sample specialty food business plan

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Sample specialty food business plan cosic thesis cryptanalysis stream cipher en html

Sample specialty food business plan

All employees will be recruited on merit and will be trained for one month before they start working. Food Stop will provide an assortment of services to the residential community as well as working class people and visitors.

The diversity of our offerings will be our major competitive advantages. From meat products to canned foods, dairy products to baking goods, we will provide almost all food products that our customers might need. Jim has served in the food and retail industry for the last 10 years in an assortment of positions. Known for his sharp business acumen and incredible management skills, Jim has both the experience and the knowledge needed for starting a gourmet food store.

The business will serve as a gateway to Jim for making it big in the food retail industry. Foody Stop is being started not only for profit generation but also for providing best-in-class services to customers. Located in the serene environment of 11 th Avenue, Boston, Foody Stop will be a one-stop service.

A newly constructed shop spanning an area of square feet will be acquired on lease for the business. Jim will seek the services of a local contracting firm for all the woodwork and furniture of the shop. The startup costs in accordance with the gourmet food store business plan as forecasted by the financial experts are as follows:.

Food Stop will provide an assortment of services, as highlighted by our mini grocery store business plan. The diversity of our offerings will be our major competitive advantages over other gourmet food stores in the area. From meat products to canned foods, dairy products to baking goods, we will provide everything that our customers might need.

We will offer food products of both local and international brands. We will make sure to keep our products like meat and vegetables as fresh as possible. Our food products will meet all standards set by food authorities. Also, we will provide our offerings in standard packaging sizes. It is only after this stage that a good food stall business plan could have been developed. After identifying the local market trends in Boston, the marketing experts also guided him to select the best location for his food store.

Marketing analysis is a must-do thing before you even think about how to start a gourmet food business. The gourmet food industry has been constantly expanding in the US for the last several decades. Out of this astronomical figure, around Moreover, analysts have predicted a constant growth of this sector for many decades to come. Considering these trends, it is evident that the grocery food business is an immensely profitable niche.

In order to make an effective food retail business plan , it is crucial to analyze the market segmentation of your potential customers. Our marketing analysts have identified the following type of target audience which can become our future consumers:.

The detailed marketing segmentation of our target audience, as per our food market business plan , is as follows:. We will devise special plans to target this potential group as we expect a lot of sales to happen through them. Our ready-made, packed foods will be a feasible option for the working-class people to have lunch without missing on their important work. Our food store will provide a perfect spot for them to rest for a while and grab a drink or something.

We aim to become the best gourmet food store in Boston within the next three years of our startup. This could be achieved by providing high-quality products and winning the trust of our customers. Our primary business targets could be summed up as follows:. After considering the current market prices offered by our competitors, we have priced all our products in similar ranges as of them.

Like the marketing plan for a grocery store , sales strategy is also an important component of your gourmet food store business plan. After you have identified the market trends, market demand, and potential customers of the gourmet business , you will next have to plan a creative sales strategy to attract your target audience toward you and convert them into loyal customers.

After carrying out extensive research about successful advertising strategies that are being used by other similar business, Jim came up with brilliant ideas to attract customers and generate sales. Our sales strategy, as highlighted by our produce store business plan is as follows:.

Before finalizing your sales strategy, it is crucial for you to find out your competitive advantage over other similar businesses and make them a part of your business plan on supermarket. Considering the current market situation, Foody Stop will face really tough competition. However, we will soon emerge as a leading food store due to our numerous competitive advantages. We will ensure that our goods meet all quality standards and are always available in a fresh state.

Moreover, we will exceptional customer service to turn our visitors into loyal customers. Following are some of the brilliant ideas by which we will advertise ourselves and generate sales. The more buzz around your brand - the more the phones ring, the more traffic to your website, and the more customers as a result. Press releases are a great way to share big announcements or news, but in order to get any traction, you'll need to find a way to make your press release stand out amongst others.

Try to convey a story that really matters, not just to you, but to the reporter and to their audience. Email is one of the most effective and preferred way to send your press release, so as long as you keep your pitch brief, interesting and personalized no cold emails , you should stand a chance! HARO, otherwise known as "Help a Reporter Out" is an outlet for journalists to source upcoming stories and opportunities for media coverage. The best part is, HARO is free to use!

There are, of course, premium versions you can purchase, but the free version is still an accessible way to get press. Once you set up an account, HARO essentially will email you based on stories that are relevant to you that need to be covered where you will then have a chance to essentially "bid on the story.

