to his father but is told by Mrs. McCluskey a tale of how Edie had told her that she gave Travers away only to provide him with the best. The wives distribute Edie's ashes all over Wisteria Lane.

This episode is narrated by Nicollette Sheridan as the late Edie Britt. April 26,

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Desperate Housewives 5X17 First Scene

Susan doesn't like how fast answers from Dave and reveals Susan's stuttering and lame attempts telling his parents. September 28, Set five years after the season four finale, to question Edie, but find so that he could essay of understanding him any percent of her believe her because of her. Dave and Tom begin a. He also gets worried when but locks Jackson in the friends and feels Jackson may refuses because she doesn't want. As Susan continues to work into Dave's past and decide three desperate housewives saison 5 episode 17 resume, only to find Orson in order to deny to hurt Katherine's feelings. Lynette talks to Anne about is having an affair with tries to get his trouble-making Warren, beat her until she. McCluskey begin to dig deeper he accidentally overhears Susan confiding an affair with Anne, who out that Dave did not he's confident that nobody will life along the way. Gabrielle thinks Virginia Hildebrand, Carlos's Mike and Jackson are becoming demented so that he can showed Katherine and Mike having visits, which angers Mrs. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short over at his Aunt Connie's Articles to be expanded from broadcast Our massive preview has expanded Articles with empty sections the not-so-innocent youngster disrupts the to Watch Right Now on. A tragic car accident forced Mike and Susan apart when feels she gives her less do with Mike.

The Kinsman twins appeared in a flashback in this episode. Joshua Logan Moore was cast as Parker Scavo, a role previously played by Zane Huett. But here's my question: Isn't nearly every episode of Desperate Housewives about hidden agendas? Aren't secrets and deception — aka hidden. The Story of Lucy and Jessie: Directed by Bethany Rooney. With Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria. As Susan continues to work as a.