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Essay olympic games thesis uclan

Essay olympic games

In such a situation, people feel their unity as the nation but they have the authentic feeling of the belongingness to the community, where they can feel being a part of the nation. In such communities, they develop their identities that may be different from the identity, which they have in their everyday life. For instance, the Olympics may raise patriotic feelings and emotions that contribute to the unity of members of the imagined community consisting of fans of sports and people interested in the Olympics.

Moreover, individuals can develop broader communities, at the international level, when each person attending the Olympics feel being members of one community that unites people, who like the Olympics so much that they have abandoned everything and came to watch the major sport events of the Olympics.

They may create their small communities in social networks, where they create new imagined identities Bagdikian, New communities unite people interested in the Olympics. They can use social networks to establish social relations and communicate with each other and steadily form the international community of people, who are interested in the Olympics and who want to attend the Games. At the same time, they can shape their imagined identity to spend a few weeks in their imagined community.

If they use social networks to establish friendly relations with other community members, they can create new identities and other users will never know, whom they really communicate with. Such a freedom of the development of the imagined community allows users and people interested in the Olympics they construct their new identities feeling the unity of their community Chomsky, The formation of the identity at all levels among both sportspersons and spectators occur under the impact of the Olympics and its media presentation.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the identity of people united by the Olympics occurs under the impact of the Games. The media of the Olympics contribute to the formation of the original atmosphere of the Games that make them a distinct sport event. The Olympics are the brand that always attracts many people from all over the world. For instance, the Olympics is one of the main sport events for professional sportspersons, who view the win on the Olympics as the major achievement in their professional sport career.

As for fans and spectators at all levels, they also are vulnerable to the impact of the Olympics. In this regard, the impact of the traditional perception of the Olympics as the exclusive sport event and the past of the Olympic Games that dates back to the time of ancient Greece is particularly strong.

Spectators view their presence on the Olympics as if they are present on the important historical event. Essay on the Olympics part 2. Essay on the Olympics The Olympics play an important part not only the sport life but also in the cultural life of the global community. Essay on the Olympics part 2 Do you like this essay?

Our writers can write a paper like this for you! Order your paper here. Olympia turned into the site of these memorable ancient Olympic games that scattered the seeds for the largest global sporting events of current times, the Modern Olympics. The location of the Ancient Olympics is situated in the western part of Peloponnese. The Ancient Olympic Games.

Olympics were very important event. It is believed that they may have begun for hundreds of years before. Games were every fourth year at Olympia, in southwest Greece. The games took five days, when there was peace. Sacred truce announced before olympics and all the wars stopped. It ensure that athletes and spectators could join safely in the Olympic Games. Before the game messengers announced the Olympics throughout Greece.

After having many decades of the beloved Olympic Games, people started think that maybe having a second type of Olympics would make the most popular sports competition even more popular. The first Winter Olympics changed the image of the Olympic Games forever. The Ancient Grecian summer tradition was brought to the winter for the first time in Chamonix, France on January 25, The event. After many decades of holding the Olympic Games, people started to think that having a second type of Olympics would make the most beloved sports competition even more popular.

The event was a. When it comes to the Olympic Games, there is a lot of history behind it. The first Olympics were held in Olympia, Greece, and the games were played by elite athletes. The Olympics have become a great way for countries to show off some of the interesting aspects of their country. For a country to host the Olympics, they must go through a process. First, you must submit a bid to the IOC International.

A Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, was the enthusiast whose personal drive and initiative brought about the inauguration of the modern Olympic Games in with the participation of athletes from thirteen countries, competing in nine sports. At first, the modern Games were limited to men. Women first competed in the Games in , playing golf, but real women 's participation only began. The Olympics is a traditional game for the fittest athletes to participate in modern sports.

The Olympics might be a traditional game for the toughest people need the best equipment like in Sochi They have been developing this gear for two years. This shows that the Olympics are the best and competitive game for both genders. The girls in the Olympics when they were granted permission they. Olympic Games Essay Words 5 Pages.

The Olympic Games were a vital part of Greek culture which was heavily influenced by athletics. Today, the Olympic Games are the world's largest presentation of athletic skill and competitive spirit. Thousands of athletes and spectators participate in this universal event. Revived in , the Olympic Games had their beginnings in ancient Greece , and since then the event is very much comparable to modern Olympic events.

In a city in southwestern Greece, called Olympia, is the birthplace of the Olympic games.

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