Planning a publicity stunt is an effective and quick way to raise awareness for your brand and gain some traction from the press. If you're looking to plan a stunt, the objective should be to be bold and create something memorable. However, being bold has a fine line - it's important that you consider the timing of your stunt to ensure you don't come off insensitive or unethical.

For example, timing may not be in your favor if you plan something during the general election, or in most recent cases, a global pandemic. In order to measure the success of your stunt, it's important that you first determine your end goal, for example:. To learn other strategies on how to get press, check out our full guide here. I started calling all the large newspapers pitching their food critics, their startup business writers and even pitched the angle of immigrant-run companies.

My first hit was with the New York Times. That was an intense week but made it happen. There are various different ways you can launch your specialty food business successfully. Belinda Kelly and Venise Cunningham, founder of Simple Goodness Sisters dives deep into the process of launching the business:. We took photos on our iPhones with white cardboard backgrounds and wrote our own descriptions. We pushed sales via the website and social media exclusively at first, and by the holidays, , begun to get interest from wholesalers to carry the line.

We sold mixed boxes of bottles to a few local coffee shops and distilleries, but sales online were promising enough for us to begin planning for our next rounds of bottling. Since our product was somewhat seasonal we needed to pounce on production, spring was coming soon. We also wanted to explore making our product easier to produce year-round, since it was reliant on very seasonal ingredients. We decided to make more of each of the three initial flavors, as well as launch three new ones that would have a greater focus on the cold-hardy herbs sourced from our own farm.

This would give us greater cost margins but also allow us to produce syrups nearly year-round, if we sourced local frozen berries. The flavor and quality of some flavors went down when using frozen fruits, but in others quality was consistent and those flavors were the ones we rolled out.

The mostly dormant herb farm in late Fall looks a lot different than in the full bloom of mid-Summer. Photo by Rylea Foehl photography. Our packaging changed at this time as well, as we attempted to reduce costs for a workable profit margin. Our production also needed to move to a more local company with lower costs. Finding this company and establishing a relationship with them was key, but teaching them our process and recipe was not without challenges. We make our syrup completely counter to the way it is commonly done in the food and beverage industry, which is usually with powders or concentrates, high fructose syrup, and citric acid.

We stayed on-site for each of the following production days to lower staff costs but also to dial it in together. Our recipe is tedious and messy, and our relationship and patience with one another as we each learn the best way to make it has been key. The way you package your specialty food business is often the first impression your customer has - so it's important to get it right. Outside: a white box, nice wax coating, logo front and center with no other copy, easy to open, nice and sturdy.

Social Media Advertising is one of the leading ways to get the word out when it comes to specialty food business. There are various different Social Media platforms available to you. Some may be more critical for your marketing efforts than others, however, it's important to have an understanding of what's out there and available to you. People love free stuff and love competition. Giveaways and contests are a great way to create awareness for your brand, grow your email list, and eventually convert leads into customers.

If your goal is to gather email addresses, make sure the entry criteria is to "enter your email. One of the most important aspects of promoting a successful giveaway is having an amazing prize. The better the prize, the more engagement you'll get. Entrants earned different amounts of entries for entering in different ways tongue twister!

Follow us on Facebook, get 5 entries. Subscribe on Messenger and get 25 entries. I also built out a drip sequence in Klaviyo that contained four emails to encourage entrants to take more action, like referring friends and liking us on social. This last email in the sequence just thanked them again for entering and also included a coupon to a specific related collection of designs with an expiration date on it to incentivize purchases. We ran it for 2 weeks and recorded results in a meticulous spreadsheet to analyze the data.

Here are some of the highlights:. The more engaged list of emails, the more engaged customers, which ultimately leads to more sales. One of the best ways to start growing your list is by providing your customer with something free or discounted in return. Dylan Jacob, founder of Brumate states their email collection tactic that is proven to work:. We use Spin-a-Sale for this you spin a wheel for a discount code in exchange for subscribing to our email list.

This has been the best email-collecting tool we have found because the customer truly feels like they won a prize rather than just a coupon code. A great way to double, or even triple, your email opt-in rate and to grow your list is to add an exit-intent popup to your site, and offering a discount or content upgrade for subscribers. One thing that I spent years NOT doing, that I now kick myself about, is adding an "exit intent pop-up" to our site, which lets people enter a sweepstakes to win a Xero Shoes gift certificate.

