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Plumbing superintendent resume sample sales administrative assistant resume

Plumbing superintendent resume


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Assist in maintaining client satisfaction Checks operation and performs preventive inspections to small parts and sections of existing systems such as water heaters, disposal units, and faucets Utilizes safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintains safe and clean work environment Measures, cuts, bends, threads pipe and tile according to measurements specified in work orders or sketches, or by measurements taken from samples Utilize e.

Instructs Plumbers on proper use and care of equipment Determines the best type of material that meets the City code to use on each job Provides leadership, guidance, and technical assistance to plumber technicians in the performance of day-to-day activities Ensures personnel correctly capture data on maintenance work order requests and preventative maintenance inspection forms for upload into Maximo Monitors and updates work order information on provided system Records and reports all faults and deficiencies, as well as the time and materials expended Locates and marks pipe and connection position and passage holes for pipes in walls and floors Uses hand and power tools to cut openings in walls and floors to accommodate pipe and pipe fittings.

Assembles and installs valves, pipe fittings, and pipes made from metals or non-metals Ensure engineering workshop and all plant room facilities is kept clean and in good order. Experience For Plumbing Superintendent Resume.

Experience For Plumbing Estimator Resume. Assist in carrying water heaters and other plumbing fixtures Carry out plumbing and wet plumbing tasks Interviews, recommends for employment, trains, evaluates and disciplines the plumbing crew To assist and carry out project defined plumbing work to a high standard as directed To achieve all units laid down by the C.

National Vocational Qualifications to achieve a standard in plumbing acceptable to the company Inspects jobs, equipment and tools in order to assure compliance with codes, guidelines, University standards, and safety rules Verifies and approves requisitions; and orders, controls and accounts for supplies and equipment in order to maintain an adequate inventory Inspects plans, prints, sketches and specifications for all projects and related jobs and provides technical assistance Evaluates and tests new products, equipment and processes.

Skills For Plumbing Supervisor Resume. Experience with hydronics is required and experience with HVAC systems is desirable 2 A plumbing contractor with a C license issued by the State of California with experience in the trade totaling eight 8 years Experience in the use of an estimating software for commercial plumbing Experience in plumbing package buy outs from plumbing supply houses Five 5 years work experience in plumbing at journey level.

Skills For Plumbing Technician Resume. Skill in the use of all tools and equipment used in the plumbing trade One 1 year experience maintaining automated filtration systems to include motors, pumps, and strainers One 1 year experience using Work Order System Employment with Lowe's as a Sales Specialist.

Skills For Plumbing Inspector Resume. Experience in virtual plan rooms isqft, pantera, nextplans, etc Work experience is required Master Plumber level work experience One 1 year maintenance experience with Human Aquatic Water Play System One 1 year maintenance experience with automated UV systems Experience in Project Management of commercial plumbing contracts. Maintains pool equipment if applicable including: sand filters, pumps and accessory equipment, chemical feed pumps, tubing and control system Studies building plans and working drawings to determine required work tools, equipment and sequence of installation The Plumbing Supervisor is responsible for supervising the assigned staff Assigns work of a variety of tasks including installation, modification, and repair of new and existing utility, supply and disposal systems Responsible for transferring satellite stockroom sheets for plumbing on a weekly basis to stockroom clerk Assist in project planning including budget development, feasibility and logistics.

Skills For Plumbing Superintendent Resume. Uses and maintains tools such as tapes, rules, hacksaws, hand and power pipe threaders and cutters, packing and caulking irons, and pipe wrenches Vocational training in plumbing trades required Prepares code violation cases for court and appears and testifies regarding code violations in court cases Performs witness test of plumbing systems for leaks, examines fixtures, appliances and special fittings to see if they are code approved types Prepares and presents lectures, speeches, and demonstrations on plumbing issues ALL offers are contingent on clearing drug screens and background checks Maintains database of all Plumbing activities.

Skills For Plumbing Estimator Resume. Responsibilities For Plumbing Supervisor Resume. Responsibilities For Plumbing Technician Resume. Liase with Engineering associates in their daily activities and assigned projects as directed by the engineering managers Ensure that all plumbing installations are code compliant Performs and documents regulatory testing on system components Interviews, recommends the hiring of, schedules, orients, trains, evaluates the work of, recommends discipline and when necessary, discharge of subordinates Maintains records for Joint Commission, CMS, NFPA, and all other codes related to Medical Gas, plumbing, and fire protection systems Prepare estimates by calculating complete takeoff for scope of work Supervise and perform maintenance and repair work on heating and domestic water systems in all campus buildings Set and implement performance standards, including safe practices and quality standards Checks operation and performs preventive inspections to small parts and sections of existing systems such as water heaters, disposal units and faucets.

Supervises the safe operation, including safe working conditions, and maintenance of all plumbing systems and related equipment for Salt Lake County Facilities Management Supervises staff, which includes hiring, orienting, training, assigning and reviewing work performance, annual work performance appraisals and discipline Oversees corrective and preventative maintenance for Plumbing systems, including but not limited to work assignments, reporting, scheduling and maintaining facility preventative maintenance tasks Coordinates with client agencies in setting priorities and schedules to ensure cost-effective, efficient work flow and to provide an optimum balance between contracted and in-house plumbing.

Interfaces with client building managers on the operations of their plumbing systems Develops project specifications, bids, procurement measures and performance criteria for both contracted services and in-house services ensuring client agencies' needs are met, within existing budget constraints and maximizes overall efficiencies.

