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Resume ms access developer


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Quickly solicited and discerned database requirements from client and end users. Normalized, well-indexed tables and reference tables using standard naming conventions. Created Microsoft Access database templates that contained many complex bound and unbound forms, business logic using custom procedures and functions in VBA Code creating a distributive deployment model.

Built standardized user menus, input forms, reports forms, containing many bound and unbound forms, business logic using custom procedures and functions in VBA code and macros to increase accuracy and consistency of data. Created a relational Microsoft Access database application for the Army National Guard Headquarters that tracked Army National Guard units throughout the ARFORGEN Army Force Generation cycle ensuring synchronization of training support and resources accurately and efficiently Normalized, well-indexed tables and reference tables that used standard naming conventions.

Developed with extensive use of VBA code and programming and using standards that allow the tables to be easily migrated into Microsoft SQL Server without modification. Wrote new database programs using Microsoft Access that managed new Department of Education programs by following rules set up in government regulations.

Normalized, well-indexed tables and reference tables that used standard naming conventions. Acted as technical support for readings where scoring is done on applications for grants. Used Microsoft Access as a front end to Oracle database to write reports and run ad-hoc queries. JavaScript Requires Sorry this site will not function properly without the use of scripts.

The scripts are safe and will not harm your computer in anyway. Helped guide 27 students to successful completion of all parts of the GED. Earned the Applause Award in April for outstanding contribution and commitment to engagement team. Assisted managers in facilitation of winter internship workshop in Dec Managed more than 35 staff. Deployed and serviced 11 iOS devices with kiosk software running the food ordering system. And hiring managers often look for specific tasks that the company needs.

Be sure to read the job description carefully to identify those core responsibilities. After that, you can craft your skills section to address those needs. How do I list Microsoft Access skills on my resume Built effective database solutions using Microsoft Access based on unique business needs Created powerful queries to extract large database information from Excel to Microsoft Access Assisted in configuration, backup, and maintenance of database procedures using Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access skills courses and certificates:. Microsoft Access popularity over time:. Crafting the Perfect Hybrid Resume. Looking to build your own resume? Enhancv is a simple tool for building eye-catching resumes that stand out and get results. Variety of custom sections. Hassle-free templates.

Easy edits. Memorable design. Content suggestions. Volen Vulkov is a resume expert and the co-founder of Enhancv. He applies his deep knowledge and experience to write about career change, development, and how to stand out in the job application process. Create a Resume with Confidence. See other resume skills examples Learn from people who have succeeded in their job hunt Spss Skills. Ccna Skills. Data Collection Skills. Analytics Skills. Cloud Skills.

As Skills. Statistical Analysis Skills. Database Skills. Unix Skills. Javascript Skills.

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Performed Index analysis for tables and came up with more efficient solutions to use Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes for significant performance boost. Continues Interaction with the business for the Data delivery and Data quality. Monitored space usage, and adjust database as needed. Developed various Stored Procedures and implemented different business logics, Filters to pull required data from sources.

Rebuilding indexes for the migrated tables and improved the table retrieving process by performance tuning Maintain SQL Server Login administration, Backups and recovery plans. Established and enforced all database standards Work with OPS to resolve production issues. Every third to fourth week, be on-call and support any database related issue 24x7. Created detailed reports for the customers to help them decide which property to purchase by showing demographic information based on various parameters.

Authored performance based reports for the managers to show sales against various measures like Time, Area, and Price-Range. Participated in the Normalization and De-Normalization of database along with creating and managed clustered and non-clustered indexes to improve database performance.

Monitored performance andoptimized SQL queriesfor maximum efficiency and planned the completeBack-up of various Databasesfor disaster recovery scenarios. Identified and added thereport parameters; uploaded reports on to the report manager and organized them in folders. Deployedthe generated reports on to the server and fine-tuned the database objects and server to ensure efficient data retrieval. Developed various SSIS packages for managing current and historical data using various transformations.

Created and published various Business rules to validate master data to ensure Data Accuracy and completeness. Involved in updating the servers from to R2. Coordinated with platform hosting vendor s DBAs to ensure proper support maintenance, and tuning of various databases Monitored space usage, and adjust database as needed.

Monitored backup operations, and schedules manual backups as needed. Worked on SSIS performance tuning using counters, error handling, event handling, re-running of failed SSIS packages using checkpoints Integral part of the Warehouse team for the Design, Development and functioning of cube. Developed the performance of the server and creating new reporting jobs according the clients need.

Developed MDX queries to extract data from Cubes to create reports. Worked in Production environment and resolved the tickets in time to deliver the requirements. Conducted logical and physical database design including data modeling, maintenance, problem diagnosis and resolution. Created and administered multiple development, training and production databases.

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Save your documents in pdf files - Instantly download in PDF format or share a custom link. Create a Resume in Minutes. Experience Experience. San Francisco, CA. Houston, TX. MS Access Developer. Improve the development process May prepare computer block diagrams and machine logic flowcharts for detailed coding of problems, and provides for the documentation Develop and Administer SQL Server database T-SQL, Stored Procedures, SSMS, SSIS Build and maintain good working relationships with the business users Perform detailed data analysis to assess and address data design Conduct testing of systems, provide input for feasibility and prepare user documentation and follow-up evaluations Develop reconciliations of Access DB results to the Strategic system results.

Access Developer. Assists in preparing project plans using project management tools Develop and manage business plans to achieve objectives Create, execute and report on test plans and scripts Provides technical advice and assists in solving programming problems Makes recommendations towards the development of new code or reuse of existing code Working knowledge of VBA a plus Assist department in achieving departmental and company goals.

Education Education. Carnegie Mellon University. Skills Skills. Possess basic. Read our complete resume writing guides. Motivated to drive delivery of the backlog of work Hands on application design, test and development experience Improve the development process Excellent problem solving and investigation skills.