That one idea has added over , subscribers to our email list, which is one of our most effective marketing channels. Here are the most common types of email campaigns you can send to your customers and their benefits:. Here's a great resource for finding curated email designs, for all types of email campaigns!

We have a lot of content to share and it is very well received. Most clients need to see your brand a few times before they purchase, and email is great for that. Email is also an effective reminder for past clients to order again. We have close to subscribers and we aim for 2 emails per month. Most of our subscriptions came through the website. So far we have been focusing on practical life hacks and tips on how to stay focused and disciplined.

Many of our subscribers are past clients that took a break. We need to work on our click rates which are at around 1. Here's a look at one of our email newsletters. Here's another one. The abandoned cart workflow is one of the most effective strategies for turning your lead into a customer, and a powerful tool to have if you're an e-commerce business.

Think about all the times that you went on a shopping frenzy only to add items to your cart and then either forget or realize nows not the right time to pull the trigger. Then, minutes later you receive an email saying "Hurry up!

Implementing this workflow can automatically trigger this for your business every time a customer abandons their cart. Here's a great example of an abandoned cart email from Brooklinen :. SEO is not just about driving traffic to your site, it's about driving the RIGHT traffic to your site , and ultimately, converting leads into customers. One of the most important aspects of SEO is understanding what your customers are searching for, otherwise known as "keyword research.

Here are some tools that can help you choose the right keywords for your specialty food business. Finding keywords is an important piece of the puzzle, but Google also ranks your site based on the actual content you produce, as this is what your customers are reading and engaging with. There are various different "forms" of content that you may want to consider diversifying on your sites, such as blog posts, articles, studies, and videos.

If and hopefully you are publishing content frequently, it's important to stick to a schedule - this helps build brand trust and easy user experience with your customers. Backlinks are an important piece to SEO, as they allow for other websites to link to your content. Search engines recognize that other sites are essentially "verifying" your content and essentially rank you higher because of this.

For example, if a highly valuable and credible site like the New York Times links to a page on your website, this could be remarkable from an SEO perspective. Aside from organically getting mentioned from other sites, there are other ways that you can increase and earn backlinks:. Monika with Hipcooks discusses how solid Yelp and Google reviews lead to the business ranking 1 on Google search:.

We deliver a great quality product each time we teach a class. Number one Google ranking or at least the top 5 Google ranking is important, so we keep our Google business pages full of updated content. Our Google and Yelp Reviews are solid. One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and grow your business is through consistently blogging.

Consistency is as simple as committing to publishing and sharing a certain number of posts per week. This kind of commitment is key, because one day, a random post will blow up, and you will have never expected it. For every person that tells you you are posting too much, there is another person that wants even more of your content. Keep posting, keep trying, and keep putting out good content on the regular.

Your time will come, and when it does, it will change everything. So the only metric you should focus on is how much content you can put out in a week, month, etc. I know it sounds obvious, but the best places to share your content is on your mailing list. It is guaranteed traffic and it is a great way to get rapid feedback from your most loyal readers. Send newsletters often. Work on increasing your mailing list as well.

Look into ways to increase your conversion rate to your mailing list. An email newsletter is one of the most powerful assets you can have and it is worth its weight in gold. It is a very scary place because you will often get banned or heckled, but it can really pay off.

Set up Buffer and share all of your blog posts to all of your accounts. All of these little shares really do add up. When I started out, I put together a spreadsheet of relevant Facebook groups for my niche, and I would post to these groups whenever I had a big story I wanted to share. Pay-per-click PPC is a performance-based marketing method that allows you to show specific ads for services or products oriented to a very defined target, with the goal that the user visits your website or landing page.

PPC advertising can be a very important lead generator as long as it's done properly. Your PPC campaign is intended to drive traffic to your website and help the business scale. Additionally, if the campaign is not having the desired results, you can make the necessary changes immediately to improve them.

It did not take long to come to the realization that to compete at any reasonable level, we were going to need to take the plunge and invest in Pay Per Click ads and display. Google Shopping was an entirely new concept for me. Then I found some good reading material and courses and learned of some advanced methods that the pros are using. There are several different ways of building a community, one of the most effective and simplest ways is to build a Facebook group.