Responsibilities For Plumbing Inspector Resume. Responds to questions, complaints and needs of all levels of University employees, students, and the public in order to provide technical information and assistance Audits and oversees vendor bills and charges; ensures that all charges are accurate Initiates and prepares written and computer generated special, periodic, fiscal, time study and labor reports; and maintains records Willingness to adhere to our ethical standards We are a Equal Opportunity Employer Review and incorporate historical data from purchase orders, subcontracts, productivity analysis reports, etc.

Responsibilities For Plumbing Superintendent Resume. Responsibilities For Plumbing Estimator Resume. Directs work, provides technical assistance and performs inspections of work performed by Following specific information, locates and makes repairs that can be accomplished by removing, cleaning, replacing, packing and sealing defective parts of utility, supply and disposal systems Five or more years of experience in the plumbing trade supplemented by two or more years of experience as a skilled plumber and at least one year of supervisory experience Knowledge of the tools, equipment and materials common to the plumbing trade Attends to repairs and maintenance of all systems and related equipment including but not limited to boilers, sanitary fixtures, laundry equipment, hot and cold water systems, cooling water systems, storm and sanitary sewer systems, spa and swimming pool systems Attend to all waste water pipe work blockages using appropriate mechanical equipment to clear.

Direct Care Worker Resume Sample. Work Experience. Professional Skills. Global Mobility Specialist Resume Sample. Including but not limited Plumbing Engineer Resume Sample. Assistant Lab Resume Sample. Associate, Facilities Resume Sample. Prepare trash cans for collection by waste management organizations on a consistent basis. Description : Oversee all daily maintenance, renovation and alteration projects for 2 co-op buildings with units.

In charge of hiring, supervising, and training employees, managing weekly payroll and operating work order system. Oversee licensure, insurance and regulation compliance. Ensure planned maintenance and property operation of all building equipment: boiler, domestic water pumps and water tank.

Demonstrate knowledge of basic fire protection codes and suppression systems. Building Superintendent Resume Summary : Expert knowledge of techniques, policies and procedures required for the successful management, maintenance and repair of buildings and grounds. Skills : Maintenance Management, Construction.

Description : Maintained 2 high rise residential buildings with a totaled of units. Supervised a group of 10 technicians engaged in building maintenance to ensure the completion of assigned task. Planned and assigned work orders, supervised and participated in carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, masonry, mechanical work and grounds work.

Supervised and participated in the operation, maintenance, and repairing of boilers and building air conditioning units. Instructed subordinates on proper work procedures, safety rules and procedures, use and care of equipment. Maintained effective working relationships with subordinates, tenants and tenant association, vendors, local government officials and the general public.

Responded to questions and complaints, maintained open communication with superiors. Description : Assisted in the development of preventative maintenance plans of the building. Performed duties as assigned such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical and general carpentry. Supervised the building maintenance staff. Performed inspections within the building to ensure proper maintenance and security. Coordinated building maintenance systems with contractors and supervisors.

Took a hand in routine tasks, such as fixing leaky pipes, painting rooms, patching drywall, and fitting locks. Review exterior of building, coordinating clear walk ways and parking areas in the winter, mowing lawns in summer, attending to flower beds and ensuring all outside areas are free from litter.

Ensured regular garbage removal and recycling pickup occurs in an efficient manner. Building Superintendent II Resume Summary : Motivated Construction Manager highly effective at finding the best methods possible to complete exceptional construction projects. Coordinated utility service providers according to project schedules.

Obtained building and specialty permits from local jurisdictional agencies. Performed regular job site observations to provide direction for all general contractor personnel. Reported to the vice president of production on conformance with the contract schedule.

Conducted all critical pre-installation conferences with general contractors, subcontractors, consultants and manufacturer's representatives. Digitally archived weekly progress and technical "Knowledge Base" photographs of all assigned projects.

Prepared and followed through on all required punch lists. Building Superintendent I Resume Objective : Conscientious and meticulous individual with an outstanding background in providing excellent mechanical skills. Skills : Building Maintenance. Description : Schedule employee's maintenance and grounds and oversaw repairs during events. Write repair orders and supervise staff, and follow up to make sure work is completed.

Trained staff, safety regulations, and performance reviews. Managed contractors, receive bids and have worked performed to specifications. Calculated budget for yearly expenses and special projects capital budget , working with department heads for smooth transitions and repair schedules.

Controlled building metysis air control systems, free cooling, and ice rink. Responsible for exterior and interior building condition, paint, flooring, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. Managed special requests for performers and quests.

Skills : MS Office, Excel. Description : Superintendent to four properties commercial and residential. Preform payroll duties, vacation schedule, work schedule, etc. Execute work duties with co-worker, and independently as needed. Assist building manger and preform the duties while building manger indisposed.

Monitor and preform plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC and janitorial duties. Establish and maintain and excellent and professional working relation with colleagues, building manger, tenants and contractors, oversight and report construction work. Monitor, maintain and run: building boiler, pressure tank, gravity tank, freight, passenger elevator, and water pump and circulating pumps.

Skills : MS Excel. Description : Inspect work performed to ensure that it meets specifications and established standards. Establish and implement operational standards and procedures for the departments supervised. Investigate complaints about service and equipment, and take corrective action. Maintain required records of work hours, budgets, payrolls, and other information.

Inspect and evaluate the physical condition of facilities to determine the type of work required. Check and maintain equipment to ensure that it is in working order. Instruct staff in work policies and procedures, and the use and maintenance of equipment. Building Superintendent Resume Summary : Building Superintendent position within an organization that can fully utilize my skills to achieve their business needs and objectives.

Skills : Construction, MS Office.