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Aib ie business plan administrative resume job description

Aib ie business plan

All business plans should follow a broadly similar structure, beginning with an Executive Summary which condenses the plan in summary form and ending with the financial details of your company. You can download a simple, straight-forward 3-year business plan template on the AIB website that clearly sets out the relevant sections with guideline word counts for each. A potential investor is not going to spend hours slogging through a bloated and confusing document.

Keep things brief, to the point and factual. When outlined in clear, uncluttered prose, the specifics of the plan should speak for themselves. Ok, so you might daydream about running a global company but is that achievable for your first business? Any goals you set down in the plan should be realistic and consider potential challenges and obstacles that may arise.

Is it cheaper? More efficient? Does it satisfy a currently unfulfilled need? Last, but certainly not least, any sales projections, financial forecasts and details of investment required provided in your business plan must be airtight. Take your time over the financial details of your plan, check and recheck, and, if necessary, get a financial professional to review them.

Cashflow projection enables you to look forward to assess any potential cashflow difficulties, assess future cash and funding requirements, and put appropriate facilities in place to meet cashflow requirements down the line. Another essential financial planning tool is Breakeven Analysis.

Every business should know how much it has to sell in order to breakeven. Calculating breakeven is fairly simple — take your fixed costs and divide them by your unit selling price minus your variable costs — and can be calculated using the following formula:. Managing the customers who buy from you on credit is important. Making the sale is one thing, but collecting payment is ultimately what matters.

You should establish a clear credit policy, incorporating the normal terms of trade, which are set and strictly adhered to. The credit policy and terms of trade should be documented and circulated to all sales and finance staff. Cashflow is essential for your start-up business and critical to its survival and success. A business overdraft can give your start-up business the flexibility to manage short-term cashflow and help your business from day to day.

All business start-ups are eligible to apply for a business overdraft and applications will be assessed subject to normal lending criteria. Our C lassic Visa Business Card is the ideal payment tool for your day to day expenses. Features of the card include:. This is a line of credit that works with your current account to give your business seasonal financial support.

It helps Business owners to purchase inputs with cash, avoiding higher cost merchant credit and securing cash purchase discounts with a variable interest rate. Most businesses need a loan at some point of their development, for starting or expanding, buying a premises or investing in equipment. When you have a business start-up current account, you can avail of our Start-up Loan with a competitive interest rate and a discount on our Business Standard Variable Rate Loan.

We offer a choice of savings , deposit and investment products to meet your needs for any surplus funds that you may have. Call me back. My Business is Starting up. Managing your Business. Business planning.


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