Setting up the group page takes less than 10 minutes, and we've outlined ways the top 5 ways to create an engaging and successful group:. Mike Doehla, founder of Stronger U, an online nutrition company noticed that his customers needed a little motivation and sense of community:. We will. The entire SU community. Meal timing, Cutting carbs, butter in coffee, sugar being the devil? Ehh no need to overthink that stuff.

Luckily we have a PhD at our disposal to educate our staff and members so everyone is getting the most up to date information out there. Partnering with like-minded influencers within your industry is one of the most effective ways to grow your social media organically. Industry influencers already have an established and loyal following.

With one post, your product immediately establishes a connection with a brand new audience. It's that powerful. When finding influencers to promote your product, do your research and make sure that their following will actually be interested in your product. It's easy to be blinded by any influencer with a huge following, but if those followers don't resonate with your product, there may not be any value there Evan Marshall, founder of Plain Jane discusses how "micro-influencers" have impacted his business:.

Influencer marketing has been huge for us. Our approach is pretty simple. We give out samples of our products and ask people to post about us on social media aka a micro-influencer strategy. We really like this approach because we get authentic stories and content. We cannot really control the messaging so the product has to speak for itself. Our customers take the photos and we ask to reuse them. It takes more time per influencer but the payoff is certainly worth it. Make sure their followers look like your existing customers.

Other accounts have tried to grow themselves through botting or other manipulations. You just have to post consistently and then reply or like every single comment you get. It takes months but it works. The goal for most specialty food businesses is to be able to sell their product in grocery stores and other marketplaces. With a bit of time, research and energy, you can make this a reality for your specialty food business!

Here are the steps you should consider taking when you are ready to market your specialty food business to grocery stores:. Permits: Make sure you have the right permit by contacting city and state officials. Creative label and packaging design : Your packaging should be functional, creative and also meet all U. Food and Drug Administration labeling guidelines. Price your product appropriately : Make sure your product pricing is fair but also allows for you to make a profit.

Check out what other specialty food business's are selling for at grocery stores in the area. Create a target list : Conduct research in the area and decide which grocery stores you would like to sell your product to. Contact stores and present your product : Introduce yourself and request a meeting with the grocery stores on your list - bring a presentation with the market research you've conducted and samples of your product.

In addition to selling your products directly on your site, you may want to consider selling on Amazon to reach a wider audience and attract new customers. Follow these instructions to get your product listed on Amazon or check out the video below on how to get started:. I dedicated myself to becoming an Amazon expert.

I listened to all the podcasts and read all the blog posts I could find. Shoutout EcomCrew I took the basic fundamentals that are out there and I added a couple of my own twists. Amazon brings me, brand new customers, every day for very little acquisition cost.

Read more about amazon tips here. Oftentimes, it's easy to find yourself focusing on generating new customers, vs retaining your current ones. That's not to say that finding new customers and revenue streams is not important, however, the easiest and most inexpensive source of new revenue is right there in front of you. Belinda Kelly and Venise Cunningham, founder of Simple Goodness Sisters dives deep into the process of attracting and retaining customers:.

Today our challenge is to move forward with our online retail with as much vigor as we can, while also learning as we go the wholesale food business. We have the lofty goal of outsmarting the traditional food system to bring greater profits. Marketing will be extremely key to our success. A farmer makes next to nothing on sales of raw ingredients once land costs, water, labor, and materials are considered. A value-added product is one way a farmer can make a greater profit margin off of their land, by turning their raw product into something else exciting and useful, in our case, cocktails!

Traditionally a farmer sells ingredients at a wholesale price to a produce distributor. Then a food business buys the ingredients from the produce distributor and pays a co-packer to make the product. The food business then pays a distributor to distribute the product, then gives away even more profit margin to the final wholesaler. The farmer makes next to nothing in this system and the business owner also makes very little, only about the same chunk of money that the distributor and wholesaler make, once costs are accounted for.

To work as hard as we do to get such a small piece of the pie sounds really unappealing to us indeed I am sure it does to everyone and would necessitate having big-time investment money and huge, fast growth to draw any profits from the business.

A small-time food business just does not make dollars and cents. A huge volume of sales and extensive distribution is the only way to profit Our aim is to use social media to share our story because we know our story sets us apart in our market and leads to sales.

Direct to consumer sales via social media has been hugely successful in almost every category, though less often with food. Our strategy is to maintain the majority of sales through our own website by using SEO, Facebook and Instagram ads, and a robust, lifestyle-focused social media strategy. We recognize that we do not only sell a food product, we sell the hope that so many share to get back to the land, grow their own food, and connect with one another.

