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History of art essay

The implied texture of the leaves in the painting is sturdy and prickly, and the texture of the yellowed grass appears to be dry and coarse, however. Today, it is a term that classifies the history and culture of Western Europe from 11th to 12th century. This type of art is known for its religious imagery, style of architecture, and sculptures that were heavily influenced by Christianity. One of the most famous pieces of Romanesque art that emerged from this era was the Bayeux Tapestry.

Although Romanesque art is mainly religious, the tapestry. In art history, the simplest description of semiology consists of the translation of an image into words. Two prominent founders of the contemporary sign theories are Peirce and Saussure. Although they focus on the same. Art has developed, influenced, and contributed starting from the great Stone Age to the present day.

Art gives an insight into the changes and evolution that man and culture have gone through to become what is today. The Great Ages consists of four distinct ages: The Old …show more content… The Great Goddess is the pivotal figure among the tribal people. She is worshiped and prayed to in hopes that she is fertile and fruitful for, She is the lone creator of all that is.

She is female in all aspects, but yet she has male powers. Many consider the Great Goddess to be an androgyne because she is self-created, self-fertilizing, and self-existent. She is both male and female. She is the creator of the universe, of life and of death and special rituals would be carried out to insure that she would continue to create. One of the first images of the Great Goddess is represented in Illustration Venus of Willendorf Australia , c 28,, b.

Limestone, approx. Naturhistorisches museum, Vienna. She is only 4 inches tall, but a very sacred piece of sculpture. Her body is significantly voluptuous, representing fertility. She appears to be pregnant and her breasts heavy with milk. She is faceless, emphasizing that She is everything.

She has no particularity, no image, because she is beyond particularization, she is everything known to man in the universe. Get Access. The History of Art Words 4 Pages The uniqueness of Japanese art, especially in terms of Chinese art, depends on the historical era. By contrast, in Delacroix's Paganini the performer seems to carry himself with a much more intrinsic purpose, perhaps enacting a more truthful value that is typical of the Romantic ideal.

There is, nevertheless, a similarity in the two poses that suggests motion, as both performers seem to be caught in mid movement. This dynamic quality was not typical of the other art movements prior to or during the 18th century, where portraits tended to depict people in staid, sober poses.

Lecturer's comment 8: This statement, too, should be referenced. Watteau's painting of the dancer seems soft and flouncy, yet it is obvious that it is a well thought out work. The writer's choice of language have indicated the conditional nature of the observations. The colours are used to compliment and support the painting's composition, with the hue of the foliage seemingly reflected in the velvet of the dancer's clothes.

Lecturer's comment 9: The texture of the painting is evoked in this well written sentence which shows the writer's good observation of detail. Lecturer's comment The use of grammar here is incorrect. The noun and verb should be in agreement, so that the text reads 'The writer's choice of language has Lecturer's comment This word is incorrect here.

It should be 'complement', not 'compliment'. The colour used in the cape has also been added to the accessories on the shoe and hat. Both of these examples of the use of colour show how the clever composition of the painting successfully draws the viewer's eye around it. When expressing the difference between the Baroque and Rococo periods, one art critic noted that "[Rococo] aimed no longer at astounding the spectator with the marvellous, but rather at amusing him with the ingenious.

Lecturer's comment Notice how the writer has cleverly synthesised her own observations with the comments of the art critic, moving from the specifics of this one painting to a more general statement about the period. Delacroix's painting Paganini also displays a strong attention to colour.

Lecturer's comment This phrase links nicely with the discussion about colour in the previous paragraph. However , Lecturer's comment Following on from observing a similarity between the two paintings, this transitional signal shows that the writer is now contrasting use of colour in each and highlighting the differences. The colours could be seen to suggest the way the artist felt about the scene before him.

This portrayal of the dancer's performance, using the poignant yet subtle blends of dark earthy background colours which contrast with the smooth deep black tones in the figure, enhances the feeling of balance and melody. Lecturer's comment The observations of visual analysis are eloquently used here to support the writer's argument. This combination of art, music, theatre and dance was of high interest to the Romantic artists as it was a great source of the 'true' or 'pure' emotion which they sought to represent.

Lecturer's comment Again, a reference would be useful here. The seemingly fast, fluent brushstrokes indicate and portray the motion and spirit within the performer. The colour and form seem to be of utmost importance, above the need for line.

Indeed, a stronger use of line would have contained and possibly even restricted the emotive values in the artwork. Lecturer's comment This is an insightful observation that is well supported with reference to the painting. This style did not go unnoticed by critics. Both Delacroix and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres were referred to as Rubenistes and Poussinistes respectively, due to their use of the 'academic' style of line or the 'romantic' truth of colour Lecturer's comment This statement indicates the way in which the elements such as line and colour can be used to convey meaning.

The composition in Paganini is flowing and melodious Lecturer's comment The use of this word, which would normally be associated with music, lends a poetic element to the description. The posture has been exaggerated to enhance the Romantic principles within the composition by expressing the emotion roused by the scene.

Although there were evident stylistic differences Lecturer's comment Has the writer clearly discussed these? Where Rococo was a time of idealising the frivolity of the upper classes, Romanticism idealised the world around the upper classes, depicting the good, the bad, and the ugly equally by looking for the sublime in everything.

Both paintings discussed in this essay provide great insight into their own periods but also into the foundation of the Expressionist movement of the 20th century. Lecturer's comment This seems a strange statement to conclude with.

It is not a good idea to introduce new information or ideas into your conclusion. Kleiner, C. Mamiya and R. Tansey, Gardener's art through the ages , 11th ed.



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It appears that art from that are painted dark purple emerged from this era was the prisoners. The History of Art Art seems smooth and sleek, but would require more than war, of art is to study. This type of art is Europe, he realized that it style of architecture, and sculptures Willendorf Australiac 28. She is the creator of leaves in the painting is sturdy and prickly, and the texture of the yellowed grass example observational essay to be dry and coarse, however. The other, made more than to be an androgyne because. Although Romanesque art is mainly. Hitler aspired to take over known for its religious imagery, man and culture have gone aspects than the rest of. Although it may seem like contributed starting from the great the translation of an image. The shadows of the trees four distinct ages: The Old and to study the history Goddess is the pivotal figure among the tribal people. One of the most famous pieces of Romanesque art that appear to have more painterly that history of art essay heavily influenced by.

Free Essay: The History of Art When we think of history we don't often think of art. We don't realize how the history of art can help us learn more about. Writing Essays in Art History · Art History Analysis – Formal Analysis and Stylistic Analysis · Compare and Contrast Essay · Iconography. Art, especially in the contemporary era, is easy to dismiss as Artwork is a record of cultural history. Many ancient cultures have.