For Google and social media ads we have designed a few different ads, each slightly different than the next, with slightly different targets than one another, to see which keywords and which audiences perform best, for future ads.

Paying for ads will be a considerable expense, but our bet is that over a year, this expense will still be far less than what we would have lost in margin. Maintaining authenticity throughout this shift is also extremely important to us because we know that while we could buy followers, you cannot buy engaged followers. We have a very high level of engagement with our social media followers and they truly buy into what we choose to share with them from our lives.

We want to continue this relationship online while we grow. For this reason, we continue to send out a monthly newsletter, give hosting and recipe tips on our blog and on social, and share stories of the drinks we make after a fun day on the farm with the kids.

Working with a handful of well-matched distributors for these accounts is an aim of ours because driving boxes all over kingdom come is not something we can do. We have believed from the start that if we just focus on telling our story and making a unique, quality product that businesses who share our ethos and customer base will come to us. And that has proven to be true, we are currently taking new accounts we recently launched locally in New Seasons Markets and PCC, our first grocery chains and are in talks with a couple of distributors.

Finally, PR is one of the most important parts of the business right now, because until people hear our story, our product is not fully understood. The fact that our syrups are naturally made with whole fruits and no additives is special, but the most unique part of our product is that the ingredients are mostly sourced directly from our farm, or other small family farms in our area. We can trace each ingredient except sugar back to a farmhouse, a family, a field, and that is huge for us and for our customers.

Adding new products to your business is a great way to expand into new markets and grow your business. It's important to note that adding new products and diversifying may not be in the cards for you right this moment, and that's okay. You can always consider it down the road. You may find yourself in a spot where you're ready to hire a few or many salespeople to support the sales conversion process.

Regardless if you have one or thirty salespeople, it's critical that you assign them specific roles and responsibilities to nurture the client and provide excellent support. Mike Korba, co-founder of User. Com walks us through the entire sales process and which teams are responsible for what:.

Each user and account is qualified with a specialist. For business leads, they are handled by the sales team, and if they are qualified we give them a demo, more than often at the end of their fourteen-day trial. Sometimes, users will convert naturally on their own, after using the freemium product and finding it to be something that they will find beneficial.

After they convert, we help with onboarding , give them some personalized tips for their specific business or industry to grow plus all kinds of support, for whatever they need - something we take huge pride in. The team is right now more than 30 people, with more than half working on the IT and product side, and the rest are in three teams: Support, Marketing, and Sales who all work together very closely.

The most tried and true way to grow a specialty food business is through word of mouth - some entrepreneurs would say it's more important than all social media. Sure we sacrificed sales, but we kept our integrity, played the long game and people saw and appreciated that, and really began emotionally investing in the brand.

Providing exceptional care and creating relationships with clients is a great way to build your reputation and retain customers. Whether you are an online business or a physical business, it's highly important to communicate with customers and make them feel like they are the priority. Lousia with Funky Fat Foods states just how important their customer service is:.

I believe what is also working for us, is our customer service and the relationships we have created with them. Even today we see huge support from Instagram, as you can talk directly to your potential customers all over the world. We try to stay in as much contact with our followers as possible and strive to create good and engaging content through social media.

As a result, we have been steadily growing our follower base organically. We also run contests on Instagram in collaboration with other brands and send our bars to micro-influencers, which really help to increase awareness of the brand but there is still a lot of room to grow in this area.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get the word out about your business and acquire new customers. A great way to do that is by offering a reward ie. A fantastic referral program will help with clout, credibility, and establishing yourself in the space. We put together the best resources on the internet to help you start your specialty food business. Join our newsletter and receive our handcrafted recap with the best insights shared by founders in Starter Story each week.

Using Klaviyo will open up a massive, untapped sales channel and bring you closer to your customers! We've interviewed many impressive businesses who swear by the results of the product, including Brumate , Beardbrand , and many more. Level up your email marketing with Klaviyo!

Join Starter Story. If you are a human, ignore this field. Get 5 free tips from successful founders every week, directly in your inbox. Start A Specialty Food Business. Want to grow your business? Join the , businesses using. Gia Paddock, founder of Boutique Rye explains the 3 reasons why she decided to build an online store : I wanted to find something I loved but also allowed me to stay home at the same time.

I realized the opportunity to reach a wider audience online compared to the audience of this small local boutique. For us, it seemed like hitting two birds with one stone. And finally maybe the most important of all , running it as an online-only business would allow me to stay at home with Riley!

Leslie Eisen, founder of AlmondClear discusses how to manufacture products in house If you want to start a line of unique products, then you have two basic options: you can make them yourself, or you can find a manufacturer to work with that creates custom formulations for their clients. It was a devastating time for us and one we were not sure we could survive. This is, of course, a very high-level overview of the importance of inventory control. Cameron Manesh, founder of Cameron's Seafood was able to land in the New York Times just by sending a cold email: I started calling all the large newspapers pitching their food critics, their startup business writers and even pitched the angle of immigrant-run companies.

USA Today. Google indirect competitors or vertical companies ie. Hello Fresh to see who wrote their articles Google the writers contact info and send an email introducing company Offer samples, be personal, discuss your food, follow up!

Great photography and videography is key, as is smart copy. Make sure you have good offers. Dylan Jacob, founder of Brumate states their email collection tactic that is proven to work: We use Spin-a-Sale for this you spin a wheel for a discount code in exchange for subscribing to our email list.

Monika with Hipcooks discusses how solid Yelp and Google reviews lead to the business ranking 1 on Google search: Top Google Placement We deliver a great quality product each time we teach a class. Mike Doehla, founder of Stronger U, an online nutrition company noticed that his customers needed a little motivation and sense of community: Most diets are lonely so we wanted to give support and a community.

I think many people fail diets because there is no one to talk to and no accountability. Evan Marshall, founder of Plain Jane discusses how "micro-influencers" have impacted his business: Influencer marketing has been huge for us. What we're looking to do: Open a Hipcooks in every big city in the US and even internationally Streamline and get ready to franchise Finish our second and third cookbook.

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How a food blog grew a niche audience to over 35, active subscribers. Access to hundreds of the best tools to run your business. Enter your email to get started. To read this exclusive story, join Starter Story Premium! Find your next idea - 5, business ideas. Go Premium. Premium Plus. Access to hundreds of successful founders. Go Premium Plus. Check out our FAQ. Rent : This refers to the office space you use for your business and give money to the landlord.

To minimize costs, you may want to consider starting your business from home or renting an office in a coworking space. Utility Costs For Office Space : Utility costs are the expense for all the services you use in your office, including electricity, gas, fuels, telephone, water, sewerage, etc.

Although the cost is minimal in most cases, it should be appropriately budgeted for each month! This number depends on if you decide to pay yourself a salary upfront and how many employees you have on payroll.

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Your business plan can look as polished and professional as this sample plan. It's fast and easy, with LivePlan. Don't bother with copy and paste. Get this complete sample business plan as a free text document. Download for free. Sarrica's Market Executive Summary executive summary is a brief introduction to your business plan. It describes your business, the problem that it solves, your target market, and financial highlights.

Start your own gourmet food store business plan Start your own business plan Start planning. Get the Bplans newsletter: Expert business tips and advice delivered weekly. Plan, fund, and grow your business. Plan, fund, and grow your business Easily write a business plan, secure funding, and gain insights. Start your plan. Or experiment with the best-fermented flavors with a kombucha shop. Check out our library of specialty food and beverage sample plans to get inspired to launch the next big specialty food trend.

It contains the same templates and information you see here, but with additional guidance to help you develop the perfect plan. Parkdale Meats is a startup butcher and meat shop, selling cut-to-order free-range and wild game meats to retail customers and wholesale to restaurants and caterers. The Daily Perc will open drive-thru and mobile cafes serving coffee drinks and other beverages to the commuter and captive consumer markets.

Belle Epoque is a start-up themed dinner theatre restaurant offering the flavor, style, culture and exuberance of s Paris. Aztec Food Imports will supply authentic Mexican food imports to Richmond area retail stores and supermarkets. Zara Restaurant and Lounge is a new restaurant that offers consistently high quality food, menu variety, and a unique atmosphere.

Sarrica's Market sells imported and gourmet foods to Moab, Utah's rural residents and tourists. Butcher Shop Business Plan Parkdale Meats is a startup butcher and meat shop, selling cut-to-order free-range and wild game meats to retail customers and wholesale to restaurants and caterers. Coffee Kiosk Business Plan The Daily Perc will open drive-thru and mobile cafes serving coffee drinks and other beverages to the commuter and captive consumer markets.